The fabric is a practical and affordable material that can be applied to the walls of the house without necessarily requiring a professional. Its application is simple and can cost less than wallpaper, paint and other types of coatings.
It’s ideal for giving a different face to the wall, which makes the environment a lot livelier and more fun. Due to the numerous textures and colors, the possibilities of composition with the rest of the environment are great. Another advantage is that it can be easily replaced by the resident without dirt or too much work.

Where to put the fabric on the wall

There are several types of fabric that can be applied to the wall, but care should be taken in choosing the surroundings. While flexible, it is not recommended for use in kitchens and bathrooms, mainly because of the humidity that can affect the adhesive and the durability of the material (there are some waterproof models that are specific to these environments today). Its use is recommended in living rooms, dining rooms, entrance halls, corridors and offices.

To better preserve the fabric, it should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with a certain frequency, and if there are stains, the material can be cleaned with a cloth dampened with water and neutral soap. Some types of tissue accumulate naturally and affect those who have some type of allergy.

How to put the fabric on the wall

We separate some videos that explain step by step how to stick the fabric on the wall of the house, with due care, especially with those that are stamped and need to be changed:

In this second tutorial, you’ll see a different approach that uses different fabrics on the same wall:

60 inspirations from environments with fabric on the wall

We separate beautiful inspirations to help you choose the ideal fabric on the wall. At the end of the post, we recommend some stores so that you can buy yours. Check it:

Picture 1 – As the decoration is more neutral, the choice is with a light fabric but with a more attractive stamp.

Create a highlight to enhance the decoration of the room can be a vase, table, armchair, chest of drawers or other accessories. In this design, the fabric on the wall has changed the overall appearance of the room – here classic furniture is combined with a noticeable touch for the environment.

Image 2 – TV panel with fabric wall.

This combination was cute and tender! The white joinery helped make the environment more feminine. If the suggestion is for a masculine setting, bet on stripes and geometric shapes.

Photo 3 – Make a composition with the rest of the fabric in the area.


With the excess of the fabric it is possible to furnish another object in the decoration, from the curtains to a piece of furniture. In this case, the solution was to build a set with the bench and bed bar and keep everything in harmony.

Image 4 – Wall fabric with foliage pattern.

The foliage pressure is super high! Because wallpaper templates are difficult to find with this design, fabrics can easily replace paper.

Picture 5 – Girls room with fabric wall.

Referring to Fig.

Image 6 – With different textures and prints, wall textiles bring more color and life to the environment.

We can find a wide variety of wall fabrics. The model used in this project does not have a repeating pattern and forms a single layer with a design all over the wall.

Picture 7 – Play with tone on tone.


Since the suggestion of this environment is aimed at a rustic touch, the choice was for a print that followed the color chart of the rest of the decoration.

Image 8 – The thicker fabrics are ideal for a dormitory, they bring more comfort and increase the feeling of well-being.

Referring to Fig.
The trend for rustic fabrics like linen is big, even if they don’t have prints.

Picture 9 – Play with the picture to create a landscape.

Referring to Fig.

The cool thing about the fabric is that it promotes this integration into the wall. For a children’s room, adding a landscape is always a pleasure and makes the room more playful: the children love it!

Photo 10 – Gather practicality and style in your surroundings!


Image 11 – This model is a versatile option for any decoration.


The neutral colors of this fabric can be combined with different environments, from a modern room to a reduced space. The accessories that are included will determine the style.

Photo 12 – Modify the wall of your closet by lining the floor with fabric.

This is a simple idea for those looking to change the look of some furniture. It can be made either on shelves, niches or closets.

Picture 13 – Wall of fabric on a ladder.

At the time of choosing the print, the resident can combine them with the existing colors of the environment or assemble something completely new, as shown in this hall of stairs.

Photo 14 – Use the leftover fabric to add matching furniture.

Be careful when mixing floral and other prints so you don’t get too dirty. First you need to define what style you want the environment to be.

Image 15 – Put only the bottom of a small area that highlights and gives depth.


A child’s room demands colors in its decoration, so the traditional is the best option. Take this design, for example, which lines the wall with printed fabric, paints the doors a vivid color, and has stickers on the white wall.

How about a delicate print in the dining room?

The room can become romantic with the floral prints.

