From the costumes of the carnival blocks to makeup, accessories and children’s parties, unicorns have become a fever among young people of all ages and the unicorn party is the most awaited by everyone. Rainbow colors and cuteness are a trend not only between infants and toddlers, but such a joyful theme has all gotten into digital media and social networks, and among unicorn lovers are teens and adults as well.

This is a theme that can be carried out in a variety of ways, from a simple unicorn party, a baby shower, an overnight stay with a unicorn, a picnic, or a super-glamorous party. The most important thing is not to lose the mythical mood around this enchanted animal that lives in a beautiful universe of make-believe.

To start thinking about all the details for the party decorations unicorn , keep in mind that the color palette is made up of the colors of the rainbow which can be used in a number of different ways. That means it is possible to create a colorful party with more vibrant colors, bet on the glamor of metallic colors or experience the softness of the candy colors or the elegance of the off-white .

The unicorn is a mythological animal that is described as unique and pure, it also has magical powers, so the enchanted world mood of its unicorn-themed party can also arise from very easy-to-find objects such as glitter, cotton candy and flowers, the happy and magical symbolism, that surrounds you.

The party decoration unicorn can easily be found in party stores and you have many colors, textures and materials to choose from, from stickers to balloons to gift boxes. There are many ways of unicorn embellishments to celebrate in this post and we are going to show you that you can play with the paper embellishments DIY to make yourself at home or bet on items ready to buy and your party to decorate.

70 unicorn party decor ideas

Take a look at the 70 paths that we separate so that you can let go of the imagination and take your guests into this rainbow world in the party decoration unicorn

Table of cake and candy for unicorn party

Image 01 – Balloons, flowers and unicorns: a festival of unicorns with cuteness and Provencal furniture.

Balloons, flowers and unicorns

Image 02 РA neutral background to accentuate the red and purple tones of the Decór.

A neutral background to highlight shades of red

Picture 03 – Colorful and fun background with unicorns and rainbows on your clean table.

Colorful and hilarious background with unicorns

Image 04 – A bit of glamor and sophistication in a unicorn festival of white and gold.

Glam unicorn party

Image 05 – Choose your basic colors and pay attention to the details: a table with lots of soft colors that highlight the blue.

Table with many soft colors in the unicorn party

Image 06 – Transform everything with a touch of magic: balloons of the unicorns.

Unicorn balloons

Image 07 – Pink and gold as a base and colored sprinkles to refer to the colors of the unicorns.

Pink and gold as a base on unicorn decoration

Image 08 – The wall arrangement can combine balloons, messages and other details on paper.

Arrangement on the wall with balloons for unicorn party

Image 09 – The skirt in candy colors gives the table the highlight and tenderness.

Highlight and delicacy needed for table

Image 10 – Combine colorful flowers to make the party at the guests’ tables.

Colorful flowers to tone the party

Image 11 – If you prefer a livelier party, mix up bold colors and invest in balloons and metallic details.

Metallic balloons and details

Image 12 – Soft and bright colors on a table: Enter the dreamy atmosphere with colorful unicorns in the clouds.

Soft, vibrant tones on the table

Image 13 – Not every unicorn party needs the rainbow. It is possible to make a neutral decoration combining the gold with flowers and natural elements without losing the reference.

Gold with flowers in decoration

Image 14 – An outdoor bookcase: flowers, balloons and unicorns on a picnic in the garden.

Flowers, balloons and unicorns

Image 15 – The decoration with wood allows you to distribute several cuddly unicorns at the party.

Decoration with wood for unicorn party

Image 16 – Even if you focus on the rainbow, you can highlight certain colors and make the combinations that you like.

Rainbow for unicorn party

Menu and food for unicorn party

Image 17 – Milkshakes enchants with the colors and flavors of the party: light pink and marshmallow to match the sweetness of the theme.

Milkshakes enchanted with the colors of the party

Figure 18 – Use small boxes or even small plates as containers for snacks, popcorn, and snacks.

Small boxes and small hats for party decoration

Image 19 – A dream come true with decorated unicorn biscuits.

Dream come true

Dream turning reality 1

Picture 20 – Cotton to sweeten the party; fluffy clouds with magic horns.

Cuddly clouds with magical horns

Image 21 – Cookies and sweets with colorful sprinkles: the rainbow is present in every detail.

Biscuits with colorful sprinkles

Image 22 – Cupcakes with decorations or plaques of unicorns.

Cupcakes with decoration for unicorn party

Magic cupcakes for unicorn party

Beautiful cupcakes for unicorn party

Picture 23 – Cereals and sweets bewitched to taste the horns of the unicorns.

Cereals and enchanted sweets

Image 24 – It’s time to hydrate! Decorated water bottles.

Bottles decorated for unicorn feast

Image 25 – The cutest cake pops in this enchanted world: colorful and with crowns or little unicorns.

The cutest cupcakes of this unicorn world

Unicorn party: magical inspirations to decorate a party with the theme

Image 26 – More unicorns to enchant and enjoy: Macarons with the face and horns of a unicorn.

Unicorns to be enchanted and delight

Image 27 – Turn paper pots into unicorns with paper and glitter.

