Have you already learned the basic step by step crochet? So there is more time to venture into more elaborate pieces. A good way to start is to make round crocheted carpets. And you can find out in this post with a simple step-by-step selection of how to make a rug.

There are several models of round crocheted carpets that can be made and we will talk a little bit about each one here so that you know the specifics of all and can more certainly define the best model for you. Even if everything will depend on the degree of connection between you, the needles and the line.

Round crochet blanket: step by step and creative ideas

Round crochet blankets can be used in a wide variety of house environments. The choice of color and size determines the best place for it. But do you know that the crochet blankets are used to decorate the living room, the kitchen, the entrance hall and above all the children’s and baby rooms, because there are graphics of very cute children’s crochets.

Then come with us and stay in the materials you need to make crochet blanket, know what types of crochet rugs, watch the tutorial videos with the step-by-step how to make and check crochet blanket, right on the sequence, a selection of incredible pictures of how to use round crochet blankets in home decor.

Materials needed to make round crochet carpet

Basically, there are few materials needed to make round crochet blankets. You will need crochet, crochet hook, diagram of the piece you want and good scissors. However, some tips on choosing the material are always welcome to ensure the beauty and functionality of the piece, right?

Therefore, the first tip is to use cord to make your carpet, preferably in number 6 or 8. The cord is most recommended because it is a thick and resistant line, ideal for carpets, since after the piece of floor is finished and need to be washed constantly.

And don’t worry that your carpet is boring because of the use of the cord. On the contrary, there are numerous types of yarn on the market. You can choose the raw yarns, the colored cord, the mixed cord, the shaggy cord and the cord with gloss. One of you will surely satisfy you.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal cord for your carpet, you’ll need a needle. Thick needles with larger numbers are best recommended for carpets. But it’s important to pay attention to one detail: the tighter you want the stitch, the smaller the needle should be, and if you prefer loose stitches, go for larger needles. If you have any doubts, read the packaging of the line, it always comes with the indication of the needle to be used.

Types of Round Crochet Rug

Simple round crochet blanket

The simple crochet blanket is indeed simple. No embroidery, no drawings, no applications or more complex stitches. The most commonly used point for this type of carpet is the warp or the climax when the relief is to be created in the piece. The simple crochet blanket rug is best suited for those who are new to art.

It can be made in various formats, including the round. Most of the time, the simple crochet carpet is made with raw yarn, but nothing prevents you from using colored or blended yarn, for example.

Russian round crochet blanket

The Russian crochet blanket is very different from the previous model because it is made with many details and a mixture of stitches. At the end of the job you have a part with layers of simple, high, low, open and closed. If you are looking for a piece that stands out in the decor, bet on this carpet model.

Baroque round crochet carpet

The baroque crochet blanket relates more to the type of line used than to the points used to make the carpet. This is because the baroque carpet can be made with any type of stitch that is characteristic of the cuddly thread used. The baroque string, named after the wire, is sold and leaves the piece soft and fluffy, ideal for cozy and warm environments.

Round embroidered crochet blanket

This type of carpet has one more detail: the embroidery. So if you want to make an embroidered crochet blanket, you not only need to know how to crochet, but also to embroider. The embroidery is done on the carpet after completion, with the piece being valued even more.

Crochet blanket with round crochet

The carpet with the double nozzle gives the feeling that one carpet is on top of the other, but in fact it is only the type of stitch used that creates this double hidden impression. To make this rug, you also need to use the crochet nozzle technique, but with a double finish. This detail on the carpet is able to transform a simple piece into something more detailed, to make the carpet more beautiful.

Crochet blanket with flowers and other applications

The flower string is very simple. Make the piece simple and place crochet flowers on it after you’re done. This is an easy way to rate the piece without resorting to embroidery or more complicated stitches, especially for those who are starting to crochet. You can also apply leaves and other elements to the part.

If you know the round carpet models, how about a few educational video lessons to start with yours? Separate the necessary materials and follow the tutorials and if you wish, see more references from sousplat, bathroom game, kitchen game, treadmill and pillow case.

Step by step to make crochet round carpet two colors

Step by step to make easy round crochet carpet for beginners

Step by step to make crocheted baroque carpet

After all, all you have to do is make your carpet and make your home look better. Now look at a selection of pictures to inspire you on how to use the round crochet blanket in the decor.

Figure 1 – Round crochet blanket made with owl graphic.

Round crochet rug made with owl graphic

Image 2 – Yarn cord makes the crochet carpet look rounder than other types of yarn.

Round crocheted rug with more rustic look

Image 3 – From the square you form a beautiful round colored crochet blanket.

Colorful round crochet rug

Figure 4 – Raw cord round crochet blanket for space.

Crochet Round Crochet Rug for Living Room

Figure 5 – Flower-shaped round crochet blanket for the girl’s room.

Round crochet rug in flower shape

Figure 6 – To create a floral design, make a round piece for the center and waves on the outermost part.

Round crochet rug with flower shape

Figure 7 – Simple round crochet blanket for children’s room.

Simple round crochet rug for children's room

Image 8 – To give the balcony its charm, place on a round carpet made of raw cord.

Round rug made with raw string

Figure 9 – Simple round crochet blanket with geometric shapes.

