Sofas for the range: 125 models, photos and step-by-step DIY

Using the palette in decorating your home can result in a pleasant and cozy environment. This item is being used increasingly, replacing traditional sofas. These supports are used by companies to carry materials and can be reused to give your facility a reduced feel. Find out more about the pallet sofa:

The sofa on the pallet can have several styles, depending on how you will assemble it. To complement the sofa, it is necessary to use pillows or futons, which can be smooth or printed. This gives your sofa style. Since these are rustic pieces, they should be part of a decoration with this language and make good use of cheerful prints or floral looks.

It is important that the pallet has the treated wood to avoid termites. Therefore, it is ideal to have a good carpenter who will help you in this phase of maintenance and assembly. Another important point is to check the height so people can sit comfortably. For those who want a conventional height sofa, it is necessary to stack more than one piece, but if the goal is to make some kind of mat, only one is enough. And if you love pallets, you will also see: plates, pallet beds, pallet rack, pallet head.

They look very cute and different and are much cheaper than normal models. To learn more about them, we separate some sofas on pallets for you to be inspired:

Models and photos of pallet sofas: with backrest, small, large, corner and more

Figure 1 – Pallet sofa: create a corner that is peeled off in the beach house.

Sofas for pallet: 125 models, photos and step-by-step DIY

In this proposal, the pallet sofa is used outside the residence. When sitting for a long time, guests can rest and relax flat on the sofa, a good choice for the pool area. The color chosen was white for upholstered cushions with shades of pink.

Picture 2 – On the balconies: Give the special touch with vivid colors in the upholstery and in the painting.

Vibrant colors on the balcony pallet sofa

This pallet sofa has castors and pillows with a vibrant blue color. The differential is for the back and the side made of wood in green color. The combination of colors was interesting and cheerful for the environment with red walls.

Image 3 – Combine the sofa range with other modern pieces in the area.

Pallet sofa for home veranda

This is a simpler sofa, with no backrest or side supports. The pallets were painted white and given bright pillows along the same line.

Picture 4 – Modern pallet sofa.

Contemporary pallet sofa

Image 5 – Paint the wood to give a different finish on the palette.

Painted wood for pallet sofa base

Instead of the natural look of pallet wood, an option is to play with colors of your choice, both in wood painting and upholstery. Make creative combinations.

Image 6 – Patina is a common technique to give the wood a different look.

Sofa with pallet with patina

Do you know this rustic effect with the face of the aged wood? This is the patina technique used on this palette, in which the paint is sanded to achieve this visible wear effect.

Figure 7 – Outdoor range sofa.

Outdoor pallet sofa

Pallets combine well with outside areas. In this case, the best thing to do is to be careful with the treatment of the wood and choose an upholstery that can withstand the temperament of nature. So you will have a much harder phone.

Image 8 – Use printed cushions to have more fun in the corner.

Sofa with printed pad

Did you choose neutral colors for the sofa? No problem! To add color, choose embossed and fun pillows. The advantage is that you can change the covers of the pillows if you want to create a different effect.

Figure 9 – Small living room with sofa of the pallet.

Small room pallet sofa

Pallets also fit in small environments. If you want to save money buying a sofa, this is a generally cheaper option.

Picture 10 – U-shaped pallet sofa.

U-shaped pallet sofa

Another example of an outdoor sofa, this time in a U shape with white pillows. A more comfortable model to bring guests closer.

Image 11 – Stretch the pallet to place a side corner for books and other objects.

Large pallet sofa

With a smaller mattress or pillow, you can leave an empty room to accommodate other useful items.

Image 12 – The palette allows multiple compositions.

Various compositions on the balcony with a pallet sofa

Image 13 – The wood painting with the turquoise blue combined with the pool area.

Sofa of pallet turquoise blue in painting

The blue was chosen as the color for the wooden floor of the pallets, it refers to the pool water and speaks with the other shades of blue from the outside.

Figure 14 – It is also possible to assemble a sofa with a pallet bed.

Sofa with pallet bed

An example of an extended pallet sofa that can also serve as a bed.

Picture 15 – How about an armchair that becomes a sofa? Just unpack the pallets.

Armchair sofa of pallet

Stack the pallets to save space and make an armchair. There can still be a corner to house a vase or other decorative object.

Picture 16 – And the pallet sofa can be colored according to the style of your living room.

Colored pallet sofa

Figure 17 – Choose the ideal height of your sofa, it can be lower or higher depending on the number of pallets you buy.

Low pallet sofa

Picture 18 – And the more pillows, the better.

Pallet sofa with large cushions

Picture 19 – Set up the castors so that you can bring your sofa to every corner of the house.

Sofa with pallet with casters

Image 20 – Create a mix and match of prints.

Stamped in upholstery of the pallet sofa

Picture 21 – It can be a sofa all day long and then turn into bed at night.

Sofa bed with pallet

Picture 22 – It is welcome in all styles, even if it is more rustic.

Rustic pallet sofa

Picture 23 – The cooling of the pallet are the holes under which books and magazines can be inserted.