Unicorns with paper and glitter

Image 28 – Give a new life to plastic bottles adorned with colored ribbons, personalized straws and other decorations.

Plastic bottles with colored ribbons

Decoration of the unicorn party

Image 29 – Do not forget to wear Caprichar in the entrance area and greet the party.

Capriche at the entrance and welcome

Picture 30 – Reserve a table for the kids to have fun and pretend.

Book a table for the kids to have fun

Picture 31 – A sculpture made of styrofoam and colored paper to decorate the corners of the party.

Styrofoam and colored paper sculpture

Picture 32 – Activities to color in and participate in small things.

Coloring activities in the unicorn party

Image 33 – Everything in this party can become a unicorn! Decorate the back of the chairs with horns and unicorn ears.

Armchairs with horns

Picture 34 – Arrange the table utensils so that everything comes to the guests’ hands: party accessories, color games and souvenirs.

Arrange the table items

Image 35 – Unicorn balloons: ready or made at home.

Unicorn balloons

Balloons for party unicorn

Image 36 – Another option for the little ones to enjoy the party at will.

Choice of kits for the little ones to enjoy the party

Image 37 – Add the rainbow with colorful pebble applications to your cutlery.

Rainbow for your cutlery

Picture 38 – If the birthday girl’s preference is to decorate the table with pearls and other cute pendriques.

Decorate the table with beads

Image 39 – Don’t forget to decorate the ceiling and stone in gold to give that glamor feeling.

Decorate the ceiling and capriche in the golden

Image 40 – A garden party allows natural objects such as flowers and leaf arrangements to be combined with balloons and items that are often used in salons.

Unicorn festival in the garden

Picture 41 – The coolest thing about this mythical creature is the ability to paint creatively.

Colorful unicorn

Picture 42 – Horns, magic powder and wand for everyone to have fun.

Horns, enchanted powder and magic wand

Enchanted powder

Be a unicorn on a horse field

Figure 43 – Wall sculpture of the unicorn made of paper.

Wall sculpture with paper

Image 44 – This is a table that does not leave aside the rainbow or the horn of the unicorn.

Decorated table for unicorn party

Cake for unicorn party

Image 45 – The strong colors of the base and the lid with a melted effect make us devour this cake with our eyes.

Cake table for unicorn party

Image 46 – The soft tones of the cake and the support dialogue with the lightness of the table colors and the golden panels give the finishing touches.

Cake with soft tones

Picture 47 – The unicorn baby parties make it possible to make capricar in cuteness by putting details in American paste and icing in the same cake.

Party decoration unicorn baby

Image 48 – The reference to the unicorns came from the macarons on this cake.

Macarons on top of the cake

Image 49 – If you prefer a lighter cake topper, you can just bet on a unicorn on top and leave everything else very smooth.

Unicorn on the cake

Image 50 – Colored feather duster and small details such as ears, nose and small eyes transform a neutral cake into a unicorn.

Colorful pots on top of cake

Figure 51 – Multiple layers so as not to forget a reference.

Several layers not to forget any reference

Image 52 – A simple cake for a unicorn festival in white, gold and green from the garden.

Simple cake for unicorn party

Image 53 – Enjoy the frosted skirt of the cake as an additional colorful element in your party.

Unicorn cake with icing

Picture 54 – The frosting and an ice cream cone can simulate the perfect unicorn on your cake.

Bun on the cake top

Image 55 – An explosion of sweetness: candy colors, sighs and macarons.

Candy colors, sigh and macarons

Picture 56 – Half-naked cake with small eyes and a golden horn.

Half naked cake with little eyes

The Unicorn

Image 57 – Unicorn horns in a souvenir bag to make the time of departure sweeter.

Tote bag with unicorn horns

Image 58 – Bracelets and bracelets for best friends.

Bracelets and bracelets as a souvenir

Picture 59 – Divide a room to distribute items both for welcome and for goodbye.

Space to dispose of the souvenirs

Image 60 – The unicorn wooden box party favors can be given a magical touch with glitter and little unicorns on top.

Wooden gift box with glitter

Picture 61 – Paper masks to enjoy before and after the party.

Paper masks to taste the before and after

Image 62 – Bottles, soda tubes and other containers are much more fun with tags and other personalized decorations.

Bottles and tubes, bubble

Picture 63 – Personalize the bags of souvenirs with the name of the birthday child and theme designs.

Personalized souvenir bag

Picture 64 – Among the unicorn party favors, more delicate objects, with paper, with stickers and messages of affection can also be made.

Delicate souvenir

Image 65 – Bags and accessories as cute and functional souvenirs.

Cute and functional souvenirs

Image 66 – Pencil decoration for friends who come to school full of color and style.

Pencil decoration

Figure 67 – A mason jar souvenir full of items for personal care.

Mason Jar souvenir

Picture 68 – Unicorn tags and a colorful presentation when making the souvenirs.

Tags of unicorn

Picture 69 – If the budget is high or the number of guests is reduced, invest in a necklace with a unicorn pendant so all friends will remember the big day.

Necklace with unicorn pendant

Image 70 – The decorated biscuit is a cute, delicate and at the same time very practical souvenir for everyone who leads the party.

Biscoitinho decorated as a souvenir



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