You may want to decorate the house with furniture for a number of factors. The first is for the economy, since the furniture is usually much cheaper than the new ones. Another reason might be that you have to spend some time in your house. Third, many people are looking for a good time. And finally, you might want to decorate with furniture just because you love that style.

Whatever the reason, this post will help you to create an incredible decor with used, old, recycled or restored furniture using your preferred term. The furniture can also be used in the decoration, even if the main style does not match the furniture, as these furniture often only contribute to the fitness and personality of the residents.

In any case, it is worth noting that both are the most up-to-date and most classic proposals. The care in this case is to adapt it to the style of decoration. Use a color that matches the rest of the environment. And do not overdo the can, a chair or a coffee table is enough.

For rustic decorations and vintages, used furniture falls like a glove. They can be introduced into the environment more naturally or with some equipment, such as patina.

Here are some tips for you to renovate and update this antique furniture and make it beautiful in the decor of your home:

Tips for remodeling and decorating with used furniture


Painting is one of the most traditional ways to change the little piece of furniture that you have in your home. The vibrant and vibrant colors are on the rise, especially for painting used furniture. Do not forget to clean and grind the piece well. The enamel color is best for this type of work, but you can also try the sprayed inks, which give the furniture a very nice and consistent look.


The patina is a kind of finish for the furniture, so it looks aged and worn. Any type of furniture can receive the effect that can vary in different colors. The best thing about the patina is that it fits in different styles of décor and you can even do it.


Decoupage is a different kind – simple, easy and inexpensive – to turn the face of a piece of furniture, even if it’s not so worn, but you’re tired of looking at it. Basically, decoupage is the process of cutting and pasting previously selected images. Let the creativity flow!


The coating of the furniture is also an interesting starting point to redesign the used furniture. It may be coated with a tissue or adhesive of the contact paper type. The process is also very simple and inexpensive.


The restoration of old and used furniture can also be worthwhile. In this case, it may be necessary to count on the help of persons who specialize in this process, since the restoration aims to restore the original characteristics of the furniture and not to change it, as the other proposals above. If it is a hereditary or family heirloom, it may be worth spending money and leaving the furniture as new.


The handles can change the overall look of the furniture in seconds. There are specialty shops in this type of product where you can find different models, colors and sizes of handles. Even at home, there are some options such as leather strap handles or pieces of wood. Anyway, consider this exchange, it can be damn good for your cellphone.


If the furniture you have in your home is a chair, a sofa, or a bench, think about the possibility of changing the fabric of the upholstery by choosing a more modern type and a color that goes with the rest the decoration fits. To update the part while preserving the original design.

60 inspirations from used and renovated furniture for home decor

Now take a look at a selection of old and used furniture pictures in the room decor. You will be astonished – and fall in love – with so many possibilities:

Picture 1 – In this cupboard serves the old suitcase, which can be a relic of the family to organize the environment.

Closet with antique suitcase

Picture 2 – Furniture used: Patina changed the look of the coffee table and gained a prominent place in the bathroom.

Patina on the coffee table

Picture 3 – Furniture used: New paint was already enough to transform the steel cabinet.

Used furniture: steel cabinet with new paint

Picture 4 – This cabinet has been restored and has been reused very well in the room.

Reformed dresser / dresser to decorate the room

Picture 5 – Decoration with used furniture: The old bag was reused and happened to be the side table of the room.

Side table made with old suitcase

Picture 6 – Plants give the restored wooden bench a special charm.

Restored wooden bench with plants

Picture 7 – Table of the bucks is high in decoration with used furniture.

Easel table is decorated with used furniture

Image 8 – Sustainable decoration: table made of recycled material and double draft.

Table of recycled materials and double puff of tires

Figure 9 – White kitchen of the classic style was rated with the antique table of wood and iron.

White kitchen with antique table

Figure 10 – Furniture used in the decoration: For the multipurpose cabinet it was suggested to change the handles and cover some drawers.

Used Furniture: All Purpose Cabinet

Figure 11 – Wooden table shows to be a lady of advanced age, already the chairs complete the decoration with a mix of retro and modern.

Dining table used

Picture 12 – In this project the antique clock and the bed prove that the maturity has its special beauty.

Used furniture: clock and bedside

Figure 13 – Do not underestimate a steel cabinet, it can be a great ally of modern style with used furniture.

Steel cupboard as bedside table

Picture 14 – Decoration with used furniture: new painting updates the chairs and transforms the decoration of the dining room.

Used furniture: new paint on the chairs

Picture 15 – And have you thought about reusing the car seats? See how they stay in the decor of this cabinet.

Car seats in the decoration

Picture 16 – Used furniture: Wood may be old, but it never goes out of fashion.

Used furniture: wood may be old, but it never goes out of style

Picture 17 – Used furniture: This bathroom became even more classic and sophisticated with the used and restored table.

Classic bathroom with table used

Picture 18 – And look at this idea! Grant a metal barrel!

Metal barrel reused in the decoration

Picture 19 – Furniture used: table and bench with patina contrast in the lively and colorful environment; Pallets on the wall complete the decor.

Used furniture: patina table

Figure 20 – If you do not leave anything on this chair of your house, try to throw a paint on it! I bet you will change your mind.

