Hello everybody, when you read this article it mean you looking for best materials for your house floor. The composition cement and sand is a cheap alternative to the market and, in addition to beautiful decoration. Then the burned cement became one of the most commonly used finishing options for floors in residential projects, from the simplest to the most refined. And may you know why it is called burnt is due to the process of throwing cement powder onto the cement mortar floor and still damp and moist sand.

Soils with burnt cement

A floor with burnt cement appearance how much will be great? The burnt cement meets every taste and can have a rustic and modern look in the environment. And about the best advantage is that it has a flexibility and durability that can lead to different colours and surfaces.

As professional must use the same brand and quantity of cement in the same environment so that its colour does not change. And make sure about the final appearance, it must be consists of a monolithic floor, which is inserted without mortar into large areas, making the surroundings optically larger, since it is a tiled floor that can be used in almost all environments, this is criterion depends on each inhabitant. And the end we recommended to use a special finish to avoid mistakes. The variation in the tonality of the floor is normal, but be careful with the large colour variations in order not to give the floor a blotchy appearance.

1 – Cement burnt in the home office

Image (1)

You can have the best choose for your home office floor only with use of burnt cement. A floor with high resistance that is so chic too.

2 – Cement burnt on the gourmet terrace

Image (2)

3 – Cement burnt in the big kitchen

Image (3)

4 – Cement Burned in double room in rustic style

Image (4)


And about the bedrooms floor, you can choose the burnt cement again, it will create a unique space with wooden ceiling. A real rustic design.

5 – Burnt Cement in the apartment

Image (5)

6 – Cement burnt in the bathroom

Image (6)

If you are worry about the cleaning the surface, we make you sure about that, a glossy surface can clean so easily. You should make this surface with burnt cement.

7 – Burnt cement in a farmhouse

Image (7)

8 – Cement burnt in the living room

figure 8)

9 – Cement burned in dining room and integrated kitchen

Image (9)

10 – Cement fired in the modern Ministry of the Interior

Image (10)

11 – Cement burnt in the kitchen with exposed wall

Image (11)

12 – Cement burnt in the toilet

Image (12)

13 – Cement Burnt in the kitchen with glass cover

Image (13)

14 – Cement fired on wall and bathroom floors

Image (14)

15 – Burnt cement in combination with a brick wall

Image (15)

Make a serious space with burnt cement and brick wall, this design will be so eye-catching. Don’t afraid and try it.

16 – Burnt cement with yellow decoration

Image (16)

17 – Cement burnt in the loft

Image (17)

18 – Cement fired for large house

Image (18)

19 – Cement fired with pink decoration

Image (19)

20 – Cement burnt with clean decoration

Image (20)

21 – Cement fired with cheerful decoration

Image (21)

22 – Cement burnt in the kitchen with black furniture

Image (22)

23 – Cement Burned for the Environment with Feminine Style

Image (23)

24 – Cement burnt in scaled slabs

Image (24)

25 – Burnt cement with glossy finish

Image (25)

A common design that used more for coffee shop, and it will be great for your house too. In the final you will have a glossy surface floor in your home, that made by nature material like burnt cement.

26 – Cement burnt in the colourful surroundings

Image (26)

You can use of colors any colors that you want such as white, orange and even grey, it will be great with burnt cement floor.

27 – Cement burnt in the room with decoration in neutral colours

Image (27)

28 – Cement burnt in the garage

Image (28)

29 – Cement burnt in the kitchen contrasts with blue worktop

Image (29)

30 – Cement fired in dark clay

Image (30)

For make darker the grey color of burnt cement you can add some clay. And create colorful design, it will match with any shiny color in your home.

31 – Burned cement with black decoration and wood

Image (31)

32 – Cement burnt in the kitchen with white furniture

Image (32)

Use the burnt cement for kitchen walls and be sure about matching it with your white furniture.

33 – Cement burnt for simple residence

Image (33)

34 – Cement burnt for modern residence

Image (34)

35 – Burned cement composing with the wood-clad fireplace

Image (35)

36 – Cement burnt outdoors

Image (36)

37 – Cement burnt in a pool

Image (37)

38 – Burnt cement in the living room

Image (38)

39 – Cement burnt with residence in rustic style

Image (39)

40 – Burnt cement with pink decoration

Image (40)

The grey color is one of kind color that can be match with any decoration, such as pink, yellow and even with itself. Grey is a cold color that can be suit for any design idea. And the original color of burnt cement is grey and you will not have to paint.

41 – Burnt cement with dark shadow decoration

Image (41)

42 – Cement fired on the ladder

Image (42)

And another way to use of burnt cement in house is in structure of ladder. A chic and grey ladder like hero in your house appearance.

43 – Burned cement with grey decoration

Image (43)

A design that will be suit for minimalist people. A grey floor that mixed with grey decoration will be fantastic.

44 – Cement burnt in the television room

Image (44)

The burnt cement is the best material for any space in house. You can use it to television room floor too and enjoy from your choice. Because it will be a good idea.

45 – Burnt cement in the corridor

Image (45)

The utilize of burnt cement for design corridor is so common. And will give you a chic and cute space.

46 – Cement fired for the environment with minimalist decoration

Image (46)

A cute space with burnt cement surface, fireplace appearance so unique. This space will be so simple and make a calming place for minimalist people.

47 – Cement burnt in dining room and living room

Image (47)

48 – Fire cement with wooden furniture and residence

Image (48)

49 – Use the burnt cement for modern space design

Image (49)

You can use of cement burnt for modern place also. A fantastic show with this design you will have.

50 – Cement burnt in a large residence

Image (50)

You realized that by utilizing burnt cement will reach to your goal about a floor with high resistance, and it is very difficult for this material to break. However, one of the most common properties of burnt cement are cracks, which do not affect the beauty of the room, but give the material a charm.


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