Regardless of the size or style of the cake, it is important that it is present. Nowadays, the most intimate ceremonies, also known as mini-wedding, require simple wedding cakes that can accompany the spirit of the celebration.

Even though they are simple, they deserve special attention. After all, the cakes are admired at the party, expected by the guests and have a very special meaning. History says that the wedding cake appeared in ancient Rome. At that time, the fruit cake that was most like a loaf of bread was crumpled on the groom’s head, and the more bran fell, the more wealth and fertility fell into the couple’s life.

Simple wedding cake: tips to make your own and 60 creative ideas


Another very cool aspect of simple wedding cakes is the possibility of being made by your mother, grandmother, aunt or a special friend, which makes this moment even more inviting and meaningful.

But if you are completely without ideas on how to make a simple and beautiful wedding cake, this post will help you. We present tips and the most important types of pasta, fillings, toppings and formats, of course also a step-by-step recipe for no mistakes. Then, see how to decorate a wedding simply, blue Tiffany, outdoors, rustic, cheap and on the beach.

Pasta and simple wedding cake fillings

Simple Wedding Cake: Tips to Make Your Own and 60 Creative Ideas

The most traditional pastry for making wedding cakes is a loaf of bread. The soft white mass combines very well with different types of fillings, from the simplest to the noblest. It is also possible to make chocolate loaf of bread, but this is not so traditional.

Another type of mass that is very common these days is red velvet, which gives the cake a reddish color and a velvety texture. This type of dough looks very nice for baked cakes or uncovered cakes, as they are also known.

Try to combine the dough with the filling and the coating. Speaking of filling, have you thought about this basic detail of the cake? Generally, wedding cakes are filled according to the preferences of the bride and groom, but it is important to keep in mind that all guests will eat a piece. Therefore, look for a filling that is both tasty and soft and that everyone likes.

In this line you can think of fillings based on fruits, especially strawberries, peaches or pineapples. Another very popular taste is chocolate, which can be milk or white, in which case it can also be mixed with fruit. Girls nannies, prestige and sweet milk are also delicious and easy ways to make.

However, be careful with coconut or sour cream fillings as these ingredients can easily spoil.

Types of simple wedding cake cover


There are different types of cover that can be used in wedding cakes. However, we have selected the favorites of the moment here. check-out:


Whipping cream topping is very traditional in cakes. You can add coloring to the whipped cream to get the cake in the color you want. The ingredient also allows you to create details with glaze nozzles. Be sure to buy whipped cream of good origin so as not to disturb the quality of the cake.

American pasta

American pasta is one of the most common toppings in wedding cakes. But it has two drawbacks: the first is that pasta is a bit complicated for those who don’t have a lot of skill in the kitchen, and the second is the taste, some people just loathe American pasta. The coating absorbs sugar, glucose, colorless gelatin and glycerin.

The good side of the paste is that it gives the cake a smoother and more homogeneous surface and also creates varied details. Usually it is used in the color white, but it is possible to color it with colors in the color you want.

Naked cake

Naked cakes are a trend and a good choice for simple and intimate weddings, as they represent this stripped-down party spirit well.

This type of cake has no lid and leaves the dough and filling in sight. But don’t make a mistake that it’s that easy. It is particularly important to ensure that the layers are the same size and fill quantity.

Main formats of the simple wedding cake

Wedding cake


The round cake is the most traditional in weddings. It can be high or low, depending on both layers. The round cake looks very pretty in the bare cake style.


The square cake is not that common, but it is equally beautiful and goes well with more modern and minimalist decor proposals because of its straight lines.


Floor Cake is an icon in weddings. They say that each floor has a meaning, the first stands for commitment, the second for marriage and the third for eternity. In earlier times, the number of floors symbolized the power and wealth of the newlyweds and their families.

