Tiramisu is my absolute favourite dessert, but unfortunately I can’t do it every time there’s a dessert. That’s why I just came up with a Tiramisu cake. It’s now available as a Sunday cake and in this way Tiramisu is secretly on the menu again.

Tiramisu cake
The Tiramisu cake is quick and easy to make. I just took my Tiramisu recipe and thought about what kind of cake I would like. Result: crispy base! That’s how it became a cake without baking, which every beginner can really do!

You need that . .
. . . for the crispy base
200 grams chocolate
1/4 bag of cornflakes
. . . for the tiramisu
250 grams mascarpone
250 grams quark
80 grams sugar
3 eggs
100 grams sponge fingers
1 cup strong coffee
Possibly a sip of Amaretto
. . . for the decoration
150 grams sponge fingers
cocoa powder

That’s how it’s done
1. prepare the cup of coffee and let it cool down.

2. first you make the crispy bottom. Simply melt the chocolate and mix with the cornflakes and spread on the bottom of a springform pan. Press with a spoon and distribute evenly. Ready: Put in the fridge.

3. now the Tiramisu. Separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until stiff. In a second bowl whisk the egg yolk with the sugar, then add the mascarpone and quark and mix well. Then carefully fold in the beaten egg white. Break the sponge fingers in the middle, dip briefly into the coffee and fold in. If you have Amaretto there, you can pour a shot into the coffee first.

Put the tiramisu mixture on the crispy base and spread. In principle the Tiramisu cake is already ready, you can put it in the fridge and put your legs up. It tastes best if you leave it in for 3 hours.

Before serving you can sprinkle some cocoa powder over the Tiramisu cake and decorate the edge with sponge fingers. Just break the sponge fingers in the middle and press them to the edge. Done!

Admittedly, the individual pieces are really no beauty, unfortunately the cake crumbled a bit when I cut it, but it tastes really delicious!

Have fun baking and a nice Sunday,


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