Shrimp Port: know its advantages and disadvantages


The increase in small structures led to the strong tendency of sliding doors and the search for practical solutions that deliberately optimize each m². If you’re one of those who want to innovate, invest in the shrimp harbor , which has now been modernized with a more elaborate design.

What is the shrimp harbor?

Shrimp port

The shrimp port, also known as a revolving door, allows full or partial opening, depending on the needs of the user. It has the same effect as a sliding door, but its operation is slightly different when it comes to the design of the sheets.

How does a shrimp harbor work?

Shrimp port: know its advantages and disadvantages

The door, when opened, leaves the folded sheets hanging on the sides of the window. There is a rail in the lining or in the ground, so that there is this sliding movement of the leaves. When they are closed, they usually work like a plate, as in the sliding door.

Where can I use the shrimp harbor?

Shrimp port: know its advantages and disadvantages 1

The shrimp harbor has gained ground when it comes to the integration of environments and the extension of the facade. In the first suggestion, it easily shares the environments of a dwelling, without disturbing the functionality of any room or circulation. Already in the second proposal we find a drawing full of wooden slats, which also work as a breeze.

Shrimp port: know its advantages and disadvantages 2

Benefits of shrimp port

  • Works for any size of span;
  • It takes up little space;
  • Versatility in the designs;
  • Works as a sunscreen;

Disadvantages of shrimp port

  • Requires a special gain lock;
  • It has cracks, so its insulation is not 100%;
  • Skilled workers;

Following these tips, deciding to purchase a shrimp port or hinge is easier. If you want to put this idea into action, let yourself be inspired by 60 projects that will make the door the perfect solution for the project:

Facades with door shrimp

Architecture is the universe that processes the materials, the forms, the constructive methods, the drawings, and finally the facades. The facades determine the architectural style! Using techniques that combine functionality and beauty is the best way to 100% workable design.

1 – With breeze functionality (regulation of input and output of natural light)

Shrimp port with breeze functionality

2 – Multifunctionality in several places of the facade.

Multifunctionality in several places of the facade

3 – If it is made of metal, it can turn into a commercial facade.

Metal shrimp holder for commercial façade

4 – Door shrimp with vertical opening.

Shrimp holder with vertical opening

5 – Window with door shrimp.

Window with door shrimp

6 – The small cracks soften the passage of light.

Gentle light passage in cracks

7 – Ideal for the production of end-to-end windows.

End-to-end windows

8 – Mix two types of doors on the same facade.

Two types of doors on the same facade

9 – When closed, the markings of the leaves in the facade are imperceptible.

Imperceptible markings on the facade

10 – For those who want to give the façade a touch of color.

A touch of color with the shrimp door on the facade

11 – His role in this project is fence.

Fencing with the shrimp ports

12 – Create obvious openings in your architecture.

Unobvious openings in architecture

Expand your vision with the shrimp port.

The balcony gains in value when integrated into the rest of the social areas. With the shrimp port, it is possible to quickly and practically separate or connect two environments!
Another option is the traditional use of closing balconies so that the entire outdoor landscape is naturally integrated into the interior.

13 – In addition to the Venetian, the door still has a nice articulation system.

Shrimp port with articulated system

14 – The trend of the black frame fits perfectly with the shrimp doors.

Shrimp holder with black frame

15 – Extend your social sphere in a practical and functional way.

Practical social area

16 – Apartment balcony with door shrimp.

Balcony apartment with shrimp port

17 – Love yourself with the wooden garniture door.

Wooden shrimp holder

18 – opening to the terrace.

Open to the terrace

19 – With opening in L.

L-shaped shrimp holder

20 – Let the landscape penetrate into the inner area of ​​the house.

Let the landscape enter the inner area of ​​the house

21 – Gourmet kitchen with shredded shrimp.

Gourmet kitchen with shrimp port

22 – The opening allows for adjustment.

Shrimp door adjustment

Share the environments with the shrimp harbor

This is one of the main features of shrimp doors in a residence and serves to split and integrate environments at the same time. A simple example of this situation is the studio apartment with built-in environments that provide privacy and two different environments. Here are some ideas on how to share the environment with the shrimp port:

23 – For a tropical air, invest in the straw finish.

Tropical straw finish

24 – Ideal for those who had office at home.

