For those who want to gather family and friends at home, it is ideal to consider the right place in the project to house the drinks for those moments of camaraderie.

One of the rooms that small bars are supposed to be housed in are walls that are not clearly used and that can accommodate compartments, shelves, and drinks cabinets. The gourmet balconies can also be customized to create that distinctive space in the decoration.

Aside from the space for the bottles, it is interesting to compose with related objects like bowls, glasses, openers, corkscrews, buckets and others. On the wall, the thematic frames can make this place more fun and relaxing. Other types of objects can be combined according to the tastes of the residents.

Wall Bar: models and photos to inspire you

If you are looking for a smart and creative option when planning this space, it is best to do extensive research for references from various projects. We make this work easier by bringing together the best references of this type of bar. Check the pictures below:

Figure 1 – Mirrored wall with space for the bar.

The mirror takes the feeling of breadth to the place, so if you own a minibar this is a great alternative to decorate the room.

Photo 2 – Bar embedded in the wall.

This layout followed a great solution with the joist mounted to the bottom of the wall. That way there is a blank wall and still compliments the dining room with the extension of the bar.

Photo 3 – Enjoy the new concept of balconies to create a bar.


Using the balcony to furnish a living space requires a good project. It is necessary to utilize with the use of benches, futons, shelves and small appliances.

Image 4 – Plan a good carpenter project to make a bespoke bar on the wall.

Plan the distribution of the bottle dividers, cups and other utensils in a functional way.

Image 5 – Bar on the wall with jovial style.

Referring to Fig.

Decorate the wall with a good quality paint, themed stickers and plaques related to the bar theme.

Image 6 – Sideboard with a minibar.

It is common to have a dresser in the living room, so invest in a small tray to have a drink.

Photo 7 – Have a function in that little corner of your home.


It doesn’t take a lot of space to set up a bar at home. Sometimes the home office to provide a bar pays more off for those looking to gather friends and family back home.

Image 8 – Assemble the bar as a room divider.

Referring to Fig.
We can replace the brick wall with a bar that integrates two environments. Look for a reference to this project full of ideas and personality!

Photo 9 – Bookcase with a minibar.

Referring to Fig.

For those who own a small apartment, you can opt for a small corner with a shelf. Don’t forget to decorate the wall with pictures and objects that show your style.

Image 10 – The bar cart is a versatile piece of decoration.

Another option for those short on space is to invest in the bar cart, which goes way beyond this function. It can support books, vases, keys and other objects.

Photo 11 – Choose one that suits the style of your home.


There are a wide variety of models on the market, look for one that residents like and that excels in the environment.

Picture 12 – Wall with bar and cellar.

It is common in a bar proposal on the wall to connect the room with a wine cellar, cupboard and refrigerator. Creating a unique space for drinks.

Figure 13 – The bar can be “hidden” in this way, attached to the TV panel.

This suggestion is great for those who have some freedom in the facility and may break some walls to mount the built-in bar.

Image 14 – How about enjoying American cuisine to furnish the bar with some shelves?

Optimize the space and give the integrated kitchen worktop an additional function.

Image 15 – The flexible shelf offers the freedom to set up a small corner for the bar.


The trend in interior design is flexibility for the environment. Therefore, investing in furniture with wheels or furniture that can be moved is a good alternative so as not to suffer from decoration. This shelf has niches that can be changed according to taste and use.

Image 16 – Your own countertop can be turned into a bar.

The room where the TV is in the room can become the corner of the bar. For this, the television is installed at a higher point and a bench with some high chairs is installed.

Picture 17 – Wall with bar and cupboard.

Great option to do in the lobby which offers continuity with the wall bar.

Image 18 – Wall with blackboard and light color in neon brings that special touch to the bar.

Make this room a bunch of fun! For those who cannot embed the bar on the wall, one can opt for a bar-themed wall.

Picture 19 – Bar wall with rustic decoration.


For a rustic style, invest in heavy materials like wood, stone, and brick.

