Satin porcelain: Learn more about the floor, advantages and disadvantages

There is currently a wide range of flooring and coatings on the market. Among them are the porcelain tiles. But there are also variations of this type of flooring and it is important that you know them all before you decide which floor is best for your home. In today’s post we only speak of satin or natural porcelain, as it is also called.

The porcelanatos are floors made from a mixture of clay, sand and additives that are fired over 1200º. However, the satined porcelain does not receive an enamel layer at the end of the process, which is responsible for the high gloss of the part. This lack of gloss is the main feature of this type of porcelain tile, which has a smooth, soft and less shiny surface.

These properties make the satin porcelain stoneware tiles the ideal floor for anyone looking for a robust, beautiful, discreet and cozy looking material than traditional polished floors.

The satin porcelain stoneware tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be installed on the floor as well as on the walls. This type of porcelain stoneware is also available in different colors and textures and imitates wood, stone and marble.

But like everything in life has advantages and disadvantages, it would be no different with satin-finished porcelain stoneware. Below are the main advantages and disadvantages of this type of floor:

Advantages of satin porcelain flooring

  • Like the other types of porcelain stoneware, the satin version has a uniform surface and color, but is very resistant and durable;
  • Satin-based porcelain retains little water because it has a less porous surface, making it ideal for damp places such as bathrooms and outdoor areas;
  • The satin floor makes the environment more comfortable and pleasant because it reflects less light;
  • The type of surface treatment given to the satin porcelain stoneware tile makes it less prone to scratches;
  • The satin porcelain is less stained than the enamelled and polished versions. The lack of shine makes this type of floor less likely to suffer from stains and stains, in addition to the cleaning process is much more practical and easier – let’s talk about cleaning the satin porcelain stoneware soon;
  • Although not considered an anti-slip floor, the satin porcelain tile is less smooth and smooth compared to polished porcelanatos;
  • Variety of colors and textures of satin porcelain tiles is the same as other types of porcelain tiles;
  • The satin porcelain stoneware tile, like the other porcelain stoneware models, is rectified, which guarantees a closer fitting of the pieces, which reduces the amount of mortar and mortar, resulting in a more even floor;

Disadvantages of satin porcelain flooring

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of the satin porcelain floor is the difficulty in making changes. This type of floor is difficult to remove, so it is most advisable to be sure that the floor has been chosen to avoid possible replacements in the future. If in doubt, choose the lighter and more neutral tones that harmonize well with any type of decoration and do not affect the field of vision of the surroundings;
  • The floor made of satined porcelain is characterized by a tiled floor like any other porcelanato. So, if you plan to use this floor in the interior areas of the house, such as the living room and bedroom, you know in advance that you need to use carpets to limit the coldness of the floor; However, this feature can be an advantage if you live in a hot region.

Care and cleaning of the satin porcelain floor

One of the most important doubts about the satin porcelain tile is whether it is stained or not. The answer to this question is: “It depends.” The stains, scratches and scratches are significantly less with this type of floor than with the other types of porcelain. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of product used for cleaning, as more abrasive and corrosive products can damage the surface of the floor.

Therefore, only use a soft bristle brush or a cloth dampened with water and a little neutral detergent to clean the satin porcelain tiles. Contact the manufacturer to use a different type of product.

Price of satin porcelain stoneware

The price of satin porcelain flooring varies widely and mainly depends on the manufacturer, model and size. However, the price of this type of floor is very competitive with the other porcelanatos on the market.

To get an idea, a model 60 x 60 cm and uniform color Portobello brand, one of the most traditional, costs R $ 32.90 per square meter on average. A similar model from the Portinari brand allows for R $ 36.90.

See 60 photos and ideas of surroundings with a satin porcelain floor

Below is a gallery of images with 60 photos of environments decorated with a satin porcelain floor. Let yourself be inspired and bring these ideas to your home:

Image 1 – The porcelanato satin imitates the wood with perfection and makes the room more cozy.

