Top 44 most expensive houses in the world

Many people are curious to know which are the most expensive villas in the world. That’s why we have selected the 44 most luxurious hotels, ranging from hotels to hotels. As most of them have a very large area, it is common that the residence program has several rooms, bathrooms, separate spaces for activities, leisure areas and garages with more than 100 parking spaces.

As you will see below, there are palaces, mansions, and huge residences that belong to tycoons or traditional families. All these constructions are considered rare, since they are mostly old works and only a few have a modern style.

Take a look at our selection and surprise yourself:

1 – Antilia building with 27 decks in Mumbai in India.

Image (1)

2 – Casa Four Fairfield Pond with 29 rooms and 39 bathrooms in New York in the United States.

Image (2)

3 – Kensington Palace Gardens with 12 rooms and parking for 20 vehicles in London in England.

Image (3)

4 – Buckingham Palace, better known as the home of Queen Elizabeth, located in London in England.

Image (4)

5 – Casa Ellison Estate has a Koi pond, tea and bathhouse in California in the United States.

Image (5)

6 – Hearst Castle is currently open to tourists in the US in California.

Image (6)

7 – Casa Seven the Pinnacle has its own cable car and a ski resort in Montana, USA.

Image (7)

8 – Kensington Palace in London in England.

figure 8)

9 – Upper Phillimore Gardens was an old school and is currently a 10 bedroom home in London in England.

Image (9)

10 – Residence The Bradbury property has 3000m² with galleries, master suites, Goumert kitchen, wine cellar, elevator, game room and bar. Located in California in the United States.

Image (10)

11 – Condomínio Quinta da Baroneza has a garage for golf cart, 20 rooms and an internal garden in Bragança Paulista in São Paulo.

Image (11)

12 – Dracula’s Castle is the famous castle and museum in Transylvania in Romania.

Image (12)

13 – The residence Tranquility is located in Nevada in the United States. The house has a wine cellar with 3,500 bottles of wine, an indoor pool and a cinema with 19 seats.

Image (13)

14 – The Manor is located in Los Angeles in the United States. It has 23 rooms, a cinema, a bowling alley, tennis courts, swimming pools, a beauty salon and a spa.

Image (14)

15 – The Pinnacle House in Montana has a high priority due to its location and the beautiful view.

Image (15)

16 – The Victorian village is the home of a Ukrainian businesswoman and philanthropist named Elena Franchuk. It has five decks, a pool, a panic room, a theater and a sauna with gym.

Image (16)

17 – Fleur de Lys was built for five years in Beverly Hills, California. There are movies and one of the rarest libraries in the United States.

Image (17)

18 – The Blossom Estate House is located in Palm Beach in the United States.

Image (18)

19 – The cover is in Hyde Park number 1 in London. It has six dormitories, a large residential and retail complex of England.

Image (19)

20 – Vila La Leopolda is the most expensive and one of the largest village in the world, with an area of ​​63 hectares (about 25 hectares).

Image (20)

21 – Cielo de Bonaire is located in Mallorca in Spain. This villa is located on a hill between the beaches, which offers a beautiful view. The house also has 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, private elevator, tennis court, helipad and guest house.

Image (21)

22 – Further Lane of Menil is located in East Hampton in New York.

Image (22)

23 – Xanadu 2.0, located in Seatle, is the famous home of Bill Gates. The place has more than 6 thousand square meters and has many rooms. As it has a system to control the lighting of every environment of the house and also with a swimming pool with underwater sound system.

The Pinnacle List

24 – House of the Cliff, located in Dakar, Senegal. Perched on a cliff, the manor house features contemporary lines on the site of an old bunker from the time of the Second World War. The property has an infinity pool with large garden and glass doors that integrate the spaces.

Image (24)

25 – The modern residence in Austria has an architecture-like white box, also has a large glass ceiling, can be opened above the gallery and the living room, creating a kind of courtyard.

Image (25)

26 – Silicon Valley Mansion is located in Los Altos Hills California. This house has a neoclassical style inspired by 18th-century French castles. The mansion is set around a central courtyard and features a ballroom, dining room, home cinema, wine cellar and spa, as well as family suites. The living areas are all located on the 2nd floor, where you can enjoy the spectacular 360º view of the entire bay.

Image (26)

27 – Broken The ranch is located in Augusta in Montana.

Image (27)

28 – The villa of the singer Celine Dion in Florida has six floors. These include two guesthouses, a tennis court, a swimming pool pavilion with kitchen and a bungalow with mezzanine on the second floor.

Image (28)

29 – Mansion of basketball player Lebron James in Miami. His residence is estimated at $ 9 million.

Image (29)

30 – Ocean Bliss is located in Hawaii, not the largest and most luxurious property you have ever seen, but it is only envied by its incredible appearance, overlooking the ocean and with access to two private beaches.

Image (30)

31 – Oceanfront Estate is located on the water in Malibu, California. With a tennis court, a swimming pool and a leisure center. The surrounding countryside is surrounded by beautiful sea views.

Image (31)

32 – The Manor The Manor is located in Los Angeles, California. It has 1000 rooms, including 5 kitchens and 27 bathrooms. The decoration of the residence, as well as the architectural design, is of European influence and the garage can accommodate more than 100 cars.

Image (32)

33 – The famous 15 condominium Central Park West is located in New York in one of the most sought after corners of the city.

Image (33)

34 – Tour Odéon in Monaco. With 49 floors and 170 meters, it is the second highest construction of the Mediterranean coast. The project has a price per square meter of 65,000 euros.

Image (34)

35 – Updown Court is one of the most beautiful houses in the world in Surrey, England. These 103-bedroom suites with 24 marble bathrooms feature an infinity pool, a squash court, a lighted tennis court and a wine cellar.

36 – The responsibility to live on the roof of the newly opened Bulgari Hotel in London has a price of 157 million US dollars.

Image (36)

37 – Mansion in Holmby Hills is the home of Walt Disney.

Image (37)

38 – Mansion of Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, California in the United States.

Image (38)

39 – Toprak Mansion covers an area of ​​28,000 m² in London. With features of a neoclassical palace has two staircases, a swimming pool and a leisure complex.

Image (40)

40 – Waterfront Estate is located in Pretoria in South Africa with beautiful scenery.

Image (41)

41 – Three ponds in the United States. It is an estate with the amenities of a five star resort. Features a golf course, clubhouse, tennis court, pool, spa, gardens, garage and 3-bedroom housekeeper.

Image (42)

42 – Portabello Estate is located in Orange County in the United States. It has a view of the sea and has eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a garage with 16 seats, cinema and two saltwater swimming pools.

Image (43)

43 – Penthouse of the Pierre Penthouse Hotel in New York. It is a triplex apartment with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Image (44)

44 – Locksley Hall is one of the most expensive houses in the world in California. It has marble bathrooms and beautiful floors.Image (45)



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