Old bench repainted in decoration with cobogos

Picture 21 – Ride on the sustainability wave: wooden coil turntable.

Wooden reel as a table

Picture 22 – Used furniture: turquoise radicalized the look of this sideboard.

Turquoise blue painted trimmer in the decoration

Picture 23 – iron furniture can also be recast; White color makes it more present.

Iron Furniture in Decoration

Figure 24 – Used furniture: mute set of old suitcases.

Made dumb with old suitcases

Picture 25 – Antique chest of drawers now in pink.  Decoration with used furniture: Coffee table has found a new use and is now used to support the TV.

table has gained a new use and now serves to support TV

Picture 27 – For this old armchair was the choice to use a new material to valorize it.

New fabric for antique armchair

Picture 28 – This room is full of vintage elements: from the sofa to the small tables through the floor lamp.

Floor lamp in decoration

Picture 29 – Do you have plastic boxes that clog your house? Put it in the decoration.

Old plastic boxes in decoration

Picture 30 – In this room the leather pouf is the oldest decoration object.

Antique leather pouf

Figure 31 – A special table for studies, which has been inserted perfectly in the decoration with used furniture.

Special coffee table with antique furniture

Figure 32 – Nothing is better than a lively and cheerful color to transform the furniture used.

Refurbished antique furniture with paint

Figure 33 – Decoration with used furniture: Antique table of classic style was harmoniously inserted into a project of decoration modern.

Renovated old desk

Picture 34 – Decoration with used furniture: Glassware is rarely found nowadays, if you have one in your house, use it in the decor.

Decorating with used furniture: Glass cabinets are rare to find nowadays, if you have one in your home re-use it in the decor

Picture 35 – Record this recipe for a brand new piece of furniture: bold color, new handles and coated top.

Revenue for used furniture: vibrant paint, new and coated top

Picture 36 – Used furniture: The home-wear rocking chair brings a warm and cozy atmosphere into the room.

Antique furniture: rocking chair

Picture 37 – When renovating used furniture, use colors that match the rest of the decor.

Decor with antique decor and matching colors

Picture 38 – Decoration with used furniture: This armchair is a journey into the past.

Decorating with used furniture: this armchair is a journey in time

Figure 39 – For chair, white color; on the stool, a fabric cover for the seat and black color on the feet.

Fabric cover for stool

Picture 40 – Entrance hall decorated with used and old parts.

Entrance hall decorated with old and used parts

Picture 41 – Antique furniture turned in this double room to the bedside table.

Old cabinet turned dumb-bell into this double room

Picture 42 – Decoration with used furniture: the wood is a noble material that will never be missing in the decoration; What changes is the design of the furniture made with it.

Decoration with used furniture: wood is a noble material that will never be left out in the decoration

Figure 43 – Decoration with used furniture: Low coffee table that has been refurbished to decorate the house with bibleos and other objects.

Decor with furniture used: low coffee table with bibelôs and other objects

Figure 44 – Used furniture: Cabinet with drawers uses decorative and functional effect for this room.

Used Furniture: Closet with Drawers Used has decorative and functional effect for this room

Picture 45 – Decoration with used furniture: The good old staircase that everyone has at home can become the object of modern decoration.

Decoration with used furniture: the beautiful old staircase, which has a home in it

Picture 46 – Old windows turned the head in this project, did you like the idea? In demolition materials you will find many models easy.

Old windows have turned head on this project, liked the idea? In demolition stores you will find many models easy

Figure 47 – A new functionality for the coffee table in the decoration with used furniture.

A new feature for the coffee table in the decoration with used furniture

Figure 48 – Furniture used: hospital bed transforms the cot into this project, would you use one of them in your house?

Furniture Used: hospital bed turns child into this project?

Picture 49 – Used furniture: Like wood, leather is a timeless material and does not lose its aesthetic significance over time.

Leather in antique armchair decoration

Figure 50 – In this picture several fields help with the organization of the house.

Bins in the organization of the house

Picture 51 – Are you worried about the fur on the couch? Here in this room, they did not even hinder the biggest features of the chair to participate in the decoration.

Antique armchair in living room

Picture 52 – Another example of how the old suitcases of decoration can be used with reused furniture.

Chest and antique suitcase as bedside table

Figure 53 – Used furniture: retro and modern, sharing the same space harmoniously.

Used furniture: retro and modern sharing the same space, harmoniously

Picture 54 – Furniture used: The orange color is most reminiscent of the retro style; show for the chair painted with this color.

Furniture used: orange color is one of the most retro style

Picture 55 – Pallets, big friends of uncomplicated decoration, are the symbol of reusable furniture. Clean and neutral decoration on the restored table next to the bed.

Clean decor with antique furnishings

Picture 57 – Decoration with used furniture: Vanity in a suitcase!

Dresser in the suitcase: a very creative idea!

Picture 58 – Decoration with used furniture: Do not you need the stairs anymore? Turn it into a shelf.

Ancient staircase as a bookcase

Picture 59 – Decoration with used furniture: Retro style in the colors and the design,

Decoration with used furniture: retro style in the colors and design, but the furniture received

Picture 60 – Double room, all furnished with old and used furniture.

Double room decorated with old and used furniture



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