Tiffany & Co. is one of the most famous jewelry trading companies in the world and it is not difficult to recognize their products: not only for their elegance, but the brand, which is one of the most famous and outstanding, already has the color that a Symbol is. Today we will talk about wedding decoration with blue paint Tiffany talk

The color made its way into the company’s history in 1845, less than a decade after it was founded, as a variation on turquoise blue, the trend of the era when the back of the store’s annual collection catalog was chosen. Shortly thereafter, it also entered the brand’s box of diamond alliances and was associated with elegance and sophistication.

Since 2001, Pantone, a reference cataloging and color specification firm for the printing industry, has registered this color as “Blue 1837”, referring to the year Tiffany opened its first store in New York. In this way, the use of color has become more widespread and can be found in several industrial products, used as a direct reference to the attributes of sophistication of the famous brand.

In today’s post we have brought 60 tips and inspirations for you to bring these attributes straight to the wedding decoration and even play a little with the traditional colors and make your party more modern and fun. Follow these tips below:

  • Indicate the tone the color will add to your decor : the Tiffany blue can be used as both a lighter color and a livelier shade, adding lightness or giving the decor a fun, sustaining color.
  • From macro to micro : in composition with white, the main color in most weddings, the blue Tiffany works for both large and prominent objects, such as fabrics, tablecloths, curtains, ceiling decorations, as well as for the small details, with ribbons, stationery, candles and Souvenir packaging.
  • A light tone that replaces the traditional white : For those who want to get away from the traditional and add a little more color to the party, think of the Tiffany blue as a light color that is not only used in the decoration of the environment, but also in the Detail of the groom’s lapel or in the bride’s dress! Try to venture out and innovate with this color.

60 wedding decor ideas with Tiffany blue color

Well, let’s go to the selected pictures of the wedding decoration with blue Tiffany

Image 1 – The blue Tiffany brings lightness to the decoration, suitable for outdoor weddings.

Tiffany blue brings lightness to the decor

Image 2 – In addition, it can be used as an alternative color to the traditional white, both in the decoration of the environment, as in the cake and the bride’s dress.

At weddings, the Tiffany blue shows itself as an alternative color

Image 3 – But if white is still the main color of the decoration, the Tiffany blue can be a combination that will keep the elegance and even the romantic tone of the party.

Table with white napkin, towel and blue gift box Tiffany

Image 4 – Use the Tiffany blue to highlight the transparent elements of your party.

Details in tiffany blue highlight transparent elements in the decoration

Picture 5 – To add a brighter and more fun tone to your party, use the Tiffany blue as a color highlight, even on neutral items like the tablecloth.

Tiffany table with blue towel

Image 6 – In the stationery area, the invitation with blue Tiffany details with white and a metallic tone such as silver or gold brings an elegant tone to the party.

Elegant invitation with a touch of blue color Tiffany

Image 7 – Mixing blue with light and dark colors: In some small details, blue can also act as a middle color between light and dark tones, which helps to harmonize.

Tiffany Blue Decorative Plate for Wedding Party

Image 8 – Enjoy the colorful trend of decor shops: Tiffany shades of blue can also be found in tableware and cloth napkins.

Tiffany blue fabric plate and napkin

Image 9 – The blue tiffany can be used as a highlight color for important elements in your party.

Bucket with items to remove sand wedding on the beach

Image 10 – Get the Tiffany Blue through the color mix!

Cake decorated with mix of shades of blue

Image 11 – Map of places with the color Tiffany blue.

Map of places with the blue color Tiffany

Image 12 – The Tiffany blue combined with all types of outdoor weddings: both on the beach and in the field, makes it an incredible composition with natural elements.

The Tiffany Blue also matches an outdoor wedding

Picture 13 – In a romantic decoration, with candles, flowers and fruits.

Tiffany Blue in a more romantic decor

Image 14 – Use paint as a detail and hand protection on the handle of the bouquet of flowers.

Bouquet Cable Detail with Blue Color Tiffany

Image 15 – In the decoration of the party: all parts of fabrics in Tiffany blue.

Fabrics in Tiffany blue color for wedding decoration

Image 16 – Between more neutral and more natural colors, the Tiffany blue can act as an interesting highlight.

Gift Box Details With Blue Tiffany

Figure 17 – In the coloring of the cake, you can use an extravagant or more discreet tone.

Cake with blue Tiffany decoration

Image 18 – A combination of Tiffany blue with gold and natural colors such as green and red.

Tiffany Blue and Golden in Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Image 19 – This color works very well as transparent or colored elements in a lighter shade.

Tiffany table with blue towel

Image 20 – Don’t be afraid to add a little more color to your party decorations, like this ball painted with Tiffany blue.

Stylized and painted globe with blue color Tiffany

Picture 21 – Another idea to use this color in the fabric part.

Tiffany blue color on party fabrics

Image 22 – Welcome frame in a striking color and full of elegance.

Welcome frame with blue Tiffany color

Image 23 – Blue, White and Pink: This is a combination that does not fail and can be used with all color variations!

