Enveloping and energetic, the turquoise blue is another option for those who want to add a touch of color indoors!
Its tone is versatile, from the most intense to the lightest, with a wide variety of uses.

This color is also known because of the requested Tiffany jewelry, with its famous turquoise packaging, which one can call the color with the brand name. The variety between green and blue tones can also be found under the name green water.

Advantages of turquoise blue in decoration

  • The origin of the blue makes the turquoise tone also reminiscent of the sea, which conveys peace and tranquility;
  • Combats stress by eliminating fatigue;
  • It cleans the environment and makes the room a lot happier.

When decorating the surroundings, the turquoise can predominate or stand out in small dots in the decoration. Another strong feature is its flexibility to please a feminine space, masculine, infantile and commercial. There are also various combinations with other colors that make for a bold and balanced proposition.

60 room decor ideas with turquoise blue color

Let your creativity run wild and develop a little corner with some accents of this color! See what colors are combined with turquoise blue in the decor with the following designs:

Figure 1 – Point objects mark the environment.

Point objects that highlight the environment with color
In this design, the turquoise blue banquets break the sobriety of the dark tones to make the social area more cheerful and welcoming!

Image 2 – combination of turquoise and orange.

Turquoise and orange: an interesting combination
This combination conveys personality and courage, so moderate. The warm colors make every environment shine, just like the cold refreshes the place. The ideal is to balance out with a neutral dose of gray and white.

Picture 3 – The effect of painting on the decoration.

The effect of painting with the turquoise blue color on the ceiling

With the right foot taller, you can use the technique to your advantage! The frame that surrounds the bedroom takes away the playful and childlike air that a child’s room needs.

Image 4 – Turquoise blue sofa in the living room.

Turquoise blue sofa in living room
For the composition of the pillows on the turquoise sofa, it is necessary that the environment is a neutral whole.

Image 5 – Combination of turquoise and neutral colors.

Turquoise blue with neutral colors

The turquoise is perfect with neutral bases, much explored in small decorative details.

Image 6 – A cabinet with feminine and sophisticated ventilation!

Closet with thin and delicate air
The renowned Tiffany brand offers elegance and femininity! There is nothing like exploring the color in a closet.

Image 7 – Mark the integrated environment with a turquoise wall.

Use the color to highlight a wall

Another important detail in this project is the mock door, in which the door sits in a discreet design that forms the wall.

Image 8 – Beware of exaggerations!

Beware of the exaggerations with color
The most important tip for anyone using this color in decoration is to watch out for the excess, as it will tire the surroundings. A good tip is to use this clay with clear neutral bases and use it in some carpentry details that will ensure a clean and elegant environment.

Image 9 – The duo of black and turquoise shows happiness in the environment.

Black and turquoise in the decoration

This small kitchen relies on the traditional duo to bring a little life and cosiness into the environment, upper cabinet doors have won the turquoise tone.

Image 10 – Another bet, a little more modern, with the material and surface duo.

Bet on materials and finishes with color

Image 11 – Pamper yourself with modern materials and unusual combinations!

Dare with modern materials

If you want to venture out on the turquoise decor, pair it with modern materials like brick, burnt cement, and wood, and be careful not to overdo it.

Picture 12 – Take the turquoise to the bedroom with the beds that help with sleep and rest.

Turquoise blue in room

Picture 13 – Contrasting color in the decoration.

Contrast colors in the decoration
For a room full of personality, use the contrast of colors! The shade of blue was chosen for the sliding door that divides the surroundings, while the armchairs in the room are given warmer tones.

Picture 14 – The turquoise blue in a children’s environment.

Color in a childish environment
The color mix in woodworking brought the cheerful and funny air that a child’s room needs. Try to study the colors well so that the effect is harmonious and the taste of the residents.

Figure 15 – Ministry of the Interior with turquoise decoration.

Turquoise blue color in home office decor

In this case, avoid painting entire walls and leaving the colors on furniture and decorative objects.

Picture 16 – Room with turquoise-blue decor.

Room decoration with turquoise blue color
The joinery has grown in strength in decorative designs! Get the traditional earth tones and look for brightly colored ferns.

Image 17 – The lacquered joinery brings even more elegance to the project.

Lacquered joinery takes even more elegance to the project

Figure 18 – Details like the bedside table or the bedspreads can add a touch of color to the room decoration.

Add color to small details
Avoid walls so that it is not difficult to leave the room, because it is a room, the room needs rest and comfort.

Image 19 – The turquoise blue sofa breaks the seriousness of every room.

Use color to break the seriousness of an environment

Picture 20 – A small dose of turquoise blue in the room.

A small dose of color in the decoration of the environment

Picture 21 – Turquoise corridor.

Dedicated corridor with color

Picture 22 – Bathroom with turquoise blue cabinet.

Bathroom cabinet with color in the decoration

Picture 23 – Shared room full of colors!

