Residential projects and especially apartments in new buildings are increasingly dependent on reduced spaces in the living areas in general and the space is no different. Decorating small spaces requires planning and care to create a functional, beautiful and practical environment for everyday life.

With that in mind, we’ve listed some tips for anyone wanting a small decorated room

  • Rely on colorful decorative objects : one of the ideas is to start with a decoration with neutral tones as a base: gray, white, fendi and beige. Define the style and personality of decorative objects such as plants, vases, pillow cases, patterned carpets and other items.
  • Choice of coating : personality and style can be added with the choice of coatings that you like from painting, wallpaper, plasterboard, lacquer board, wood, stone, brick and others.
  • Harmony and Space : Small spaces need amplitude, so it is important to find the balance and carefully choose materials, coatings, furniture and objects. The ideal is to develop an elaborate project for the room that offers all of these possibilities.

96 small rooms are designed to inspire you

To make it easier to understand, we have separated 96 small decorated rooms for you to refer to and to use in decorating your room:

Image 1 – Use bright colors to increase the amplitude effect in the area.

Use light colors to increase the amplitude effect in the environment

Photo 2 – Small room with bookshelf, gray sofa and narrow top.

Small room decorated with shelf

Picture 3 – Small room with a classic decoration.

Classical decoration for small decorated room

Picture 4 – This room still carries a coffee table, although shorter.

Small room decorated with coffee table

Picture 5 – Use a low and narrow sofa to gain space.

Lower and narrow sofa for small decorated room

Image 6 – A touch of color in the decoration.

A touch of green color in the decoration

In this proposal, the LED wire leaves the TV panel, as well as the plaster trim.

Picture 7 – Small room decorated with wallpaper.

Small room decorated with wallpaper

Image 8 – Simple and elegant with a neutral decoration!

Simple and elegant small room with neutral decor

One of the approaches to decorating a small room is to use neutral colors and few elements that look neat like in this proposal.

Photo 9 – Bet on a modern decoration.

Choose a modern decor for the small decorated room

The geometric shape rug, pillow cases and rug stand out in this setting. There is also a desk on the bench.

Image 10 – The 3d plasterboard is elegant and trendy.

3D plaster panel: elegance and trend

The use of 3D plasterboard is increasingly found in the decoration of environments with its dynamism and different formats for wall cladding

Image 11 – Suspended plate for the TV room.

Suspended panel for TV room

Figure 12 – Sofa with chaise for a more comfortable room.

Sofa with chaise for a more comfortable room

Picture 13 – Bet on a work of art for your living room.

Bet on a piece of art for your room

Picture 14 – Small room with fired cement coating on the wall.

Burnt cement lining on the wall

Photo 15 – Small room decorated with wooden panels on the entire wall.

Wooden panel over the entire length of the wall

Picture 16 – Add a special touch to decorative objects.

A special touch with decorative objects

Image 17 – With neutral tones and stone coating on the wall.

Neutral tones and wall cladding

Picture 18 – Large sofa for a small room.

Large sofa for a small room

Photo 19 – Rely on a differentiated lining with Canjiquinha stone or similar variations.

Differential coating with stones

Photo 20 – Don’t forget to add a plant of your choice.

Do not forget to add a plant of your choice

Picture 21 – Narrow room with space for the desk.

Narrow room with desk space

Figure 22 – Small, elegantly decorated room with a built-in TV panel.

Living room with tv built-in panel

Neutral and warm colors are the highlight of this proposal.

Photo 23 – Small room decorates and integrates the dining room.

Small decorated room integrated into the dining room

Figure 24 – Charming interior with light blue sofa.

Charming decoration with light blue sofa

Image 25 – Add decorative objects to bring personality to your decorated little room.

Bring personality to your home with decorative objects

Picture 26 – Sofa as a separation between TV room and dining room.

Sofa as a separation between the dining room and living room

This approach uses the sofa as a partition and is very practical for small spaces and was used here in the border between the TV room and the chairs of the dining table.

Picture 27 – Choose a flashy rug for your small decorated room.

Choose a rug for your living room

Image 28 – Geometric rug with colors that match the theme and masculine style of this small room.

Rug that matches the masculine style of the room

In an apartment or a mansion there is nothing better than the personality and personal taste of the resident.

Picture 29 – Decoration of the neutral room, with the wood in evidence.

Neutral room decor with wood in evidence

Picture 30 – With a touch of gold in the metal of the seats and in the vase to the frame.

A touch of golden color in the room decor

Image 31 – With all the charm of feminine decoration for the environment.

All the charm of the feminine decoration for the environment

Figure 32 – Small room furnished and integrated on the balcony that separates it from the kitchen.

Small room decorated and integrated to the balcony

Figure 33 – With wooden plate.

Living room with wood panel

Image 34 – Rack with different colors for each niche.

Rack with different colors for each niche

Picture 35 – A touch of feminine personality with flowers, pictures and decorative objects.

Flowers, pictures and objects

Picture 36 – Pillows and chandeliers add color to the small decorated room.

A touch of color with cushions and chandelier

Picture 37 – Also note the shelves that can be attached to the wall of the sofa.