Blue, white and pink ribbons

Image 24 – Color on the lid of the whipped cream to make it easier to decorate a cake.

Tiffany blue cake with whipped cream

Image 25 – With natural elements: Tiffany blue and wood in the main decoration of the party.

Wedding table decorated with blue Tiffany

Image 26 – Tiffany Blue imitates the sea: this color is perfect for a beach wedding and can consist of natural elements such as seashells and starfish.

Tiffany blue for a beach wedding

Image 27 – Do not be afraid to venture if you work with vivid colors: an example of how it is possible to compose with Tiffany blue, red and white in the wedding.

Tiffany blue, red and white combination in the wedding

Image 28 – Take this blue with your flowers too: rely on flowers with strong, even artificial colors to break the clear pattern.

Bouquet of flowers with blue Tiffany

Figure 29 – For the smaller items, bet on the color to stand out, like those boxes of party souvenirs.

Tiffany Blue Party Favor Boxes

Image 30 – More flowers Tiffany blue: use different materials and give a lighter effect.

Tiffany blue flowers in the decoration

Image 31 – Tiffany blue and gold: a composition that works even on the cake.

Tiffany blue and gold in the decoration

Picture 32 – Compose with geometric patterns! Here’s another way of thinking about composition that’s not limited to just drawn patterns, but the shapes of table objects as well.

Geometric patterns in decoration

Image 33 – Using the Tiffany Blue as the Highlight Color.

Tiffany blue as a highlight color

Image 34 – Another example of Tiffany blue in fabric decoration.

Tiffany blue fabric decoration

Picture 35 – Summer Wedding: prepare your guests for a warm and sunny day with personalized fans.

Personalized fans in blue Tiffany color

Picture 36 – Colored candles add another touch of color to your decoration.

Tiffany blue candles for table decoration

Picture 37 – Use the color for items that can be easily found in stores like these satin ribbons for gift wrapping.

Tiffany blue satin ribbon for wedding favors

Picture 38 – Color highlight in the furniture of the support.

Color highlight in support furniture

Image 39 – Tiffany Blue as the main color of the wedding decoration.

Blue Tiffany as the main color of the wedding

Image 40 – The tie always fits! To also apply this color to the groom’s clothes, the most indicated places are the tie and lapel.

Groom necktie matching with wedding decoration

Image 41 – Invitations! The cover background is highlighted along with the main titles.

Tiffany blue wedding: 60 decorating ideas with color

Picture 42 – A detail to bring happiness to the bride and groom.

Tiffany blue wedding: 60 decorating ideas with color 1

Picture 43 – Another example in the fabrics: from white to tiffany blue on a gradient background.

Fabric background gradient: from white to blue Tiffany

Picture 44 – Table decoration with a beach decoration.

Beach decoration with details in blue Tiffany

Image 45 – Blue and Yellow: Opposite colors in the color disc to bet on the decoration of your party.

Tiffany blue and yellow decoration

Picture 46 – Tiffany blue, pink tones and salmon in the decoration of the cake.

Cake with Salmon Tones and Tiffany Blue

Picture 47 – Mason colored jars for decoration.

Mason colored jars for decoration

Image 48 – The most interesting thing about the decor is that it uses the natural colors of the objects that come on the table, like the lemon wedges in the glasses that match the flowers on the table and even the lights in the decoration of the ceiling .

Wedding Table Decoration with Blue Tiffany
Details of Tiffany blue table decoration

Image 49 – In a decoration full of flowers and plants, think of the green of nature as an incredible composition for Tiffany Blue!

The green nature in combination with the blue Tiffany

Picture 50 – How about making a uniform color for the bridesmaids dress?

A-line Sweetheart Knee-length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Image 51 – Super colorful cupcakes ready for the big time.

Supercolored Cupcakes with Tiffany Blue

Picture 52 – Thank you cards for the guests.

A cool idea: thank you cards of the bride and groom to guests with blue paper Tiffany

Image 53 – Bringing color into the predominantly white decor: subtlety with a color gradient from white to Tiffany blue on the cake!

Cake with gradient between white and blue Tiffany

Picture 54 – Presented messages on the napkin.

Napkin with message highlighted in blue color Tiffany

Picture 55 – Souvenir box for the guests with the main colors of the party.

Wedding gift bag with details in blue Tiffany

Picture 56 – Think of subtle details that can add a little more color to your white decor.

Table with small details in blue Tiffany

Image 57 – Blue, yellow and a bit of green: mix colors that are close to your main tone to create a discontinuous effect on your decor.

Cake decorated with blue, yellow and a little green

Image 58 – Modern Bride: Tiffany blue tennis shoes, so you don’t wear high heels on your feet on this special day.

Tiffany Blue Tennis for a Modern Bride

Figure 59 – Cover for the back of the chair: Bet on drawings and your favorite colors.

Chair Back Cover with Tiffany Blue Details

Image 60 – Blue and silver: Rely on good coloring agents and a cracking effect on the cake!

Tiffany blue cake with silver accents



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