Your son or daughter will have a birthday and you worry when you try to think of a simple, beautiful and cheap decor for children? So you came to the right place. Let us give you valuable tips on how to decorate your little party with little money.

Let’s start with the most important thing: the location of the party. If you want to spend little, then the party at home is recommended and even best. For two reasons: the first is that you don’t need space with leasing, and the second is that you save on decorating. Very wide and open spaces need to be decorated twice or even triple to fill the space.

Simple and cheap children’s party: 60 simple decor ideas

So a party at home can be a good way out of the low budget. And with a second thought, a home reception is much more intimate and inviting. Other tips for a simple and inexpensive children’s party:

1. Escape the characters

Another important tip for those who don’t want to spend much on decorating the children’s party is to run away from the theme parties with characters. Licensed products that carry children’s favorite characters are usually worth twice a product without a license. So have a hearty conversation with your son or daughter and make it clear that Spider-Man and Frozen are out of the question, but instead the colors and symbols of the character that relate to them, such as cobwebs and snowflakes.

Another option is to bet on topics without related characters. Beach, fruit, circus, soccer, animals, rainbows are some of the suggestions. Ideas will not go away.

2. Balloons

The balloons are the face of every children’s party. They are essential and guarantee the joy of the party. There are several ways to add them to the decoration. You can use them in deconstructed arches, which are the trend of the moment, in the form of flowers, one inside the other, decorate the guest table and still be released with helium gas from the ceiling.

Another way to decorate with balloons is to use the different shapes and textures with which they are made. There are metallic balloons, with white balls, in the shape of a heart, letters and numbers. You can make a mix of different styles. Remember to combine the colors of the balloon with the colors of the party.

3. Colored panels

The panels are usually used behind the cake table and serve as a setting for traditional birthday party pictures and even help hide the wall that needs painting.

The good news is that you can design the party panel yourself. It can be done with balloons, crepe paper, fabric, pallets, in short, a variety of things. Do not worry now, just below you will find a selection of pictures of simple children’s parties that will fill you with ideas.

4. Cake table

The cake table is also very important at the party. In addition to the cake, she carries the sweets, souvenirs and much of the decoration. To save money on this item, the tip is to decorate the table with photos, for example. Another tip is Caprichar in the view of the cake and the sweets, in this way they also contribute to the decoration of the table. Some people prefer not to use towel or skirt on the table, but if you want to use you could do with crepe paper or TNT. It is simple, easy and inexpensive.

5. Centerpieces

With the centerpieces you can save more than you think. Enjoy the green and sustainable wave to use recyclable materials in the decoration. Glasses and cans guarantee an incredible view of the party. A quick pass from Youtube and you go there full of ideas.

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The souvenirs follow the same concept as the centerpieces. You can make and use recyclable materials yourself. Remember to offer souvenirs that have functionality or invest in sweets and other goodies. Let go of some very unusual ideas that are easy to forget in your guests’ house.

7. Lights

The lights! A very special decoration that can change the whole face of the party. The most commonly used are the turn signals, LED signs and lamp poles. The first option you probably have at home, the others are very easy to do, nothing that a tutorial won’t solve. But really, think about this option, for sure you will not regret it.

8. Banners

The flags make a success at Brazilian festivals. They can be made quickly and in the colors you prefer. Use them to decorate the cladding or the cake table. You can also wear the birthday or “happy birthday” message.

60 simple and inexpensive children’s party decor ideas

Check out some pictures of simple, beautiful and inexpensive children’s parties to inspire you:

Image 1 – Simple children’s party: Without characters, the party with the colorful hats won color and joy.

Simple children's party without characters

Image 2 – Rawr !! Dinosaurs are in the area!

Party dinosaurs simple

Figure 3 – Simple kids party picnic style; the kids will love it.

Simple picnic style children's party

Image 4 – What if the topic is fast food? Inspire yourself in this picture for the simple kids party.

Simple fast food party

Image 5 – Metallic tones guarantee the “pop star” theme of this simple children’s party.

Pop star theme for simple children's party

Image 6 – Gather the little friends and make the simple children’s party in the same room of the house.

Simple children's party in the room

Image 7 – Capriche in the decoration of the treats and snacks and place them as part of the decoration of the simple children’s party as well.

Snacks and snacks for simple children's party

Image 8 – In each candy a different confection for the simple children’s party.

Confections for simple children's party

Figure 9 – Single servings ready to be served at the simple children’s party.

Individual portions at the simple children's party

Image 10 – Have fun with simple toys like blocks to assemble and customize.

Simple toys for party

Image 11 – Simple children’s party: Cupcakes for filling the eyes!

Cupcakes for simple children's party

Image 12 – Colorful little children’s party for a simple rainbow party.

Colorful little toys for a simple children's party

Image 13 – Separate all the colored papers you have there and assemble a small curtain with them.

Curtain to decorate the simple children's party

Image 14 – Simple wooden panel, which helps to design the cake table area of ​​the children’s party with simple decoration.

Children's simple party panel

Image 15 – Balloons filled with helium gas decorate the cake table of the children’s party.

Simple party cake table with balloons

Image 16 – Simple children’s party: photo clothing tells the story of the child.