Ideal for home office owners

25 – Privacy in the right amount!

Privacy in the right measure

26 – A little sensitivity always fits well!

With a little refinement

27 – Mirrored shrimp port.

Mirrored shrimp holder

28 – Define internal circulations as needed.

Set internal circulation when necessary

29 – Apartment with door shrimp.

Apartment with shrimp port

30 – Optimize the size of your office.

Optimize your office size

31 – Give your home a touch of color!

A touch of color in your residence

32 – In addition to the windows, this residence can count on the shrimp system from the kitchen to the dining room.

Room shrimp system

33 – For company projects the melamine shrimp holder is an excellent option.

Shrimp port for corporate project

34 – door shrimp jar.

Glass shrimp holder

35 – Design a complete carpentry project.

Complete joinery project

Laundry with shrimp port

36 – Hide this small area in a simple way.

Hide this area in a simple way

37 – Play with the textures and colors of materials.

Play with the textures and colors of materials

38 – In the bathroom it gets better!

Looks even better in the bathroom

Cupboard with shrimp holder

For this proposal, try to work on a part of the interior joinery together with the specifications of the surfaces. After all, these doors make the visual impression of the room, for example. You can choose wood or glass doors as long as they are the right scale for the type of closure you want.

39 – Cabinet with door shrimp.

Closet with door shrimp

40 – Door pink shrimp: The passion of the girls!

Pink shrimp port

41 – How about an organized library?

Organized library with shrimp port

42 – Make this contrast of colors, through the refinements of the carpentry.

Cabinet finishes with shrimp holder

43 – Wardrobe with door shrimp.

Clothes with shrimp holder

Kitchen with shrimp port

Anyone with a kitchen-integrated room can solve privacy issues when using the shrimp port. This type of proposal is only indicated for a linear bank, ie if the utensils are distributed in the same direction. This will allow you to close or open this area as needed.

44 – Be creative and work the geometric shapes.

Geometric shapes

45 – The finish corresponds to the decoration style of the surroundings.

Finishing according to the style of the environment

46 – When it closes, it becomes a big panel.

A large panel when closed

47 – Use only where necessary.

Use only where you need it

48 – Get inspired by this Japanese project where the kitchen is a discreet place in the middle of the rest of the environment.

Japanese design

49 – Here the same suggestion to work with the contrast of the colors is worthwhile.

Work with color contrast

50 – Or throw yourself in the clean effect, with the whole kitchen knows.

Whole clean white kitchen

Hide the home office with the door shrimp

The home office is a space that is not always used indoors, especially for those who work outdoors. For those skilled in this activity, look for alternatives to hide the mess that lies at the end of the day.

In this proposal, the shrimp harbor can be used in two ways:

51 – A great solution in the middle of the cabinets.

A great solution in the middle of the cabinets

52 – To make it invisible, place it embedded in the wall.

Wall mounted door
Currently, the possibilities to come out of the traditional are endless! The shrimp harbor is one of those creative possibilities that can leave the spectacular access without too much space. Since it does not have the bow of a traditional door, it is easier to optimize the space with this square meter gain. Look for simple, convenient and beautiful outputs with the following examples:

Entrance and access with the shrimp port

53 – Metal plates provide greater versatility for creating different facades.

Different facade with door shrimp

54 – Industrial style door shrimp.

Shrimp port for industrial style

55 – Create another shrimp harbor if it is to be used as the main access.

Different shrimp ports for main access

56 – How about investing in the shrimp doors in all openings of the apartment?

Apartment openings with shrimp doors

57 – Another and elegant plate!

Different and elegant panel

58 – Functional hiding places of the toilet.

Hiding the toilet in a functional way59 – The vertical system also works indoors.

The vertical system for internal areas

60 – Use glass sliding openings and shrimp for a more versatile use.

Sliding door opening for shrimp

How to install a shrimp door

Shrimp port

To complete this task, follow these step-by-step instructions to install the two-sheet model:

1. Lay the sheets side by side to mark the hinges.
2. Take one of the plates and mark the position of the three hinges, one in the middle and the other two at a distance of 25 cm from above and below;
3. Do the same with the other leaf and check the same orientation of the first leaf;
4. Attach the plates to a plate that is attached to the top or bottom and check that they are centered with the stopper.
5. Fit over them over the rail and it’s done!


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