With the arrival of Christmas, in addition to preoccupation with the gifts and supper, it is necessary to seek inspiration to decorate the house. Finding alternatives that fit your pocket and weighing your priorities is the best solution for anyone who wants to put together what is useful and pleasant for this era! A simple technique is to recycle materials or packaging that can be reused to create a decorative object for the home without the need for large investments. Today we are on the recycled Christmas decorations speak

Simple objects like scissors, glue, and scrap are essential for any type of recycled Christmas tree ornament . Let your imagination run wild and create with your own home, such as can scraps, plastic items, rubble papers, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons and even those old CDs.

Let the Christmas spirit come into your home in a simple and original way. Nothing better than having made a piece of yourself! And if you have kids at home bring them to this activity that is a lot more fun than riding the traditional Christmas trees.

60 ideas of recycled Christmas decorations for you to inspire

Discover with 60 wonderful ideas that Easy Decor has put together especially for you, how you can recycle Christmas decorations.

Figure 1 – Christmas tree decorations recycled: decorative boxes made of cardboard.

Decorative boxes made of cardboard
For this idea, abuse of colored cardboard boxes and adhesive tapes to decorate the packaging.

Photo 2 – Aluminum cans make a nice calendar to await the arrival of Christmas.

Aluminum cans result in a beautiful calendar
Cover the cans with numbers and attach them to the wall in the Christmas tree format.

Image 3 – Turn the ice cream sticks into a garnish Christmas tree.

Christmas ornament tree made with sorvetess sticks

Paint chopsticks and decorate with stationery. The more colorful, the better the composition!

Image 4 – Guirlanda made with burned lamps.

Enjoy burnt out lamps to make garland
With a round bezel, it is possible to fix the bulbs in the contour until they cover the entire rim.

Image 5 – Chocolate + Christmas = perfect match!

Match Christmas with chocolate.

Picture 6 – Scraps of paper create a different effect for the wall decoration.

Recycled Christmas ornament with papers

Photo 7 – Assemble the decorations by cutting and gluing.

Christmas ornaments with cut and paste

Image 8 – Crib made with toilet roll.

Roll of toilet paper to make the crib

Image 9 – A beautiful Christmas decoration is created with disposable cups.

Christmas scene with recyclable cups

In addition to glass vessels, mount this small ornament with the clear disposable cups. They look great to decorate the living room sideboard!

Photo 10 – Christmas tree made of tires.

Christmas tree with tires
This idea is perfect for anyone looking to build a big tree. Paint the tires!

Image 11 – Snowmen made of cork.

Dolls made of cork

Picture 12 – Paper plates form small Christmas trees.

Small Christmas trees with cardboard
Paint the cardboard bowl in a cone shape and decorate with woolen thread.

Image 13 – Turn the lamp into a beautiful Christmas tree ornament.

Penguin-shaped ornament made with lamp

Image 14 – Ride a creative and unique tree!

Assemble a creative and original tree by recycling plates and microchips
With leftovers from TV and computer cards, it is possible to assemble an original tree for the geeks.

Image 15 – The toilet roll can become a fun ornament for the front door.

Fun embellishment with roll of toilet paper

Image 16 – Recycled Christmas tree ball with a tin ring.

Tin Rings for Christmas Ornament
Use a styrofoam ball to glue the canister rings. You can paint the rings with spray paint, but with the natural color also resemble the Natalino mood.

Picture 17 – Ask the children to paint the symbols of Christmas.

Put the children to paint the Christmas ornaments
Let the children have fun at this stage of painting. Put creativity into action and misuse colored pens!

Image 18 – Recycled Christmas bauble: Christmas star with toothpick.

Christmas star made with toothpicks To fix the tips, use colored stickers that are reminiscent of the colors of Christmas.

Image 19 – Recycled Christmas Ornament: reusing coffee capsules to decorate the tree.

Coffee capsules reused for Christmas ornaments

Picture 20 – Or maybe a nice blinker.

Fake Christmas Flasher with Coffee Capsules

Image 21 – Canudos transforms into colorful ornaments that are recycled into trees.

Recycled Christmas Ornaments: 60 Ideas and DIY Step by Step

Image 22 – Recycled Christmas tree ball with magazine / newspaper sheets.

Recycled Christmas ornaments: 60 ideas and step by step DIY 1

Image 23 – Recycled Christmas tree ball with ball paper.

Recycled Christmas Ornaments: 60 Ideas and Step by Step DIY 2

Image 24 – Recycled Christmas Ornament: Paint the sheets of newspaper or magazine to give the colors of Christmas.

Recycled Christmas ornaments: 60 ideas and step by step DIY 3

Picture 25 – Christmas tree made with roll of paper towel and tea package.

Roll of paper towel and tea packaging to make Christmas tree

Picture 26 – Recycled Christmas tree ball with magazine.

Recycled Christmas ornament with magazine

Image 27 – Pewter Christmas tree.

Christmas tree made with cans
Cut the aluminum cans to make shallow pots and plant plants in to give the tree’s green touch.

Picture 28 – Mobile with linen and scraps of paper.