Despite all the pomp it is possible to make a simple cake to run. In this case, three floors are the maximum number, so as not to miss the suggestion,

Decoration tips for simple wedding cakes

  1. If you use whipped cream on the cake topper, check the temperature on the wedding day. The ingredient does not withstand the heat and can melt, adversely affecting the overall appearance of the cake;
  2. Use natural flowers, fruits and leaves to decorate cakes. These ingredients are cheap and love with a lot of charm;
  3. Take the style of the party for the cake, that is, more rustic decorations combine with baked cakes, flowers and leaves, while the classic decorations best combine with a white topper with flowers of the same color, for example
  4. Small flowers make the cake more delicate and combine with romantic, classic or minimalist decorations, but the larger flowers are ideal for parties of a more relaxed, rustic or modern style;
  5. It is possible to transport the cake up to two floors, from three floors up it is advisable to assemble the cake at the location of the party;
  6. Capriche on the cake platter, it doesn’t have to be gold, but choose one that has to do with the party and is able to accommodate the cake quietly;

60 decorating ideas for a simple wedding cake

And to prove once and for all that the wedding cake can be simple and beautiful, we have put together a selection of breathtaking pictures. At the end of the post you will find a simple wedding cake recipe. check-out:

Image 1 – Simple wedding cake: naked cake with the same layers of dough and filling.

Simple wedding cake: naked cake with equal layers

Image 2 – Naked simple cakes decorated with white flowers.

Naked simple cake decorated with white flowers

Image 3 – Simple wedding cake: delicious this three-tier cake.

Simple mouth-watering wedding cake

Image 4 – Simple wedding cake: full of delicacy this naked heart-shaped cake.

Simple wedding cake full of delicacy

Image 5 – Simple wedding cake: halved chocolates adorn the top of this cake.

Simple wedding cake with cut candies

Image 6 – Simplicity does not mean simplism, so capriche, so that the cake is tasty.

Capriche on cake decoration

Image 7 – Simple and rustic wedding cake decorated with jute.

Simple and rustic wedding cake

Image 8 – Simple wedding cake: a cake made from donuts.

Simple wedding cake: a cake of donuts

Image 9 – Simple wedding cake: black and white nude cake.

Simple wedding cake: naked cake black and white

Image 10 – Simple wedding cake with white noodles and strawberries in three layers.

Simple wedding cake with white batter

Image 11 – Whipped cream roses on simple wedding cake.

Chantilly Roses on Simple Wedding Cake

Image 12 – The top of the cake can be decorated with flowers, ornaments or plaquinhas, as in the photo.

Top of the cake with plaquinhas

Image 13 – Simple wedding cake with American paste, little monkeys give the cake a touch of grace.

Simple wedding cake decorated with American paste

Image 14 – Wedding cake decorated with strawberries and blueberries.

Simple wedding cake with strawberry and blueberries

Image 15 – Cake is more important for intimate weddings.

Cake for intimate wedding

Image 16 – Adams rib foil on simple wedding cake.

Adam's Rib on Simple Wedding Cake

Image 17 – Simple wedding cake: a carefree cake.

Simple wedding cake

Figure 18 – Simple wedding cake: red velvet in batter and flower on top of cake.

Simple Wedding Cake: Red Velvet

Picture 19 – Colorful dots in the dough make the cake charming.

Colorful dots in the dough leave the cake lovely

Picture 20 – High stand leaves simple wedding cake as proof on the table.

High stand for simple wedding cake

Figure 21 – Drain the lid; The result is like that of the picture.

Let the cover drain

Picture 22 – One possibility is to use more than a simple wedding cake and to compose a varied table.

Use more than one simple wedding cake

Image 23 – Rustic tree trunk served as a stand for this cake.

Rustic trunk as holder for simple wedding cake

Picture 24 – Chocolate Ganache brings raspberry cake.

Chocolate Ganache on Simple Wedding Cake

Picture 25 – Simple wedding cake: each floor of one color.

Simple Wedding Cake: Each Floor of a Color

Image 26 – Simple wedding cake flowers to match the other party arrangements.

Simple wedding cake flowers matching the other party arrangements

Image 27 – Simple minimalist wedding cake.

Simple Minimal Wedding Cake

Picture 28 – Brownies instead of the simple wedding cake.

Pieces of brownies instead of the simple wedding cake

Picture 29 – Simple wedding cake: dinosaurs bride and groom.

Simple Wedding Cake: Dinosaur Bride and Groom

Figure 30 – If in doubt, use a white blanket and flowers, you can’t go wrong.

White blankets and flowers for the cake

Picture 31 – Satin ribbons are fashionable.

Satin Ribbons for Simple Wedding Cake

Figure 32 – Pastel blue tray tone enhanced simple wedding cake soft pink flowers.

Pastel blue on cake countertop

Picture 33 – Who doesn’t like chocolate and strawberries?

Chocolates and strawberries on simple wedding cake

Image 34 – Spicy baked cake with macaroni.