Photo sash in simple children's party

Figure 17 – Dab and fold paper to decorate the table of the simple children’s party.

Simple children's party table

Picture 18 – Only very close: The simple children’s party takes place in the living room.

Simple children's party in the living room

Picture 19 – What if the child painted the party panel himself? A creative, original idea that costs nothing.

Panel painted by the child

Image 20 – The theme of “kittens” left the children’s party simply white and black; decorate a clothesline with the pussies.

Simple children's party kittens

Picture 21 – Whose is this lightning? He doesn’t even have to be there to be present.

Ray in decoration

Picture 22 – Do you want a treat that’s cheaper and hotter than popcorn? They can vary, offer sweet and savory flavors at a children’s party with simple decor.

Popcorn for a simple party

Image 23 – Simple children’s party: The famous cartoon bat bat adorns the top of the cake.

Cake bat for simple children's party

Picture 24 – Simple children’s party: distribute masks and boards so that the children can have fun.

Masks and plaques for simple children's party

Picture 25 – Simple children’s party with pancakes!

Simple children's pancake party

Picture 26 – And a simple pizza party.

Pizza for simple birthday party

Picture 27 – Everything very simple, but prepared with a lot of affection.

All very simple, but prepared with much affection

Image 28 – The harmonious color combination already makes decorating the children’s party easy.

Color combination for simple children's party

Picture 29 – Use the bowl itself to serve the fruit salad at a simple children’s party.

Fruit salad for simple children's party

Figure 30 – When the bar enters the decoration of the simple party … it stays that way!

Bar in simple party decoration

Picture 31 – Idea for a simple birthday party: souvenirs in the bag made of brown paper with small animals.

Sleek little party bag keepsakes

Image 32 – Simple children’s party: mini colored balloons to decorate the top of the cake.

Simple child party with mini balloons

Image 33 – Decoration of the simple children’s party: in order not to have a mistake, invest in many colors and formats that the children like.

Simple children's party decoration

Image 34 – One of the most famous rats in the world inspired the decoration of this simple children’s party, even without being present.

Party of the simple minnie

Image 35 – Prepare special packages to serve the snacks of the children’s party with a simple decoration.

Packaging for children's party

Image 36 – Buy white hats, paint shapes on them and stick a dinosaur syrup back. Another simple party item is ready.

White hats for children's simple party

Picture 37 – Ferris wheel made of straw. A cool idea for the cake table.

Giant wheel with straws

Figure 38 – Make utensils for each child and avoid wasting glasses and cutlery.

Kits for each child

Image 39 – Birthday chair specially decorated and designed for the children’s party.

Chair of birthday party decorated in a special and differentiated way

Picture 40 – Idea for a simple children’s party: Call the birthday child and fold with these books or cards without use.

call the birthday boy and fold with those books or maps without use

Picture 41 – If the topic is football, the ball must be present.

Simple party with soccer theme

Picture 42 – Do not buy anything unnecessary at a simple party, collect your child’s dolls and decorate the table with them.

Reaproveite dolls in the simple party

Figure 43 – Balls in the color of the simple infantile celebration.

Bullets in the color of the simple children's party

Image 44 – Simple children’s party with the theme of the beach.

Simple children's party with the beach theme

Picture 45 – Did you find the balloons pale? Paint and write on them.

Simple party balloons

Picture 46 – Have you ever been convinced that it is possible to host a children’s party without being absurd for licensed products? Not yet? So take a look at a simple party idea.

Star Wars Simple Party Idea

Figure 47 – These little animals that every child has if you can’t, you can buy them cheaply in small shops for $ 1.99.

Little pets to decorate the cake

Figure 48 – Go to the garden and bring some leaves to help decorate the simple party.

Go through the garden and bring some leaves to help with the simple party decoration.

Picture 49 – Outdoor parties are ideal for saving with decoration.

Simple outdoor party

Picture 50 – Balloons with glitter on the base; very simple and easy to do.

Balloons with glitter on the base; very simple and easy to do

Picture 51 – Save even more by simply making your own children’s party.

Save even more by making your own kids party food simple

Image 52 – Banners decorate the cake.

Banners embellishing the cake

Picture 53 – Unicorns are fashionable and you can make them in balloons.

Simple decoration with unicorns

Picture 54 – In a simple children’s party: Instead of the cake, a tower made of donuts.

Donut Tower for Simple Children's Party

Image 55 – Lego sculptures in the decoration of the simple children’s party.

Lego sculptures in simple childrens party decoration

Picture 56 – All details count: colorful napkins, decorated straws and special packaging for the sauces.

All the details count on the decoration

Picture 57 – Make and pack yourself in a simple children’s party.

Make and pack yourself at a simple children's party

Picture 58 – Is the house wall beautiful? So you don’t even have to worry about a panel, a small flag, and that’s enough.

Is the wall of your house nice? So you do not even have to worry about the panel, the flags, and that's enough

Picture 59 – Mermaids is the topic of the simple children’s party? How about this option to decorate the table? Very easy to do.

Simple Mermaid Children's Party

Picture 60 – Simple children’s party: paper bobbles and huge eyelashes on the wall where the cake is.

Paper pompoms to decorate simple party



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