Space for books and magazines on wooden pallet

Picture 24 – Create a living room to receive friends.

Pallet sofa for living room

Figure 25 – Range sofa in Scandinavian decoration.

Scandinavian decoration pallet sofa

Image 26 – The model of this sofa follows the traditional one with side arm.

Traditional pallet sofa

Image 27 – Kit with sofa, coffee table and sideboard from the range.

Sofa, coffee table and pallet sideboard

Picture 28 – White sofa of the palette.

White pallet sofa

Picture 29 – Straight pallet sofa.

Straight pallet sofa

Figure 30 – Courtyard with pallet sofa.

Yard with pallet sofa

Figure 31 – Retractable pallet sofa.

Retractable pallet sofa

Figure 32 – Change the pillowcases to always have a new look in your living room.

Covers of exchanged cushions on the pallet sofa

Figure 33 – Sofa of the pallet in L.

L-shaped pallet sofa

Picture 34 – Pallet sofa with 2 seats.

2-seat pallet sofa

Figure 35 – Enjoy this dead corner of your house to make a sofa with a pallet.

Pallet sofa in the corner of the house

Figure 36 – Range sofa with fireplace.

Pallet Sofa with Fireplace in Outdoor Area

Picture 37 – Large garden with pallet sofa.

Large yard with pallet sofa

Picture 38 – If the suggestion is a place to receive friends, the pallet sofa is a good alternative.

Pallet sofa to receive friends

Picture 39 – Put some moves in the room to give coziness in the room.

Sofa with pallet with poufs

Figure 40 – Create a flexible piece of furniture that can be assembled in an infinite number of ways.

Flexible furniture with pallet sofa

Picture 41 – Sofa and pallet table.

Pallet sofa and coffee table

Picture 42 – It is possible to choose the surfaces of the pallets, this comes with more rustic air, which is ideal for outdoor areas.

Rustic pallet on sofa

Image 43 – The composition of the pallet sofa with the graphite on the wall looks beautiful and cozy.

Pallet and graphite sofa on the living room wall

Figure 44 – Range sofa with earthy accessories.

Sofa with pallet with earthy accessories

Figure 45 – Range sofa with free accessories.

Pallet sofa with light accessories

Figure 46 – It is possible to assemble two sofas that can transform into L or leave them straight.

Two pallet sofas in the outside area

Figure 47 – Single pallet sofa.

Single pallet sofa

Figure 48 – Although the range is lower, the pillows can be higher.

Sofa with pallet with higher pillows

Picture 49 – White sofa of the pallet.

White pallet sofa

Figure 50 – Modern living room with sofa of the range.

Contemporary living room sofa

Figure 51 – Range sofa with chaise longue.

Sofa with pallet with chaise

Picture 52 – Sofa with a long pallet.

Long pallet sofa

Figure 53 – Make the complete composition in the living room with blankets, pillows, rug and armchair.

Room with complete composition and pallet sofa

Picture 54 – Finishing is a very important point on the pallet sofa.

Finishing on the pallet sofa

Picture 55 – Sand the wood so that there are no accidents or bumps.

Room with brick wall and pallet sofa

Picture 56 – Studio apartment with pallet sofa.

Studio apartment with pallet sofa

Picture 57 – Living room with industrial style and pallet sofa.

Industrial-style room with a pallet sofa

Picture 58 – Small pallet sofa.

Small pallet sofa

Picture 59 – Here the parts can be put together to a big sofa.

Large pallet sofa

Picture 60 – Blue pallet sofa.

Blue pallet sofa

Picture 61 – Sofa with pallet with white color.

Sofa with white paint pallet

Fig. 62 – Flat pallet without backrest: The pads fulfill this function here.

Non-backed pallet sofa: here the cushions fulfill this function

Image 63 – Rustic and comfortable pallet sofa.

Rustic and comfortable pallet sofa

Picture 64 – The white pallets.

Sofa with white pallet

Picture 65 – Pink pallet sofa.

Model of pallet sofa with pink upholstery

Picture 66 – Colorful room with pallet sofa.

Colorful space with pallet sofa

Figure 67 – Make a composition by placing a pillow color in each piece.

One color pad for each pallet

Figure 68 – The more pillows you put on the pallet, the greater the comfort in this room.

Cushions for comfort on the sofa

Figure 69 – Range sofa with turquoise coffee table.

Pallet sofa with turquoise coffee table

Figure 70 – Range sofa with orange pillows.

Sofa with pallet with orange cushions

Figure 71 – Sofa of the palette with green pillows.

Sofa with pallet with green cushions

Figure 72 – Sofa of the pallet with lateral space.

Pallet sofa with side space

Figure 73 – Choose the same shade of wood in all the furniture in the living room.

The same shade of wood on all the furniture in the living room

Figure 74 – Sofa of the pallet with two places.

Two-seat pallet sofa

Figure 75 – Create a beautiful and colorful decoration in your living room.

Beautiful and colorful decoration in the room

Figure 76 – Pallet armchair, suspended on ropes.