Simple round crochet rug with geometric shapes

Figure 10 – Undoubtedly, the round crochet blanket makes the atmosphere more cozy.

round crocheted rug leaves the atmosphere more cozy

Picture 11 – Yellow and white carpet for the children’s room.

Yellow and white carpet for children's room

Image 12 – Simple crochet blanket, appreciated by the use of applications.

Simple crochet rug

Image 13 – Black and white crochet carpet mixed for a more formal setting.

Black and white blended crochet rug

Image 14 – Note the exuberance of the Russian carpet model.

Notice the exuberance of the Russian rug model

Image 15 – Use graphics to create patterns and figures.

Use graphics to create prints and differentiated figures

Figure 16 – Round crochet blanket for baby room; the pompoms are a special charm.

Round crochet rug for baby room

Picture 17 – Crochet blanket with the combination of raw cord and black cord.

Crochet rug made with the combination of raw string and black string

Picture 18 – And what do you think of this crocheted carpet with color gradients? is not it beautiful?

crochet rug with color gradient

Figure 19 – Round blue crochet blanket to contrast the earth tones of the room.

Blue round crochet rug

Picture 20 – Simple carpet, matching the colors of the room.

Simple crochet rug matched with bedroom colors

Picture 21 – The Tapetinho leaves the joke more warm and hot.

The tapetinho leaves the play hotter and hotter

Picture 22 – Blue and pink to decorate the girl’s room.

Blue and pink to decorate the girls room

Figure 23 – Simple round crochet blanket with a red beak.

Simple round crochet rug with red beak

Picture 24 – Crochet blankets to choose from.

Crochet rugs to choose from

Image 25 – A colorful mandala on the round crochet blanket.

A colorful mandala on the round crochet rug

Picture 26 – Blue and yellow create green accents.

Blue and yellow to form green accents

Figure 27 – Round colored crochet blanket.

Colorful crochet round rug

Image 28 – Spliced ​​flowers and leaves form this round carpet for the room.

round crochet rug for living room

Image 29 – A slightly more rustic version of the round crochet blanket.

more rustic round crochet rug

Figure 30 – A colored flower at each end of this carpet.

Round crochet rug with colorful flowers

Figure 31 – Crochet flowers in a simple carpet model; the combination of carpet and chair.

Round crocheted plain rug with applied flowers

Figure 32 – Round crochet doily to match the crocheted cover of the ottoman.

Round crochet rug matching the ottoman cover

Picture 33 – Round crochet blanket in raw cord.

Round Crochet Rug in Raw Strand

Image 34 – Round crochet blanket for the home office.

Round crochet rug for home office

Picture 35 – Round crochet blanket for children’s room.

Round crochet rug for children's room

Picture 36 – Impossible not to fall in love with this pink carpet.

Pink round crochet rug

Image 37 – Reliefs also appreciate the round crochet blanket.

round crochet rug with embossed

Picture 38 – A little fun, this little trick on the carpet.

Barry on the round crochet rug for bedroom

Figure 39 – The edges of the round crochet blanket can be made with a differentiated stitch.

Differential stitch on the edges of turquoise round crochet rug

Figure 40 – Russian model detail is ideal for more classic environments.

Russian Round Crochet Rug

Figure 41 – Round crochet blanket for children’s room.

Round crochet rug for children's room

Picture 42 – And why are you alone in the group when you can crochet the basket?

Round rug and crochet basket

Figure 43 – For a cleaner and more modern space, put on a rug with the classic combination of black and white.

Black and white round crochet rug

Picture 44 – A rabbit!

Bunny round crochet rug

Figure 45 – Round crochet blanket for living room.

Round crochet rug for living room

Figure 46 – Round purple crochet blanket.

Round purple crochet rug

Picture 47 – Throw yourself on the floor!

To throw yourself on the floor

Picture 48 – Dark blue round crochet blanket; strong and vivid color to warm the environment.

Round blue crochet rug

Picture 49 – Put on another pattern with round crochet blankets, like it was made with circles of different sizes.

differentiated round crochet rug

Picture 50 – Chandelier Gray and Round crochet blanket harmonize the dining room.

Gray round crochet rug

Picture 51 – Psychedelic round crochet blanket.

Psychedelic Round Crochet Rug

Picture 52 – Round crochet blanket made for the room with graphics.

Round crochet rug for room made with graphic

Figure 53 – Round crochet blanket with soft water green.

Round crochet rug with soft green water

Figure 54 – Basket set and round crochet blanket for baby room.

Basket set and round crochet rug

Figure 55 – Simple round crochet blanket for boys nursery.

Simple Round Crochet Rug for Boy's Kids Room

Picture 56 – Step on flowers! Very delicate in one piece.

Stepping on flowers! Very delicate in one piece

Image 57 – To the entrance of the house, a carpet made of raw round cord.

raw round string rug

Image 58 – Environmentally neutral tones came to life with the crochet blanket.

Crochet rug for living room

Picture 59 – Round crochet blanket to decorate the study.

Round crochet rug to decorate your home office

Picture 60 – Round crochet blanket greets everyone who arrives in the house.

Round crochet rug welcomes anyone who arrives in the house



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