One of the most exciting moments of pregnancy is figuring out the baby’s gender. And this special moment became a party motto. Revelation tea, as it became known in Brazil, was made there in the United States, but it was only a little over five years since it began to flourish here.

Basically, the tea works like this: parents collect friends and close relatives and reveal the gender of the baby by playing. But the big detail of the party is that the parents don’t even know if the baby is a girl or a boy.

Revelation Tea: How to Reveal, Organize, and Decorate Ideas

If you liked the idea and you want to make such a tea or prepare for a special pregnancy, follow this post so we can give you incredible tips and ideas to create an unforgettable revelation tea. Check below:

Tips for organizing insightful tea

Revelation Tea

  • The first thing to do is to do an ultrasound to find out the gender and, of course, to be able to reveal it. From 13 weeks it is possible to determine the gender through the test, but after 16 weeks the probability of success is higher. Blood or urine tests can reveal the baby’s gender at eight weeks, but they’re much more expensive. The ideal is to wait for 16 weeks so that in addition to ensuring accurate sex, the chance of him (or her) to be close to you is greater and avoids a sad early loss.
  • At the time of the exam, explain to the doctor the intent to reveal the sex during the tea, so he has no idea. Take a friend, sister, or mother with you on the day of the exam so that the doctor only tells her the secret and asks the person for complete confidentiality. She will be responsible for the tea and it is up to her to organize the moment of revelation.
  • After the above step, choose the date, time and location for the tea. Generally, revelation tea is held in the afternoon on weekends. If you have space in your house, consider making tea to give the small party an intimate and cozy atmosphere. If not, you will find a suitable place. Keep in mind that tea is for few people and it is not necessary to think of a very large place. One tip is to do it outdoors and use the natural beauty as a party decoration.
  • Start handing out invitations. If you’ve already thought about the baby’s possible names, put them on the invitation to sharpen the curiosity of the guests. Otherwise just leave it as a boy or girl. Invitations can be printed or sent virtually via applications such as WhatsApp.
  • The colors of the invitation should follow the colors of the party. The most famous type of tea is the use of double pink and blue – with girls and boys – but you can get away from the obvious with other colors such as green, purple, yellow and orange. The pastel shades are excellent for this type of decoration, they are soft and neutral.
  • Check done, invitations sent, now it’s time to focus on party decorating. The tea can have two primary colors that were previously selected for making the invitations, or it can all be colored, but it is important to set one color for the male and one color for the female, as most shapes are the gender of the baby is by the colors.
  • Silhouettes of girls and boys, question marks, pacifiers, baby bottles and name tags can be scattered throughout the party.
  • Balloons are the face of revelation teas. So, don’t be afraid to add them to the decoration. You can also decorate with ribbons in the chosen colors, flowers, lights and stuffed animals. Don’t forget to arrange a table for the cake and party sweets. Speaking of sweets … Skip to the next article!
  • Epiphany tea without candy is not tea. They are indispensable and bear the colors of the future gender of the baby. You can serve cupcakes, chocolates, truffles, macarons, cookies and various sweets. The sweets will impress guests with taste and beauty.
  • In addition to the sweets, think also of the salty. It is possible to serve salty snacks such as coxinha, meatballs, pies, cheese dumplings, quiches, filled straws, pies with pate, pies with different flavors and what you think is best.
  • The drinks can follow the same pattern of party colors. Serve drinks and juices in the colors of the party, such as blue and pink, green and purple, etc.

Ideas to joke with guests at Revelation Tea

Revelation tea party

Revealing tea needs to be jam-packed to ensure fun and further increase everyone’s level of fear and curiosity. Here are some tips to annoy guests for revelation tea:

  • Collect bets on the gender of the baby. Mark on a board how many bets the female had and how many were made for the male gender. After you’ve revealed the sex, hand out gifts to the guests who made the bet.
  • In the invitation, ask that the guests come in the color they think is the gender of the baby. You set the color for girls and the color for boys. At the moment of tea, guests separate by the color of their clothes and create two twisted ones to animate the party.
  • If you haven’t defined the name yet, ask for suggestions for guests. Leave a notebook so they can express their opinions or, if you prefer, leave some previous suggestions and ask for each name.

Ideas on how to reveal the gender of the baby in the teaspoon

Revelation tea cake

The most anticipated moment of tea must be thought of with a lot of affection, because it will surely inspire everyone. Remember that this part of the party is the responsibility of the guardian of the secret. Here are some tips for uncovering sex in teasers:

  • Cake is the most traditional form of revelation. On the outside it is unisex, with details in the colors of the party – blue, pink, purple, green – and on the inside it brings the color that the parents defined for sex. The most common is the bulk and blue fill when the baby is boy or pink when it is a little girl.
  • Another way to discover sex is with gas balloons. You can use a large box of cardboard or a chest to keep them inside. When opened, the balloons color the sky with the color of the baby’s gender.
  • Even bet on the possibility of filling party balloons with chopped paper the color of the baby’s sex. The Pope has to be under the balloon, and if he burst, the newspapers will take a bath and reveal the secret.
  • And how about blindfolding the fathers, painting their hands on the color of the baby’s gender and stamping them on a white shirt? With the unveiling of the eyes, everyone will know whether it is a boy or a girl and the parents will still keep a memory of that day.

60 decorating ideas for a more than perfect revelation tea

Fall in love with beautiful photos of revelation tea to inspire you, yours:

Figure 1 – Sweet cotton on the revealing tea table.

Cotton candy on the revealing tea table

Image 2 – Ask for help from someone who will write a nice letter on the board.

Blackboard at the revelation tea party

Image 3 – Black and white in the middle of traditional blue and pink.