Add color to a shared room
In order to harmonize the look, the geometric shapes were painted on the wall in the colors turquoise and pink, which give the room a striking appearance.

Image 24 – The pagination of the tiles wins pieces in tone on tone.

The pagination of the tiles gain pieces in tone on tone

Picture 25 – Delicate room for a young girl.

Dedicated bedroom desk for a young
Looking for a little color and breaking the neutrality: turquoise was chosen to adorn this young girl’s makeup counter.

Picture 26 – Apartment with air coolers!

Detached apartment

Image 27 – Apparent pipe gains in color and design.

Apparent pipe with turquoise blue color

Picture 28 – Maintain visual balance!

Use color while maintaining balance in visual
Balanced atmosphere with predominant light tones in the decoration. In the design, the turquoise blue is visualized in the form of a bedside table and in the details of the carpentry. All to ensure beauty and a peaceful look to relax!

Picture 29 – Turquoise blue floor, neutral surfaces.

Environment with turquoise blue floor

Picture 30 – The tile model plays with the trend of the geometric shape through drawing and colors.

Geometric tile playing with colors

Image 31 – Small details that make the difference!

Small details that make the difference

Picture 32 – The delicacy of turquoise enchants the environment.

Environment with the delicacy of color

Picture 33 – Abuse with objects of this color.

Turquoise blue: 60 color-coded ideas and photos
Elements like the above design are great choices to decorate an environment that mixes with earthy tones, they are able to provide elegance and coziness in the room.

Picture 34 – Turquoise blue bathroom.

Bathroom with turquoise blue color
The wall at the bottom of the box is preferred for a differentiated coating. For a more balanced environment, keep the other walls with neutral and clear coatings.

Picture 35 – Mermaid’s bathroom with turquoise finish.

Mermaid bathroom with color coat
This bathroom gets more sophistication when two nifty functions are used as decoration: the favorite tone of the moment and marble finish.

Picture 36 – Colorful living room!

Room is colorful

Picture 37 – Combination of turquoise and green.

Combination of blue with green
This combination brings a lot of freshness to the decor, ideal for damp areas that disturb the water.

Picture 38 – Mark the entrance to your house.

Highlight the entrance to your home
Paint only part of the walls that form an alcove. This is an easy, inexpensive way to decorate the home without breaking too much or doing too much of a subject.

Picture 39 – Combination of turquoise with B & W.

Combination of turquoise with black and white

Image 40 – The turquoise wall is an easy way to apply paint to the decor.

Turquoise blue: 60 color-coded ideas and photos

Image 41 – Turquoise and white kitchen.

Turquoise and white kitchen

Photo 42 – Gourmet balcony with turquoise chairs.

Gourmet balcony with turquoise blue chairs

Picture 43 – With the predominance of white and wood, the project helped to abuse colors in some details in the decoration.

Small details in color

Image 44 – Make your living room stand out!

Highlight the living room with the color
The highlight of the turquoise blue sofa is the brick wall that highlights the blue tone.

Picture 45 – Detail in the joinery.

Small detail of the color in the joinery
If you bet on a large and very prominent piece in the area, bet on a colorful detail in the furniture. It is recommended that the rest be more neutral, worked out in light tones or woody.

Picture 46 – Apartment with industrial and manly air!

Liquid porcelain with color

Picture 47 – For a gray environment, add a touch of color.

Turquoise blue: 60 color-coded ideas and photos

Picture 48 – Modern and cozy living room!

Armchair with turquoise blue color
The door to this room was orange and stood between the turquoise armchair and the oil-blue carpet. To complement the look, accessories balance the decor with no regrets in the area!

Image 49 – Outside area with turquoise-blue decor.

Wall wall with color

Picture 50 – Use the colors to highlight every detail of the decor.

Room decoration with turquoise blue color

Picture 51 – Until the chevron wins the composition in turquoise colors.

Chevron with turquoise blue color

Image 52 – Combination of burnt and turquoise cement.

Cement burnt and turquoise blue
The gray of the cement takes even more happiness with the turquoise in the joinery. This combination is suitable for anyone who wants to dare to weigh the environment.

Picture 53 – Only the tip wins color amid the neutral decoration!

Table top with turquoise blue color

Picture 54 – Define the space with a turquoise-blue niche.

Turquoise niche

Picture 55 – mark a corner of your house!

Highlight a corner of your home

Picture 56 – The pictures on the wall underline the personality of this bathroom.

Turquoise blue: 60 color-coded ideas and photos

Image 57 – Turquoise blue shelf.

Turquoise Blue Rack

Image 58 – Tone on tone is the best technique to decorate an environment that is about to change color.

Tom on tone

Picture 59 – Combination of turquoise with wood.

Turquoise blue with wood
The turquoise and the wood harmonize very well and leave the ambience with a rustic and very inviting atmosphere.

Picture 60 – Living room with turquoise blue decor.

Living room with turquoise blue decor
Just bet on decorating objects and leave the place more sophisticated!



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