Sofa cushions are objects that add both comfort and decor to your living room – they are able to transform any gloomy environment into a completely different space without having to buy new furniture every time we want the room to be renovated. These are the details that fill up when the surroundings appear a bit “empty” and everything stays more cozy.

With different types of sofa cushions you can create a variety of effects for your room that make it more cozy, playful, sober or fun.

Now that you know the full potential of these objects, the question is, “How do you choose pillows for the sofa?”

Important tips on choosing pillows for the sofa

With this in mind, we have put together a few tips for you to help you with this task and make it easier for you to choose the details:

  • Mix Up Textures and Fabrics : This is a part that doesn’t have a lot of rules when it comes to combining as mixes add to the environment. The main feature is that the texture of the pillows is different from the texture of the sofa to give the feeling of warmth and comfort without leaving everything as it is. In addition, while decorating, you can explore and play with different fabrics with patterns, patterns and different textures.
  • Proportion and harmony in the choice of size and quantity : the size of the pillows should be in harmony with the size of the back of the sofa. With this in mind, and without exceeding the size of the backrest, you can arrange the pillows in different sizes from the largest to the smallest. Another important point is the number of pillows to be placed: usually in living rooms, the ideal amount does not exceed half the sofa, but since there is no rule, you can put together with many of them or a reduced number of items.
  • Mescle tones in the color you have chosen for your sofa : Recommended for sofas with stronger colors, the famous tone-on-tone technique will help you create a harmonious environment with the color palette of the sofa itself, just change lighter ones and / or darker tones.
  • Use the color wheel in your favor : the color wheel will help you avoid feeling like nothing suits you. The concepts of analog and complementary colors make the color combination of the cushions much easier.
  • Add lively accents to your neutral sofa : Sofas in neutral colors such as gray and beige basically go with any pattern, color or texture you can imagine. Instead of using the color palette itself on these neutral sofas, you can use bold, contrasting colors, be they more vivid or a composition with black and white. The main point here is the highlight and personality for these perfect backgrounds.
  • Indulge in a Mixture of Printouts : The possibility of mixing prints is almost infinite, but care must be taken not to overload everything. You can mix and match stamped pillows with other smooth ones, or use other patterns that have something in common, such as: B. Color or geometric pattern.
  • More personality for your room : funny pillows with prints and different shapes are another option in decoration, because they give your sofa and your room a touch of humor and personality with references to bands, films and objects that match the atmosphere with your face leave .

60 cushions inspirations for couches in rooms and decorated environments

After reading the most general tips, keep in mind the ambient and composition inspirations you can do with sofa cushions and start planning your home remodel:

Image 1 – Combine different and colorful patterns in conversation with the decoration of the environment.

Use different patterns to match the room

Image 3 – Different textures, sizes and patterns bring more comfort to your room.

Different textures and fabrics for each cushion cover

Picture 4 – Two small pillows in the same color as the sofa to create more space in the area.

Two tiny cushions for the same sofa

Picture 5 – Use the color wheel to find complementary and analogous colors to match your pillows.

Use the color wheel to find the perfect colors for the cushions.

Figure 6 – For pillows with neutral colors and no print, try to compose textures of different fabrics.

Cushions of more neutral colors and without print

Image 7 – Also place shapes and prints inspired by geometric shapes.

Pillows inspired by geometric shapes

Image 8 – Pillow wheel: shapes and prints of the pillows that add theme and personality to your space.

Cushions in the shape of wheels

Picture 9 – Stamped cushions with vivid tones for a sofa in solid colors.

Vibrant cushions for a sober color sofa

Image 10 – Talk to other articles in the story: Especially in color, it is possible to create a coherent and fun environment.

Consistent with other decorative objects

Image 11 – When mixing prints, don’t be afraid to combine organic and geometric shapes.

Combine organic and geometric shapes

Image 12 – Another type of theme combination: minimalist trees in Scandinavian style.

Minimalist trees in a Scandinavian style

Picture 13 – You can also combine the pair of neutral sofa cushions with an armchair in the same print.

Cushion and armchair in the same tuning

Image 14 – Neutral sofa, pillows full of life to bring more color and joy into your home.

Neutral sofa and cushions full of life

Image 15 – Light colors result in an optimal composition on a darker gray background.

Light colors with a darker background

Image 16 – Cold and sober colors on the cushions and a see-through sofa give the environment a more serious tone.

Cold and sober colors on the cushions

Image 17 – Another example of a simpler background with vibrant colors: brown leather and pillows in bright blue details.

Brown and blue leather

Figure 18 – Use lighter variations of the chosen tones to compose with a neutral sofa.

Clearer variations of the tones chosen for the cushions

Image 19 – Lively colors that match the small plants: Variations of natural tones, such as green and brown, create a great atmosphere with their urban jungle-style room.

Cushions with vivid colors that combine with plants

Picture 20 – From picture to life: Compose with the colors of the decorative objects in your room.

