Shoemakers are compartments or furniture for storing a wide variety of shoes, they can fit into different proposals, for example: in a closet, shelves on the wall, niches on the floor, inside rustic furniture, glass windows and even in drawers.

One of the most important precautions when planning a shoe rack is to estimate the average number of shoes the residents of the apartment will have so that they all fit in the compartment.

Another interesting tip is to use a small shoe rack at the entrance of the house or apartment so that you have the habit of storing shoes when you get home to avoid the build-up of dirt and buildings for a cleaner home to have.

60 shoe models to inspire you

To make it easier to see, we select the best designs with different crab models so that you can be inspired when you draw or buy your own model. Check out all the available images:

Photo 1 – Optimize the ladder room by exiting the stairs with some features.

The ladder is a constructive element for movement and is often overlooked for other functions. There are drawers at every step in this project to keep shoes, books, linens, bags, and anything else you might want.

Photo 2 – Leave a stand by the front door to avoid dirt in the rest of the house.

An interesting tip is to leave a small shoe rack at the entrance to the residence to prevent dirt from entering the house from the street.

Picture 3 – Shoe rack with PVC pipes.


The PVC pipe is a great material to reuse in decoration. To attach a shoe rack, choose a tube of a suitable diameter to store each pair of shoes, then cut the tubes into 30 cm pieces.

Picture 4 – Closet with shelves for shoes.


Picture 5 – Use a very small corner of the closet to carry the shoes.

Referring to Fig.

Always try to leave the ends of the closet for the shoes, after all, clothes in the closet are priority and should be in a privileged area.

Image 6 – How about bringing a stylish corner into the room?

One way to decorate the wall is to hold some hooks to hang bags and accessories. In this composition, try to include a few pictures and a low dresser for your shoes.

Image 7 – shoe rack.


The wire racks have a side structure and a kind of shelf to support the shoes. They’re perfect for pointing and a lot easier to find. You can accommodate multiple shoe racks by creating a cabinet that suits your needs.

Picture 8 – Turn your retro furniture into a beautiful shoe rack.

Referring to Fig.
An old glass that is no longer in use is an excellent resource to reuse and assemble a beautiful shoe rack. Regardless of the material, wipe it carefully and put your pair of shoes in an organized manner.

Image 9 – Shoe rack with baskets.

Referring to Fig.

This shoe was made in modules in a shelf format and is used to reinforce the style chosen for the room.

Photo 10 – Shoe cabinet under the stairs.

In case of doubt what needs to be installed in the ladder room? Arrange a closet! He even got sliding aids to make it easier to use during the day.

Image 11 – Handmade shoe rack.


Make your shoe rack yourself – despite the small size, it can also be made with a larger box. To do this, drill holes in the cardboard and thread the sutures to support the shoes.

Photo 12 – Paint your wooden furniture.


Figure 13 – Stool with wooden box that serves as a shoe rack.

A good idea to give the fair box a different look is a stew. In this case, it’s not just a stylish shoe rack, it’s also a super cool and personalized bench.

Image 14 – Shoe cabinet with mirror.

This model is ideal for those who have little space in the room because it combines two functions in one mobile phone. It’s cool to put casters / wheels on the phone so you can drag it to any corner of the room.

Figure 15 – Shoe rack.


Continuing the previous project proposal, we have an invisible shoe rack as the furniture gets stuck in the wall creating the illusion that it is just a mirror.

Image 16 – Shoe rack.


Image 17 – Modern shoe rack.


Image 18 – Partitions for shoe racks.

The best way to distribute the shoes in the closet is to make shelves instead of niches. In addition to being more fit, they are more organized and don’t knead their shoes.

Image 19 – Shelves decorate and are functional.


Every shelf is welcome in the facility! You can even decorate your wall with this wall shoe rack.

Picture 20 – Shoe rack on the wall.


Image 21 – Handmade shoe rack with box.


Another option for those who love to put their hands in the batter – the triangular niches were made with cardboard box and glued on top of each other to form this fun cellphone with recycled.

Image 22 – Chest of drawers with shoe rack.


Picture 23 – Small furniture for shoes.


Picture 24 – Wooden shoe cabinet.


Image 25 – Mobile in the form of a bench with a sliding door.

