Rodameio: Models, Types & 60 Walls with Divisions

The traditional pedestals, Rattatets and Rodabankas are well known and are used today in almost all constructions. Today we talk about the Rodameio, which is a protective band or a separation between the floor and the ceiling in the middle height. As it is a frame, the rods can be made of different materials with different surfaces and colors. How about meeting her now?

Species and materials used to make a Rodame

The Rodaments sold on the market can be found with the following materials:

  • Plaster : This material is often used to make round walls and crown molds. It can have a classic or individual design that can also be made with the Rodameio.
  • Wood : It is a classic material to be used as Rodameio, with the color and the appropriate protection, its durability is great.
  • MDF : Medium Density Fiberboard is a board made from pressed fiber boards, resulting in a lightweight and durable material.
  • Polystyrene or polyurethane : These two materials, commonly referred to as plastics, are synthetic substances (polymers) that have different chemical and compositional properties. Expanded polystyrene is commonly referred to as Isopor®.
  • Pastilles, ceramics and stones such as marble and granite : Popular in bathrooms, kitchens and service areas, stone or tablet models can follow the same style as the floor or floor / top of the wall.

60 designs inspirations with different ribs and wall divisions.

To support your visualization we separate beautiful designs with different types of rhinestones used in the wall decoration:

Picture 1 – Rodameio made of wood used as a shelf.

The mirror or wood covering a whole wall gets a heavy look. The idea of ​​combining the two materials can achieve a great result with the help of Rodameio. In this project, he manages to give the living room beauty and functionality!

Picture 2 – The plaster surfaces can be distributed in the wall.


Lovers of the classic style can opt for a wall full of details. The rhodium, the frames, the paintings and the painting enhance the style!

Figure 3 – Fashion frame for decorative pictures.

This is a traditional option for anyone who wants to highlight their artwork on the walls.

Picture 4 – Granite is a good choice for the bathroom.


The Rodameio is very common in the decoration of the bathroom. His suggestion is to avoid a single finish on the walls, which separates the two parts.

Picture 5 – Modern baby room with Rodameio.

Referring to FIG.
Finishing is the key in a project! This wooden stick, for example, breaks the monotony of the environment and creates an interesting look.

Picture 6 – Split the walls with simplicity and style.


Simplicity can be a good choice for those who like a stripped-down style. A simple painting is not enough, but a composition with some accessories already gives a nice split wall.

Picture 7 – The distribution of tiles leaves the wall differentiated with the goal.


Photo 8 – The tablets are also ideal for decorating the bathroom.

Referring to FIG.

With the tiles themselves it is possible to make the traditional rhodium ribbon. This is the simplest type of application, but there are other ways to improve this distribution.

Picture 9 – Wall with different surfaces.

Referring to FIG.
Stone versions like marble and granite are more sophisticated. These are rectangular marble pieces with a slight slope to give the end differentiated at the end.

Figure 10 – The painting on the wall with the plaster Rodameio makes the appearance more beautiful.


Picture 11 – Room of the girl with Rodameio.

The horizontal stripe gives the impression that the wall is longer. The design is simple but has a very strong identity due to its details like the masterpiece, crystal chandelier, neutral colors, murals and light fabrics.

Picture 12 – Corridor with Rodameio.


Figure 13 – This room won a neutral painting and a personality wallpaper

The country style invades into this room with the checkered wallpaper. The Rodameio was the starting point of the project because it defined the area of ​​the bed, the frame and the furniture.

Picture 14 – The Rodameio offers incredible contrasts in the wall.


With the division of the wall, it is possible to mix a bolder wallpaper, after all, it covers only a part of it. In these cases, look for a brighter finish, such as a color or a subtle coating. In the project, the subway tile was chosen, it is a trend in the decoration.

Image 15 – A good idea is to make the Rodameio with a thicker edge.

To highlight a simple bath without many details, look for the Rodameio with a bigger thickness. In this project, a strip with hexagonal inserts and a stripe of white styrofoam was designed.

Figure 16 – It can be discreet on the wall.


Picture 17 – Make this contrast with one part in the painting and the other with the wallpaper.


The composition of Rodameio with the painting and the wallpaper is very successful in the children and baby rooms.

Picture 18 – The kitchen can get a functional Rodameio.


Combine functionality with decor! In addition to the burned cement surfaces and tile, the wall has received this support to hang the kitchen items.

Picture 19 – How about a dining room with a modern classic touch?