Frame and cushions in the same color

Picture 21 – Make a collection of tones that are present in your environment and transfer them to the fabric of your pillows.

Colors of cushions for living room according to the decoration of the environment

Figure 22: For small rooms, you can combine the cushion colors with detail colors from other environments.

Pillows for a small space

Image 23 – Don’t be afraid to compose with prints and completely different color palettes.

Colored Cushions for the Couch

Image 24 – A little of everything: neutral pillows combined with prints, fringes and unusual textures.

Neutral pads with prints, fringes and more

Image 25 – In addition to several materials, compose with several shades of the chosen scale.

Living room with sofa and cushions

Picture 26 – On a heavier colored sofa, use cushions in neutral tones, such as black and white.

Cushions with neutral tones on brown leather sofa

Picture 27 – From the carpet to the little plant in the corner of the room, the references are all on the sofa.

Different cushions for brown sofa

Image 28 – Tropical pillows: shapes and textures that you want to tighten.

Tropical themed cushions for the sofa

Image 29 – Explore the fabrics: pillows with different colors and structures.

Pillows that explore different fabrics

Picture 30 – Dare with colors: everything colored to fill the house with joy.

Everything colored in the cushions

Image 31 – Geometric pattern for a B&W decoration.

Geometric pattern for the cushions

Picture 32 – For a neutral sofa, combine cushions in P&B and colored.

Black and white cushions with colored cushions

Picture 33 – Use fabrics with different textures and patterns on each pillow.

Different textures and fabrics for cushions

Image 34 – Pattern and gradient: Cushions to match the P&B tone of the room

Black and white gradient pillow

Picture 35 – On the colored sofa, invest in cushions with grayscale patterns.

Pillows that follow gray scale standards

Figure 36 – Colored prints always give your room a happier and funnier tone.

Colored covers for cushions on the sofa

Picture 37 – Geometric patterns with white and different colors on a colored sofa.

Colorful sofa with cushions with geometric designs

Image 38 – The colored cushions can also go very well together in neutral surroundings

Colored cushions for neutral decoration

Bild 39 – Stellen Sie sich verschiedene Größen vor, um der Aussicht auf Ihrem Sofa einen Rhythmus zu geben.

Different sizes of cushions bring dynamism to the composition

Bild 40 – Einsam: In der Umgebung gewinnt ein anderes Kissen der anderen an Bedeutung.

Lone and different pillow

Bild 41 – Ein weiteres Beispiel für Kissen, die mit den Farben der Umgebung arbeiten.

Pillows that work in the colors of the environment

Bild 42 – Komponieren mit hellen Tönen: Kissen mit verschiedenen geometrischen Mustern.

Pillows with various geometric patterns

Bild 43 – Landschaften zum Entspannen: verschiedene bedruckte Stoffe für Ihre Kissen.

Sofa pillows with printed fabrics

Bild 44 – Künstlerkissen: Drucke, die sprechen und sich zu einer Komposition verbinden.

Design pillows

Abbildung 45 – Verwenden Sie verschiedene Größen und Formen, besonders wenn Sie mehrere Farben verwenden.

Use different sizes and shapes

Abbildung 46 – Kleine Umgebung: Die Farben der Umgebung dekorieren Ihr Sofa.

The colors of the environment decorating your sofa

Abbildung 47 – Kissen im gleichen Ton des Sofas lassen die Umgebung offener und entspannter erscheinen.

Cushions in the same tone as the sofa

Image 48 – A comfortable sofa full of pillows: tone on tone and delicious textures.

tone on tone and yummy textures

Image 49 – Shades of gray on the white couch and carpet in the same style.

Shades of gray scale on the white sofa

Picture 50 – Super Colorful Cozy: fill your sofa with cheerful and different pillows.

cheerful and different pillows

Picture 51 – Odd number on the sofa: highlight a central pillow.

Sofa Cushions: Tips for Choosing and 60 Ambient Inspirations

Image 52 – Colorful and cozy in the children’s room: invest in many colors in a neutral environment.

Colorful and cozy on sofa for children's space

Image 53 – Compose outdoors: on the balcony couch, balcony or terrace.

Combination of cushions for couch in outdoor area

Picture 54 – Use this color palette to apply the combination on a sofa.

Use this color combination to apply on a sofa

Picture 55 – In a more neutral setting, choose your favorite color for the pillows.

Choose your favorite color on the cushions

Image 56 – Between colorful and fun: Use brightly colored pillows and personality to decorate your room, even if it is already bright.

Use colorful pillows in a neutral environment

Picture 57 – For vibrant color sofas, use base tones such as P&B and lighter tones.

Basic tones on colorful sofa cushions

Picture 58 – Cushions in the same color as the sofa and colored lines.

Colored lines and cushions in the same color as the sofa

Image 59 – Unity and comfort in colors and shapes.

Unity and comfort in choosing colors and shapes of the cushions

Photo 60 – Two-tone sofa with pillows in the same tones.

Two color sofa with cushions in the same color



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