Rope suspended pallet sofa

Picture 77 – Built-in pallet sofa with bed.

Built-In Pallet Sofa with Bed

Picture 78 – Sofa of the black painted palette.

Black painted pallet sofa

Figure 79 – Modern pallet sofa.

Contemporary pallet sofa

Picture 80 – Low pallet sofa.

Low pallet sofa

Picture 81 – Small pallet sofa.

Small pallet sofa

Figure 82 – Pallet sofa with space to insert books.

Sofa with pallet with space for inlay books

Picture 83 – Sofa with two pallets.

Sofa with two pallets

Figure 84 – Range sofa with caster.

Pallet sofa with caster

Picture 85 – Sofa of the palette for cinema room.

Pallet Sofa for Movie Theater

Picture 86 – Pallet sofa for colored living room.

Sofa for pallet for colorful living room

Image 87 – Pallet sofa painted in white with colorful cushions.

White painted pallet sofa with colorful cushions

Image 88 – Pallet sofa with neutral colors.

Pallet sofa with neutral colors

Picture 89 – Sofa of the pallet clean.

Clean pallet sofa

Picture 90 – White pallet sofa.

White pallet sofa

Image 91 – Sofa of the pallet to decorate the room under the stairs.

Pallet sofa to decorate space under the stairs

Figure 92 – Sofa of the range with upholstered in capitonĂȘ.

Sofa of pallet with upholstered in capitonĂȘ

Figure 93 – Pallet sofa with gray upholstery.

Pallet Sofa with Gray Upholstery

Figure 94 – Outdoor range sofa.

Outdoor pallet sofa

Image 95 – Pallet sofa with pink upholstery.

Sofa with pallet pink upholstered

Figure 96 – Pallet sofa with upholstered blue.

Pallet sofa with blue upholstery

Figure 97 – Pallet sofa for garden area.

Sofa of pallet for garden area

Picture 98 – Pallet sofa with padded strips.

Sofa with pallet upholstered in stripes

Image 99 – U-shaped pallet sofa.

U-shaped pallet sofa

Figure 100 – Pallet sofa with jovial style.

Sofa of pallet with jovial style

Picture 101 – Sofa of the pallet with two places.

Two-seat pallet sofa

Figure 102 – Sofa of the palette with romantic style.

Sofa with pallet with romantic style

Figure 103 – Pallet sofa covered with black leather.

Pallet Sofa with Upholstered Black Leather

Picture 104 – L-shaped pallet sofa.

L-shaped pallet sofa

Picture 105 – Black and pink pallet sofa.

Black and pink pallet sofa

Figure 106 – Sofa of the pallet with back in wood.

Sofa with wooden backrest

Image 107 – Pallet armchair in bench style.

Bench style pallet sofa

Figure 108 – Sofa and bed of the range for children’s rooms.

Sofa and bed pallet for children's room

Picture 109 – Sofa with three pallets.

Sofa with three pallets

Figure 110 – Pallet sofa for large living room.

Pallet sofa for large living room

Figure 111 – Sofa with pallet with gray decoration, it is white.

Pallet sofa with gray and white decoration

Figure 112 – Pallet sofa with striped upholstery.

Pallet sofa with striped upholstery

Picture 113 – Range sofa for modern rooms.

Contemporary living room sofa

Figure 114 – Range sofa with printed pillows.

Sofa with printed pad

Image 115 – Pallet sofa with minimalist style.

Sofa with pallet with minimalist style

Figure 116 – Sofa of the palette for space.

Pallet sofa for bedroom

Figure 117 – Sofa of the pallet with the back of the pillows.

Sofa with pallet with backrest

Picture 118 – Natural colored and upholstered white pallet sofa.

Natural and white upholstered pallet sofa

Image 119 – Pallet sofa with a rustic style.

Rustic style pallet sofa

Picture 120 – Pallet sofa to receive friends.

Pallet sofa to receive friends

Picture 121 – Garden lounger outdoors.

Outdoor garden pallet sofa

Figure 122 – Pallet sofa with blue and yellow decoration.

Pallet sofa with blue and yellow decoration

Figure 123 – Range sofa for baby room.

Baby room pallet sofa

Picture 124 – Pallet sofa with white color and upholstery in graphite tone.

Pallet sofa with white paint and graphite upholstery

Figure 125 – Pallet sofa with simple style.

Single pallet sofa

How to make a step-by-step pallet sofa

After getting inspiration from the references, it’s ideal to follow the videos that show you how to make your own sofa practical and quick.

1. How to make a simple pallet sofa with mattress

A good way to use an old mattress. See the materials used:

  • 4 pallets
  • Mattress or foam
  • upholstery fabric
  • ink
  • sandpaper

Further in the video:

2. How to sand the palette and paint with spray paint

3. How to make pillows for the pallet sofa

Now that you know how to assemble the base, how about assembling your own pillow? You will need:

  • Scissors;
  • 1 line with fabric color;
  • Pencils;
  • Crochet thread;
  • 30 cm needle;
  • Pillow fabric;
  • Acrylic ceiling;
  • foam



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