Lines and scraps of paper to make the mobile

Figure 29 – Recycled Christmas tree balls: Christmas balls made of styrofoam and crown caps.

Bottle caps for the Christmas ball

Picture 30 – Christmas ornament with buttons.

Buttons as a base for the Christmas ornament
Sewing enthusiasts can be inspired by this garland with green and red buttons. You can make a smaller version to decorate the Christmas tree.

Picture 31 – With the garden that is in the pot, a Christmas garden was also built in the old lamps.

Christmas garden in old lamps

Figure 32 – Recycled Christmas Ornament: Glass jugs can be beautiful candle holders.

Candle holder made of glass jars
Paint the glass pots and leave a crack in the shape of a Christmas tree for the passage of candlelight.

Picture 33 – Build a Christmas mini-set to decorate a corner of the house.

Boxes to mount a Christmas scene
Pack boxes with scraps of paper and assemble this scenery next to the Christmas tree!

Image 34 – Recycled Christmas Ornaments: Assemble a wall tree with disposable cups.

Cups for mounting a wall tree
The shells help create that 3D effect of the tree with the wall, which is much more noticeable around the area.

Picture 35 – Christmas tree with wine stoppers.

Wine Stoppers to Mount a Recycled Christmas Tree

Image 36 – Recycled Christmas ornaments: The traditional candy packaging wraps around this garland made with snippets.

Recycled Christmas ornament with candy packaging

Picture 37 – Cut different pages to create this composition of colors and prints.

Christmas ornament with cutouts

Picture 38 – With the remains of the wrapping paper it is possible to assemble a mixture of props.

Mix of props with papers
For lovers of origami and folds, they can dare to make wonderful decorations with wrapping paper. The cool thing is to opt for prints that together leave the composition in harmony.

Image 39 – You can use scraps of wood or popsicle sticks to assemble a rustic garland.

Rustic garland with ice cream sticks

Image 40 – Christmas ornament with popsicle stick.

Beautiful recycled Christmas ornament with popsicle sticks

Picture 41 – Christmas decoration with CD.

Recycled Christmas Ornament with CD
Cover the CDS with something reminiscent of Christmas. It can be sleek in green and red or with plaid or plaid prints.

Picture 42 – Recycled Christmas Ornaments: Use sheets of books or magazines to join decorative folds.

Decorative folding with magazine

Picture 43 – Christmas ornament with coffee cup.

Christmas ornament with coffee cups

Image 44 – Packaging and soda lids can become props for the Christmas tree.

Props for the tree with soda packaging

Photo 45 – Christmas tree with disposable spoon.

Disposable spoons as a base for the decorative tree

Picture 46 – Custom wall decorations.

Decorative wall stickers
The round base can be a disposable plate, the color is with the printed napkin and the glitter with the glitter inks.

Picture 47 – Assemble small trees to make a composition.

Small trees decorated and recycled

Picture 48 – Christmas tree made of cardboard.

Use the cardboard to assemble the Christmas tree

Image 49 – Garland with a roll of toilet paper and crepe paper.

Crepe paper and paper roll for garland mounting
Cut the roll into several pieces and cover with crepe paper. Once dry, cover the entire area around a circular pad and close it with a loop to create a door garland made from recyclable materials.

Picture 50 – Christmas ball from magazine.

Recycled Christmas ball made with magazine paper
Cut the magazine sheets into small strips and roll them over the styrofoam.

Picture 51 – Christmas tree with mirrored balls.

Mirrored balls

Picture 52 – Paint the aluminum cans to give the decoration a different look.

Paint the cans to give a new look to the Christmas ornament
Spray paints are best for painting this type of material. With wires and polka dots it is possible to decorate this Christmas tree with cans.

Picture 53 – Plastic flasher.

Flasher made of plastic

Picture 54 – Turn the popsicle sticks into snow symbols.

Snow symbols with ice cream sticks

Picture 55 – Recyclable Christmas tree.

Recycled Christmas Tree Template

Picture 56 – Garland of cardboard and spray paint.

Cardboard and spray paint to mount the garland
Assemble the garland with the rollers of different diameters to create a more beautiful effect for the decorative item.

Image 57 – Wool rolls can be the basis for a composition of small Christmas trees.

Christmas tree with woolen rolls
Wrap the thick yarns of wool until they completely cover the roll, then attach some colored buttons to remember the Christmas balls.

Image 58 – Make candlesticks with bottles!

Candlesticks with bottles
Paint and decorate the glass bottles to decorate the dinner table.

Image 59 – Assemble a wall Christmas tree with tissue / toilet paper and printed sheets.

Christmas tree wall
Cut the rolls into 25 pieces and glue the days of the month into each one. One by one, attach to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree to create a beautiful ornament in the area.

Picture 60 – When the door turns spices into beautiful Christmas decorations.

Christmas ornament with door spices

How to make recycled Christmas ornaments with video tutorials

Now that you’ve seen all of these recycled Christmas ornament ideas and inspirations, check out the following video tutorials on how to turn your ideas into practical ideas:

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