Today we have another upcycling project for you! This beautiful scarf with lace only cost me 1 Euro!

Upcycling DIY: We are looking for a scarf with lace on it

The beautiful lace covers you can see on the photos have been ready for me for a DIY project for ages. A dear friend got them from her mother and didn’t know what to do with the lace herself… luckily she thought about me and I thought about clothes right away. Decoration with lace I have already conjured for my wedding. Actually, I wanted to cut the back part from a top and replace it with lace, but then there is always the stupid question of what I pull under it. So the lace had to slumber in the closet… until I went shopping with my sister in the outlet and discovered this scarf…reduced to one Euro! I immediately thought of my top and took it with me! And zack, it became a scarf with lace!

Scarf with lace – What you need
A scarf (or a cloth)
Old lace doilies (you can find them at the flea market or online!)
Yarn in the colour of the lace doilies
Needle and possibly an embroidery frame

This is how it’s done

Actually, the pictures speak for themselves: The doily have to be embroidered on the scarf. At first I thought about a design and distributed the doily on the scarf. I used only parts of the doily, for example at the edge. I only embroidered one end of the scarf to avoid a lace overkill. Stick your design if you like it.

Since my scarf is a creased scarf, I didn’t sew the doily completely on all places but followed once the most striking line all around. But I have the piece that I have worked always clamped in an embroidery frame. Make sure that you don’t pull the creased scarf too smooth, because then the doily doesn’t fall naturally afterwards. I used thin yarn and fine stitches, so you can hardly see the seam on the back. Then all you need is a little patience and sensitivity… and zack the scarf is finished with lace!

Have fun with the rebuilding,


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