Satin porcelain tile perfectly mimics wood

Image 2 – Bright, satin porcelain with a darker color was chosen for this light-flooded room.

Light-colored satin porcelain veneer

Image 3 – porcelain satin on the balcony; The neutral and clear tone of the floor makes the other elements of the decoration appear.

Satin Porcelain on the balcony

Image 4 – Clean bathroom in the colors white and beige relies on the use of a satin porcelain stoneware tile on the floor.

White and beige bathroom with satin porcelain tile

Image 5 – The matt appearance of the satin porcelain makes the atmosphere appear more pleasant and pleasant.

Porcelain satin matte look

Image 6 – Matching the wood tones of furniture and objects, the satin porcelain of this service area follows the same pattern.

Service area with satin porcelain tile

Image 7 – Virtually no joint marks, the porcelain stoneware tiles form a uniform piece on the floor.

Satin porcelain virtually without grout

Image 8 – The satin porcelain tile of this kitchen was used on the floor and countertop of the sink.

Satin porcelain tile on the floor and countertop of the sink

Image 9 – The gray tone of Porcelanato is subtle and at the same time striking in the surroundings.

Porcelain satin with gray tone

Image 10 – When it comes to creating an environment with more refined and elegant air, the satin porcelain is the ideal choice.

Elegant ambience with satin-finished porcelain

Image 11 – The color of the Porcelanatos is the same, the difference is in the format. The floor is square on the floor and a ruler on the wall.

Satin porcelain flooring

Image 12 – Clean and modern room with satin stoneware on the floor.

Satin porcelain floor in clean room

Image 13 – Satin wood porcelain is closest to wooden floors.

Environment integrated with satin porcelain floor

Image 14 – Sober, neutral and discreet: This satin porcelain is ideal for those who want to highlight other points of the environment than the floor.

Satin porcelain tile in the kitchen

Image 15 – To escape the white, choose a tone next to the beige.

Beige Satin Porcelain

Image 16 – White satin porcelain with a marble structure.

Texture of marble in the satin porcelain of this balcony

Image 17 – Since it is a tiled floor, it is advisable to use carpets in areas where maximum comfort and warmth are important.

Carpet for extra warmth in satin-finished porcelain

Image 18 – Porcelain satin comes with the off white tones of the decoration of this integrated environment.

Tons off white of satin porcelain tile

Image 19 – White of porcelain tiles and cabinets on the wall is contrasted by the soft tone of the wood of the table and the chairs.

Environment with wood and satin porcelain floor

Image 20 – After a more rustic line, you can opt for a brown satin porcelain with a retro bottom.

Porcelain satin brown combined with retro floor

Image 21 – The concept of “less is more” has been successfully used in this bathroom.


Image 22 – The marble effect of the satin porcelain stoneware tiles has left this dining room pure luxury.

Marbled effect of satin porcelain made this dining room pure luxury

Image 23 – In order to reinforce the darker color of the furniture, a light satin porcelain was chosen as an option.

Light-colored satin porcelain veneer

Picture 24 – A clear and neutral floor for the kitchen, for the social area the wooden floor contributes to the comfort.

Wooden floor and satin porcelain in the kitchen

Image 25 – The closer to the floor color, the less the grout becomes visible.

Porcelain satin floor in dining room

Figure 26 – Satin porcelain makes the carpet stand out in the decoration

Clear Satin Porcelain

Figure 27 – In this bathroom, the same satin porcelain used on the floor is used on the wall.

Floor and wall with the same porcelain tile

Picture 28 – There are different shapes and sizes of porcelain stoneware, but the bigger the piece, the nicer the end result.

Kitchen with large pieces of porcelain tile

Image 29 – Porcelain satin in the floor and cladding of the brick in the wall.

Satin porcelain tile on the floor and brick on the wall

Figure 30 – Chic rustic decor: porcelain stoneware and furniture give this room an elegant touch, while the white brick walls and wooden details indicate a rustic style.