Wall mounted sofa shelves

Instead of projecting the shelves next to the TV panel, use this approach to free up space and leave the other end with a cleaner look.

Figure 38 – With painted plate with different geometric volumes.

Lacquered panel with varied geometric volumes

Figure 39 – Small room with funny and colorful pillows.

Fun and colorful pillows

Image 40 – Colors to brighten the environment.

Colors to brighten the environment

Put color to make this environment more vibrant and lively.

Picture 41 – Room decoration with neutral tones.

Room with neutral tones

Figure 42 – Some people prefer environments with neutral decoration.

Environment with neutral decoration

Figure 43 – Neutral shades for this small decorated room.

Neutral tones for the room

Figure 44 – Use the LED indicator to highlight an area or region.

LED wire to highlight the room

Image 45 – Mirrors to increase the feeling of space in the small room.

Small room decorated with mirrors to increase the sense of spaciousness of the environment

Picture 46 – Bet on pictures with personality and modern style.

Decoration with decorative frames

Decorative frames make all the difference in decorating environments: choose this tendency if you want to spend little in a modern environment.

Figure 47 – Small room with 3D plasterboard.

Living room with 3d plasterboard

Picture 48 – Simply furnished small room design.

Small decorated simple room

Picture 49 – The whole personality of the brick as a coating.

Tijolinho as wall coating

Picture 50 – Small room decorated with black furniture.

Small room decorated with black furniture

Picture 51 – Lighting makes the difference in interior design.

Small decorated room lighting

Picture 52 – Small room with wooden panel and plaster on the ceiling.

Wood panel and plaster finish on the ceiling

Picture 53 – For even more comfort in the TV room, choose a pull-out sofa.

TV room with extendable sofa

Image 54 – Design furniture according to your needs.

Small room decorated with planned furniture

Choosing a planned piece of furniture has its advantages, one of which is to adapt this product to your needs, as well as the dimensions of the room, using the space in the right way.

Picture 55 – Add decorative objects of your choice.

Small room with decorative objects

Picture 56 – Simple decoration for living room.

Simple room decoration

Picture 57 – The choice of a carpet marks the overall appearance of the room.

Room with striking carpet

Figure 58 – The LED strip covers the edge of the panel on the top of the wall.

LED ribbon that surrounds the panel

Picture 59 – A project full of personality and style!

A project full of personality and style

Photo 60 – Living room with wood paneling.

Living room with wood panel

Picture 61 – Clean room with patio.

Clean room with garden seat

Picture 62 – Burned room with cement cladding on the wall.

Living Room with Burnt Cement Flooring

Picture 63 – Cozy with simple decoration!

Cozy with simple decor

Figure 64 – With furniture, the dimensions of the environment have been completely adjusted.

With movable adapted the dimensions of the wall

Picture 65 – A simple and safe bet: round metal shelf on the television.

Round metal shelf

Image 66 – All the charm of the background installed in the panel.

All the charm of the wallpaper

Picture 67 – Decorative pictures and pillows add personality to the resident!

Decorative paintings and cushions

Picture 68 – Modern, small decorated room.

Small modern decorated room

Image 69 – Highlight for the hanging vases on the shelf.

Highlight for hanging vases on panel shelf

Picture 70 – A corner of the cozy room with a curtain.

Room with curtain blind

Figure 71 – For those who prefer a clean environment!

For those who prefer a clean environment

Image 72 – Plants are always welcome!

Plants are always a great choice in decoration

Add a shade of green, including hanging plants or potted plants, and choose the species you like best in appearance and care.

Image 73 – A clean design for the small space.

Small room decorated clean

Picture 74 – With style and care when choosing plants and pots.

With style and care in choosing plants and pots

Picture 75 – Small room decorated with neutral tones.

Small room decorated with neutral tones

Figure 76 – Wood and lacquer plate.

Wood and lacquer panel

Picture 77 – Neutral environment: colors in frames and pillows.

Colors in frames and cushions

Figure 78 – Small room with wood paneling.

Small room decorated with wooden panel

Figure 79 – Small room decoration with geometric plate and carpet that follows the same style.

Small room decoration with geometric panel and rug that follows the same style

Image 80 – Blue and yellow combine in decor with sofa and corner table.

Blue and yellow on the sofa and corner desk

Picture 81 – Simple small room decoration with brick.

Simple small room decoration with brick

Picture 82 – Small room with a comfortable sofa.

Small room decorated with comfortable sofa

Picture 83 – Use mirrors to have a larger environment.

Use mirrors to have integration and greater breadth

Picture 84 – Small equipped kitchen with integrated cupboard and mirrored drawers.

Small decorated room integrated in the kitchen

Picture 85 – Small room decoration with a touch of turquoise blue.

Small room decor with a touch of turquoise

In this example, the turquoise is used to highlight certain points of the room decoration, such as stools, cushions and dining chairs. Everything integrated!

Photo 86 – Small decorated room integrated the American kitchen.

Small decorated room integrated to the American kitchen

In this proposal, the TV panel was coated with a dark color.



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