Photo 20 – Enjoy a blank wall and set up a bar with a minibar and a wine cellar.

The refrigerator is a piece that arrived to stay! You cannot miss it for those planning to have a bar at home. To save space, keep a tray with cups on top.

Picture 21 – Support of crying on the wall.


Combine functionality and decoration with the same offer.

Image 22 – Built-in bar cabinet.

For those who don’t want to leave the bar open, one can invest in these partitions that will open up when necessary. That way, it even hides the cups and avoids the accumulation of dirt.

Picture 23 – In the market we can find several models of small appliances to build a bar at home.


Picture 24 – Make your bar fun.

The plaster lining further delimited the bar area. To make the place more youthful, abuse of color and personalized metal doors.

Picture 25 – Bar on the wall with yellow decoration.


Photo 26 – Use the living room panel to extend a bar with doors.


Image 27 – The bottle holder is a good idea to add to the wine cellar and decorate the wall.

This support was made with a wooden plate and the glass to give the bottles more structure.

Picture 28 – Bar on the wall with modern decor.


Picture 29 – Instead of putting a cabinet in place, leave your bar open with a differently decorated wall.


Figure 30 – Corner for the bar in the dining room.


Picture 31 – Decorate the wall with the bottles.


Picture 32 – Attach a bar to the kitchen wall.


Image 33 – Put the finishing touches on the mirrors with mirrored wall and glass shelves.


Figure 34 – Attach a decorative stand to the wall.


Picture 35 – The bookcase is a great option to set up a mini bar for home celebrations.


Picture 36 – A good way to keep the bar hidden in the wall.


Image 37 – Bar in a light wood finish.


Figure 38 – Bar with decoration B & B.

The black joinery makes the porch more elegant, try to compose tiles on the wall that follow the same suggestion of the cabinets.

Picture 39 – Make an invisible door to hide the corner of the bar on the wall.


Picture 40 – Embedding the bar on the wall is one way to gain space.


Image 41 – In addition to the functional ones, the niches with the bottles further decorate the place.


Figure 42 – Use the vertical walls to assemble a continuation of the plate.


Picture 43 – Modern and functional support for a minibar on the wall.


Picture 44 – Leave the harmonious composition with colors.

This cabinet has the sliding door that can hide the corner of the bar or leave it open to add more charm to the dining room.

Picture 45 – Decorate the wall with niches.

The niches are another versatile piece in decor, can hold decorative objects and even your mini-bar bottles on the wall.

Figure 46 – Mini-Bar Caster Set.


Figure 47 – Cupboard with partitions for bar.


Image 48 – The bar can act as a panel dividing environments.


Picture 49 – For wine lovers, you can add a larger cellar on the wall.


Picture 50 – Wall with coffee corner and bar.


Picture 51 – Shelves in the wall function as a bar.

The wall with green paint highlighted the shelves.

Photo 52 – Vertical stand for bottles.


Picture 53 – Enjoy the high right foot and make a bookcase to organize drinks and decorative items.


Picture 54 – Wall with cellar and cupboard.


Image 55 – The wooden slats help hide the living room and give it elegance.


Image 56 – Use the mirror to enlarge the room.

Mirrors and glass are lightweight materials that leave the environment clean and modern. The highlight is the corkscrew that adorns the wall.

Image 57 – Enjoy the existing closet and reserve a space to set up the bar.

No need to invest in another piece of furniture to set up a bar, the cool thing is to adapt what you have and convert that little corner.

Photo 58 – Make a niche on the wall to embed furniture that will act as a bar.

The built-in bar sits close to the wall and makes the look look cleaner.

Picture 59 – Bar on the wall with sideboard.

The composition of the mirror trimmer is charming and elegant in any social setting.

Image 60 – Mount a bar on the wall with a bracket for bottles and cabinets.


Picture 61 – Provide movement with a bar on the wall.


Image 62 – Optimize space with narrow shelves to support the bottles.

Another way to get off the ornate wall is to use mirrored shelves, which will enlarge and emphasize this corner.



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