Chic rustic decor on the wall and floor

Picture 31 – The color of burnt cement was used on the floor with the satin porcelain stoneware tile and on the walls and the ceiling with the paint.

Satin porcelain with the appearance of burnt cement

Figure 32 – Floors that are a little darker and with textures like the one in the picture make cleaning and maintenance easier because they do not mark the dirt as much.

Dark floor with textures

Figure 33 – Hydraulic tiles in the wall and frosted porcelain tiles on the floor were chosen for this bathroom.

Hydraulic tiling in the bathroom

Image 34 – Satin porcelain mattress leaves a modern and refined atmosphere.

Modern and sophisticated ambience with satin-finish porcelain mattress

Picture 35 – Would you like to use dark colors like black? So, compensate with clear flooring, like in this picture.

Clear porcelain tile floor

Picture 36 – Is or is not the face of marble?

Satin porcellanato that refers to marble

Figure 37 – Porcelain satin helps to put this clean, light and soft decoration together.

Clean, light and soft decoration with satin-finished porcelain

Picture 38 – Absolute neutrality on the floor.

Absolute neutrality on the floor

Picture 39 – In this balcony the brightness is only through the table made of white lacquer.

White lacquered table on the balcony with satin-finished porcelain floor

Image 40 – Porcelain satin in the bathroom with the same textures and different colors.

Satin porcelain tile in bathroom

Picture 41 – Simple general composition, but selective in detail.

Simple in general composition, but selective in detail

Image 42 – Harmonious composition of colors and textures.

Harmonious composition of colors and textures

Picture 43 – It looks like pinewood, but it is satin porcelain.

It looks like pine wood, but it's satin porcelain

Picture 44 – To mark and mark the Portuguese tiles on the wall, only a floor of neutral color.

Neutral color floor in Portuguese tiled environment

Figure 45 – Remember to clean the porcelain only with a damp cloth and some neutral detergent so that you do not run the risk of soiling the floor.

Satin porcelain with damp cloth

Picture 46 – He is not the protagonist of the environment, but plays a fundamental role.

Basic role of satin porcelain in the environment

Image 47 – The young decor, but still sober, used a light satin porcelain, while the dark tone prevails on the wall.

Young decoration with satin-finished porcelain floor

Picture 48 – Matt, cozy and very beautiful! Perfect for any environment.

Matte, warm and beautiful with satin-finished porcelain

Picture 49 – Small house and everything integrated decided to use the satin porcelain in all environments.

Small house integrated with satin porcelain

Figure 50 – Porcelain satin on the entire balcony: from floor to ceiling.

Porcelain satin throughout the balcony

Figure 51 – White footboard with a satin porcelain tile floor.

White skirting board with satin-finished porcelain floor

Picture 52 – Low cost, high strength, durability and beauty make porcelain stoneware one of the best options for floors.

Reasonably low cost, high strength, durability and beauty make porcelain tile one of the best flooring options currently

Figure 53 – All gray in this house: floor, ceiling and walls.

Everything gray in this house: floor, ceiling and walls

Figure 54 – Porcelain satin is better for outdoor use than polished or enameled because it is less smooth and slippery.

Satin porcelain is best for outdoor areas

Image 55 – Even without a carpet, the satin porcelain gives the surroundings a more pleasant air than other types of porcelain stoneware.

the satin porcelain gives an air more cozy to the environment

Image 56 – Joints in the same tone of the floor make the connection between the parts barely noticeable.

Grout in the same tone of the floor leaves almost imperceptible the junction between the pieces

Picture 57 – One floor for every environment.

For each environment a floor

Image 58 – Carpet in the same tone of the floor works in this environment, just to make the floor more comfortable.

Carpet in the same tone of the floor

Image 59 – Porcelain satin has a low water absorption and is therefore ideal for use in bathrooms, especially in the box.

Satin porcelain has low water absorption

Picture 60 – Integrated balcony and living room use the same satin porcelain tile on the floor.

Integrated balcony and living room use the same satin porcelain tile on the floor



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