Spicy Naked cake decorated with macaroons

Figure 35 – Deer cover simple wedding cake.

Deer Guard Simple Wedding Cake

Image 36 – Personalize the simple wedding cake with a few photos.

Customize the simple wedding cake with couple photos

Picture 37 – White and red simple wedding cake.

White and red simple wedding cake

Picture 38 – Hmmm … sweets!

Hmmm ... candy

Figure 39 – If yellow is the color of the wedding, use it in the simple wedding cake.

If yellow is the color of the wedding, use it on the simple wedding cake

Picture 40 – A green branch and … voilà, the cake is ready!

A green sprig and ... voila, the cake is ready

Image 41 – A strong and bright color flower can do wonders for the simple white wedding cake.

White Simple Wedding Cake

Figure 42 – Rustic table was decorated with a small cake, round and very simple.

Simple wedding cake for rustic table

Picture 43 – Bandeirinhas on simple wedding cake.

Bandeirinhas upon simple wedding cake

Picture 44 – Are you looking for something current and the fleeting before the traditional? Then bake on the speckled simple wedding cake.

Bet on simple spatulated wedding cake

Image 45 – Cardboard slices were used as carriers for the simple wedding cake.

Simple wedding cake with stand

Image 46 – Avencas around the simple wedding cake.

Avencas around the simple wedding cake

Picture 47 – Simple wedding cake with roses!

Simple wedding cake with roses

Picture 48 – Do you want cake easier than that?

Super simple wedding cake

Picture 49 – Simple wedding cake: escape from the obvious!

Escape the obvious in simple wedding cake

Picture 50 – A white floor, a blue floor.

One white and one blue floor in simple wedding cake

Picture 51 – Simple wedding cake for bride and groom.

Simple Wedding Cake to be Took to the Bride and Groom

Image 52 – Leaves decorate this naked cake with chocolate mass.

Naked cake with chocolate batter

Picture 53 – Simple wedding cake: naked cake with icing sugar.

Naked cake with icing sugar

Figure 54 – Figs: not as common, but can please the guests

Figs to please the guests

Picture 55 – Simple wedding cake with color gradient.

Simple wedding cake with shade gradient

Picture 56 – Simple wedding cake: love, because after all you need marriage.

Simple wedding cake with love

Image 57 – Simple wedding cake: a grace these minis baked cakes

Mini naked cakes for single wedding

Image 58 – Simple wedding cake: juicy on cake.

Succulents in Simple Wedding Cake

Image 59 – Simple wedding cake for a few Lego fans and superheroes.

Simple wedding cake for lego fan

Picture 60 – Simple wedding cake with whipped cream and red flowers.

Simple wedding cake with whipped cream and red flowers

Step by step (recipe) for simple wedding cake made from loaf of bread with filled Baba by young girls and American Paste Cover

Bread dough ingredients

• 6 eggs
• 6 tablespoons of sugar
• 4 tablespoons of water
• 12 tablespoons of wheat flour

Beat the eggs, sugar and water in the blender until light foam forms. Switch off the blender and stir the dough by hand with a light hand from the bottom up and gradually add the sifted wheat flour. The dough should remain as a foam. Then place the dough in the desired shape in the baking dish and bake in the preheated oven for 40 minutes or until it is golden brown.

Ingredients of the dill filling

• 1 can of condensed milk
• 200 ml coconut milk
• 3 egg yolks

Mix all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat to the bottom on a low heat, stirring constantly. Take it from the stove and let it cool off. Is ready.

American pasta ingredients

• 7 grams of non-flavored gelatin
• 60 ml of cold water
• 125 ml of glucose syrup
• 1 tablespoon of glycerin
• 2 tablespoons of butter or margarine
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla
• 1 kg of confectioner’s sugar

Mix the gelatin with the cold water and let it rest until it is thick. Then dissolve the mixture in a water bath.

Then add the glucose and glycerin, stirring well. Mix a little of the butter, but before it completely melts, remove from the fluffy one and add the vanilla. Leave it cold to lukewarm.

Put half the sugar in a large bowl. Open a hole with a spoon and add some of the preparation that was made earlier. Stir and add the rest gradually so as not to stick.

Then add the remaining sugar knead well until the paste is smooth, flexible and does not stick to your hands. If it gets too soft, add more sugar and if it gets too hard, just add a drop of warm water at a time.

Now watch a step by step video for a simple wedding cake decorated with American noodles:



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