Tips for organizing your wardrobe

During the daily routine it is difficult to maintain and organize the wardrobe. Lack of space is another problem that most people face. But there are some solutions to solve these problems, with some tips that Easy Decor has separated you can help in the organization. To start this task, it is important to clear all the cabinets to properly set up the cabinet. So take everything out and start organizing by type of items (blouses, coats, trousers, scarves, etc.) to customize the interior. Always remember that the pieces with more use always put the look and the coats that we use once a year in strategic places like baskets or high shelves. Another way to always keep it beautiful is to make the right folds by separating the items by color and hangers from the same model. Don’t forget to undo what you don’t use anymore because it reduces the stock of clothes and makes room for the new one. Packing some vacuum pieces leaves every cabinet organized and increases your space on the premises. once you are done cleaning and organizing your wardrobe, it will be much more pleasant to choose what you wear in your daily life. Enjoy more tips with our picture gallery of practical products and great ideas:

1 – Organize items by baskets

Image (1)

2 – Place the parts that do not require much on the highest part

Image (2)

3 – A door hanger is always good to organize them

Image (3)

4 – External shoe door

Image (4)

5 – Customize your hangers with names when he shares them with someone

Image (5)

6 – Hook-shaped trouser holder

Image (6)

7 – Wood exterior cladding with hooks

Image (7)

8 – Separation of clothing by pieces

figure 8)

9 – Separation of clothing according to colour

Image (9)

10 – Drawer partition wall for storing intimate parts

Image (10)

11 – Boxes are excellent for storing parts outside the station

Image (11)

12 – Clothes hanger with hooks for stowing tank tops

Image (12)

13 – Acrylic partition wall for separating the socks

Image (13)

14 – Separation of shirts according to colours

Image (14)

15 – Clothes hanger with belt connection

Image (15)

16 – Coloured hangers for distinguishing the parts

Image (16)

17 – Clothes organized by color and long shelf to store shoes

Image (17)

18 – Shoe door in the rear part of the cabinet

Image (18)

19 – Arrange the Parts in Drawers

Image (19)

20 – Hook for arranging scarves

Image (20)

21 – Wardrobe with trouser waistband

Image (21)

22 – Cabinet with Partition Wall for Bags

Image (22)

23 – Arrange the Cabinet Layout According to Element Types

Image (23)

24 – Wardrobe with shoe door

Image (24)

25 – Partition wall for storing ties

Image (25)

26 – Partitions made to save boots

Image (26)

27 – Special hanger for storing belts

Image (27)

28 – Custom baskets with usage type

Image (28)

29 – Organize each shelf by type of clothing

Image (29)

30 – Baskets for organising baby articles

Image (30)

31 – Always place the case on top of the cabinet

Image (31)

32 – Custom Clothes Hanger for Storing Cloths and Serves as a Decoration Article

Image (32)

33 – Wall hooks are excellent for supporting parts you use every day

Image (33)

34 – The shelves should be inserted close to the floor and the ceiling for the coat rack to stay when it reaches the clothes

Image (34)

35 – Niche to support flip-flops, slippers and sneakers

Image (35)


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