Make a piece of furniture that is disguised as a shoe rack. This model is a bench won sliding doors on the sliding door to add more charm and hide the shoes. One place you can paste this idea is near the window wall. Don’t forget to put a couple of pillows, pots, plants and whatever you need in this composition!

Image 26 – Shoe rack with niches.


Image 27 – Metal chest of drawers for storing shoes and other items.


Picture 28 – Metal shoe rack attached to the wall.


Image 29 – Use a free corner to organize your shoes.

A dresser or shelf in the room can hide your shoes in an organized and discreet way.

Image 30 – Show your passion for shoes with shelves in the bedrooms.


Image 31 – Shoe rack with wooden boxes painted with white paint.

Assemble a simple and stylish shoe rack using the wooden boxes so you can stack multiple pieces on top of each other by mounting one vertically or horizontally on the wall. How about?

Picture 32 – Shoe rack in the entrance hall.


Picture 33 – Use the space under the bed.


Image 34 – Make this shoe rack yourself with concrete.

The reuse of building materials is a decoration trend. The cool thing is to assemble a piece of furniture with the materials you already have! Instead of the concrete block, it could also be a block made of bricks – the wood from the joinery, for example, can be replaced with the leftover floor.

Picture 35 – On open shelves of the closet.


Picture 36 – Hide this little corner with a nice curtain.

Leaving cool shoes is good! This curtain solution is stylish and cozy – ideal for those who like to have their shoes in view and hide when necessary.

Picture 37 – Shoe rack in PVC pipe.

You can place the pipes in a different shape on the wall. Each compartment fits a pair of shoes. The result is even more incredible if you dye the pieces.

Image 38 – Reserve a shoe space in the closet.


Image 39 – In the joinery design, plan a small corner for the shoes.

For less visible areas, like the small niches in this room, the alternative was to prop up the shoes and leave them visible on the sideboard.

Photo 40 – Baskets and shelves for storing shoes.


Image 41 – Shoe rack in the hallway.

Bet on a functional corridor! Arrange a narrow piece of furniture (about 20 cm) and form several envelopes to put on your shoes. The opening can be a tilting or sliding door.

Figure 42 – Place the sliding door in tight spaces on the shoe rack.


Picture 43 – Shoe rack.


Figure 44 – Room with shoe rack.


Image 45 – Mobile shoe.


Image 46 – Shoe rack with metal tube.


Picture 47 – Glass shelves for the storage of shoes.


Picture 48 – Organizational example in the shoe rack.

Keeping shoes in closets is often a problem as they are usually kinked in a corner. Not only do they take up more space, but they also tend to have creases on the barrel, so the pant hangers are a great option for keeping and keeping them in order.

Image 49 – Open space in the closet for storing shoes.


Image 50 – Female cabinet with shoe rack.


Picture 51 – Bench with crib.

This shoe is ideal for keeping shoes organized and freeing up wardrobe space. She wears shoes, socks in the drawers and is still a decorative and functional piece.

Figure 52 – Multi-function cabinet.

The shoe rack in a closet can be used to store other materials, such as cleaning products and other accessories used in organizing and maintaining the home.

Image 53 – Shoe rack with shoeboxes.


Image 54 – Mobile 2 in 1.

The shoebox is a functional and decorative piece. It’s important to optimize space so this piece of furniture can make all the difference in a small space. It keeps the shoes organized and allows you to use the seat to put your shoes on.

Image 55 – Shoe rack with baskets.


Image 56 – Shoe cutter.


Picture 57 – Wardrobe for shoes and bags.

For the closet, installing drawers so that the shoes are hidden, but can be a great triumph for those who have a lot of pairs.

Picture 58 – Male shoemaker.


Picture 59 – Every corner is welcome to install these shelves.


Photo 60 – Use a bed box with drawers to store your shoes.


Fig. 61 – Slipcover


Figure 62 – Closet with shoe rack.


Image 63 – Shoe rack next to the window under the bench.


Now that you already know several different references, you can start thinking about your space and how a shoe rack can match the suggestion. Use your creativity to get incredible results.

Where can you buy overshoes on the internet?

Although many designs include the planned home furniture shoe rack, there are separate and functional models that can be purchased separately, some of them on the Internet. Here are some of the stores we sell online shoemakers:



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