Black and white on the revealing tea decoration

Image 4 – All white, this tea revelation brings the sexes in Plaquinhas with crowns of prince and princess.

Revelation tea brings sex into little plaques

Image 5 – Yellow creates a cheerful and funny contrast in the decoration.

Yellow in contrast in the developing tea decoration

Image 6 – Tea of ​​Revelation in the middle to very green.

Very green in the developing tea decoration

Picture 7 – White, golden and a naked cake to decorate the tea.

White, golden and naked cake to decorate the tea of ​​revelation

Figure 8 – White polka dots make the decoration even more delicate.

White Polka Dots on Revealing Tea Decoration

Picture 9 – Plaquinhas behind the chairs show the bets of each guest.

Bets of the guests with inserts behind the chairs

Image 10 – Beverage table for the revelation tea.

Dispensing tea drinks table

Image 11 – Delicate flowers that follow the colors of the party adorn the table and the cake.

Flowers on the revealing tea cake decoration

Picture 12 – Special chair for mom.

Special Chair for Mom in the Revealing Tea

Image 13 – Clean decoration for the tea of ​​revelation.

Clean decoration in the revelation tea

Image 14 – Baby ropes can penetrate the teaware.

Baby Rugs in Revealing Tea Decoration

Figure 15 – Guests can leave messages for new families in paper clothes.

Revelation Tea Boxes

Image 16 – Misuse of colors for the decoration of the tea of ​​Revelation, also in the drinks.

Colors for the revelation tea decoration

Picture 17 – rubber balloons, confetti and flowers.

Gum balls for developing tea

Picture 18 – Cookies in the form of pacifiers and other baby things.

Biscuit-shaped biscuits for teaspoons

Image 19 – Revelation with blue smoke and balloon letters with the gender of the baby.

Revelation with blue smoke

Picture 20 – Let the guests put together their own snacks.

Mount Your Snacks In Revelation Tea

Figure 21 – Scoreboard: boy in front.

Revelation Tea Score

Picture 22 – cups with stickers; You can do it yourself.

Tea cups with developing tea stickers

Picture 23 – Pink confetti announce the new little girl of the piece.

Pink Confections for Revealing Tea

Picture 24 – If the budget is tight, use balloons; They are cheap and leave the furnishings nice.

Developing tea decoration balloons

Picture 25 – It’s a boy!

Revelation: it's a boy

Picture 26 – sweets for her and sweets for her.

Sweets for them and sweets for them

Image 27 – Filled cupcake reveals the gender of the baby.

Stuffed Cupcake Reveals Baby Sex

Picture 28 – Colored pencils in tea taste.

Crayons in the decoration of the developing tea

Image 29 – Revelation tea in a rustic style.

Rustic Revealing Tea

Picture 30 – letter balloons are also a good request in decoration.

Letter balloons for revelation tea

Picture 31 – In a rural atmosphere.

Revelation tea in a country setting

Picture 32 – Blue and pink donuts fill the eyes and the palate of the guests.

Blue and Pink Donuts in Revelation Tea

Picture 33 – Suggestions of names on the board.

Suggestions on blackboard for tea for revelation

Image 34 – Baby bottles, rattles and other objects from the children’s world are the inspiration for the decoration.

Objects for decorating the developing tea

Image 35 – Confectionery waffles to beautify the party.

Confectionery for confectionery tea

Image 36 – This tea escaped the obvious in a tropical style.

Tropical style revelation tea

Picture 37 – A fun roulette to greet the guests.

Fun roulette for revelation tea

Picture 38 – clock counts the remaining time for the baby.

Clock against time in revelation tea

Picture 39 – The explosion of candy and the sex of the baby are revealed.

Explosion of Confectionery in Revelation Tea

Picture 40 – The question mark reflects all doubts.

Question mark reflects everyone's doubt

Figure 41 – Soft pastel decoration for teas of Revelation.

Pastel decoration for teaspoons

Image 42 – The great doubt that is expressed in the black balloon.

The great doubt expressed in the black balloon

Figure 43 – Colored cups support the mini bubbles.

Colorful confections support the mini bladders

Picture 44 – Ties or Ties? Each guest makes his guess by choosing between the two.

Ties or Ties?

Picture 45 – Donuts in the decoration.

Donuts in Revealing Tea Decoration

Figure 46 – The glasses can also be decorated.

Decorated tea cups

Picture 47 – Box keeps the big secret.

Box Keeping the Secret

Picture 48 – Revelation tea on the beach.

Revelation tea on the beach

Picture 49 – Filled cookies and of course with boy and girl colors.

Filled biscuits for tea of ​​revelation

Picture 50 – Simple but full effect in the decoration.

Simple but full of effect in the decoration

Picture 51 – Picture at the reception shows the parents’ doubts.

Table at the desk shows the parents' doubt.

Picture 52 – Chocolate cake for the moment of revelation.

Chocolate cake for the moment of revelation

Image 53 – Revelation tea with colors and citrus.

Revelation tea with colors and citrus fruits

Picture 54 – Mark the intention of the tea in the invitation so that people do not confuse it with the baby shower.

Revelation Tea Invitation

Picture 55 – Leave blue and pink balloons inside the fireplace.

Balloons in the center of the fireplace

Image 56 – Green and yellow in the decoration of this revelation tea.

Green and yellow in the decoration of this revelation tea

Picture 57 – Which side are you on?

Which side are you on?

Image 58 – Green and purple have left the decoration of this lovely revelation tea.

Green and lilac in the revelation tea decoration

Figure 59 – If you want to serve a complete meal, you can accommodate your guests at a special table.

Special table for revelation tea

Picture 60 – Golden is a wild color for a more sophisticated decoration.

Golden: joker color in the revelation tea decoration



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