This Sunday it’s one of my favorite cakes: Quarktorte. And then there’s the original recipe from my mother, with her own little lemon twist.

You need to bake quartz tarts:
For the dough:

180 g flour
80 g sugar
1 egg
80 g margarine

Put everything in a bowl and knead well. Spread the mixture on the baking tin. Press down well and also form a rim. Bake at 200°C for 20 minutes.

For the filling of the quartzte
2 sachets vanilla pudding powder
200 g sugar
500 ml milk
750 g low-fat curd cheese
juice 1 lemon
If necessary, icing sugar or chocolate to decorate.

Mix the pudding powder, sugar and 100ml of milk. Bring the rest of the milk to the boil. When the milk is boiling, add the pudding sugar mixture and bring to the boil until the mixture thickens a little. Then turn off the heat and stir in the quark. Just try briefly. Mmmmh. Now press the lemon quickly and add the lemon juice and mix well. Then you can pour the filling on the bottom and put the quartz into the oven. Bake the cake at 140°C for another 70 minutes. Now let it cool down nicely.

Personal touch:

If you want to decorate the whole thing in the proper style, then you should really wait until the quartz is cold. With my first version, I also took a little too little quark and enthusiastically started to spread the chocolate before it was cold. Unfortunately the whole thing collapsed a bit when I cut it. But at the second attempt, with 750 g of quark, it was perfect. You can also sprinkle it with icing sugar or simply enjoy the undecorated cake without much effort.

Tip: Just make small quark cakes instead of a big cake.

Happy feasting…


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