After a few rather bulky blog weeks, I’m now back on track to better form and organization and look forward to showing you some more travel sections (Patagonia – wohoo!) and some upcoming styling and interior inspirations in the next few weeks. Oh, this will be great! Also, the detailed report on the plant workshop from last weekend – which I’ve already reported on at Instagram – is still waiting to be shown.

Today I show a beautiful spring DIY and great spring decoration for home. Quickly done with little effort, I promise! Just as it should be when you don’t have enough time, as always. We start with the spring styling of our fruit box shelf. Beside all kinds of green stuff in the leading roles: the new lightbox and a lot of plant power (I’ll write all shopping hints in addition to the pictures).

Have fun decorating and spring,
your elbmadame

Above the shelf hangs the DIY wall decoration with green eucalyptus branches. I shortened dried twigs and tied them to the metal circle with copper-coloured yarn from Garn & Mehr. Fresh twigs or flowers also work – the rings are available with different diameters in the craft shop.


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