To keep the look from being classic, look for modern furniture. This creates balance and harmony in the environment.

Picture 20 – A simple finish changes the overall appearance of the room.


Picture 21 – Baby room with polyurethane bar.


Picture 22 – Baby room with Styrofoam Rodameio.


Figure 23 – The bathroom can receive more than one track.

You can also choose the Rodameio with drawing. Note the interesting strip that has formed on the wall with the pink and black tile set.

Picture 24 – Also in the Rodameio the wall forms a single plane due to white color.


Picture 25 – A detail that made the difference!

The LED band highlighted the two materials, both the color and the wood panel. It is ideal for bedrooms and bedside tables.

Picture 26 – Wall of the headboard with Rodameio.

Use the center wheel to form a bed headboard. Note that wallpapers were used on both parts and the Rodameio refers to a headboard.

Photo 27 – Baby room with MDF Rodameio.


Picture 28 – In the nursery you can share two types of surfaces.

Place geometric shapes or designs on the walls and mark them with diamonds. The design should be at eye level, so share according to the furniture.

Picture 29 – A subtle Rodameio has a finish on the wall.


Figure 30 – Make your environment appear more elegant and classic.


Picture 31 – The Rodameio with details made of plaster has taken over a function for the pictures.


Figure 32 – Make a color contrast.


Picture 33 – Golden Rodamel.

Play with the geometric shapes and the clash of lines. With rhodium and color contrasts, the design gained more personality.

Figure 34 – Use different colors on the wall and mark the Rodameio.

Demarcate the walls with Rodamenten. Paint the sections marked with complementary colors. Remember to paint the rhodium with a color that contrasts with the color of the wall, but does not deviate from it.

Picture 35 – The room with Rodameio makes the environment more sensitive.


Figure 36 – Despite a single color, the Rodameio gives elegance and a distinctive touch to the wall.


Picture 37 – Wall with rhodium and plaster frame.

Frame groups of photos or paintings on the walls with Rodamenten. Collect similar artwork and add the Rodame to further define the grouping.

Picture 38 – Wall with rod and decorative frame.


Picture 39 – Wall with Boiserie and Rodameio.

The Boiserie refers to the charm of the past. In this project, several pictures were designed, which wins with the wallpaper boldness. In this mix we have a vintage style thanks to the color palette and the objects of decoration.

Figure 40 – Washbasin with bar.


Picture 41 – Room of the girl with Rodameio.

The good thing about Rodameio is that it mixes different textures and coatings on a single wall.

Picture 42 – The room received a Rodameio, which was converted into a shelf.

In this project, the marble came into balance with the wood. Because there are two noble materials, the result could not be better!

Picture 43 – The Rodameio Reto is ideal for those looking for a more modern style in the area.


Picture 44 – Contrast colors and wall coverings.


Picture 45 – The black Rodameio marked the wall of the room.

Use rhodium plating to accentuate color bursts on walls. Paint the pole with a contrasting and complementary color.

Picture 46 – Living room with Rodameio.

You can add depth and dimension to the walls as well as color and texture.

Picture 47 – Classic style double room.


Picture 48 – Nursery with Rodameio.


Picture 49 – Split gourmet room wall.


Picture 50 – With the Rodameio you can have different finishes in the wall.

A cool idea is to insert a wallpaper strip in the middle of the wall. In this way we can have three compartments and three finishes that complement the look of the bathroom.

Picture 51 – Dining room with Rodameio.


Picture 52 – Rodameio made with tile.


Picture 53 – Double room with Rodameio.


Picture 54 – picture frame on the wall.


Picture 55 – The Rodameio balances the appearance of the wall.


Picture 56 – Hang hook in the Rodameio.


Picture 57 – The corner became more feminine with the Rodameio in the wall.


Picture 58 – White wall with black rhodium.

One way to highlight rhodium and frames is to paint them with a different color. Preferably with a color contrast, in this case the classic B & W has no mistake. Left the room modern, elegant and stylish!

Picture 59 – Turn your Rodame into a functional object.


Picture 60 – The Rodameio is ideal for working the split wall.


How do you clean the rod?

Cleaning the rhodium can be easy, use a brush to remove the dust from the ends, and a damp cloth to wipe the surface. Much of the rhodium is white, so the dirt is clearly visible.

Where do you buy Rodameios?

The Rodamente can be found in various types of shops, especially in building materials.



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