Image 17 – In this proposal there are also the boho-chic models.


Image 18 – Get inspiration on your wall on the Copacabana sidewalk.

The hall floor becomes a “dead” or “empty” wall. So try to give life to this little corner!

Image 19 – Fabric wall with floral print.


Picture 20 – Fabric wall with blue detail.

The decoration of this room is ideal for a beach setting.

Picture 21 – You can match the picture of the wall with the chairs of the dining table.


Be careful when you combine the same fabric in the furniture as too much hype will mess the look. If the chairs are already stamped, invest in a white table or a neutral color that goes with the fabric.

Image 22 – Line up the inside of your niche to give the phone a different look.

In this way it is possible to highlight any piece of furniture.

Image 23 – It is possible to leave the room quickly and easily with Scandinavian air.


Image 24 – Would you like a modern baby room? Go for an abstract print and Scandinavian furniture.

The baby room should convey calm. If it is an extravagant material, it is best to use carpets and more neutral furniture. The Scandinavian style is a cool option for anyone looking for a modern yet discreet setting.

Picture 25 – It even has the model with three-dimensional illusion.


Picture 26 – The coolness of this texture is the effect with a greater distance.


Picture 27 – The famous arabesques could not be missing here!


Image 28 – Home office with a feminine touch.

More daring patterns require application to just one wall. That way, she can be the center of attention without moving heavily around the room. Make sure the furniture is neutral.

Picture 29 – Wall made of fabric with a pattern of nature.

The bright colors give this space energy, especially when it comes to bringing nature into the interior. The die-cut wall and pillows combine with the sofa in a more neutral tone.

Picture 30 – Fabric wall with built-in television.


Image 31 – Assemble a neutral baby room with a delicate pattern.

The prints on the wall are worth more than a smooth wall and thus have the power to “warm” the environment with elegance.

Picture 32 – See the wall can match for a living room with some sofa cushions.


Picture 33 – Fabric wall with ethnic stamp.


Image 34 – Bet on models and individual prints for a neat decoration.

If you prefer you can choose to apply more neutral tones on all walls, creating a more traditional and cozy feel.

Picture 35 – Betting on a bolder print requires more and more care.


Image 36 – Although it is an eye-catching print, the color of the fabric manages to balance with the decoration of this environment.


Picture 37 – Use a piece of cloth to hang on the wall like a picture.


Picture 38 – And this closet, which is stamped like a wall?

Renew the wardrobe by furnishing the closet with a fabric of your choice. The great thing about this idea is that it’s a stamped wall so you can have a new room and closet quickly and easily.

Picture 39 – Surfaces with fabric can also coat your wall.

To give the impression of an upholstered headboard, make a panel lined with MDF with your favorite fabric. The bed and the white headboard underlined this upholstered and embossed wall. It is ideal that you choose the same color to get the same effect.

Photo 40 – Living room with candy colors decoration.

Candy colors appeal to everyone, especially in a feminine setting.

Picture 41 – Even though this is a toilet, you can treat the fabric to save space.

To keep the decor balanced, if you choose wallpaper in the bathroom, the other items in the room should be more discreet. A stamped wallpaper with an incredible design can be the highlight of your toilet.

Picture 42 – Enhance the style of the surroundings with a punched wall.


Image 43 – Let your room look more inspiring with a delicate print.


Figure 44 – Boho Chic room with printed wall.


Picture 45 – Cover only part of the wall to go as a mural from scrap and photos.


Picture 46 – Turn your carpet into a picture on the wall.

Give more warmth with the carpets on the walls. By breaking, they make the atmosphere more cozy.

Figure 47 – Denim gives the environment a modern and clean air.

In relaxed spaces, jeans with faded color can be used. This example even has some red details.

Picture 48 – Wall of fabric with ball pattern.


Picture 49 – For a classic setting, try to prioritize the style on the walls as well.


Picture 50 – Fabric wall with turquoise-green print and birds.


Figure 51 – Double room with fabric wall.


Figure 52 – Wall of fabric with patchwork style.

It’s a practical and inexpensive way to decorate any setting. Use recyclable materials like cloth flaps, they can give the room a new face.

Figure 53 – Fabric wall with ethnic print in shades of blue.


Figure 54 – For children’s air, choose delicate prints.


Picture 55 – As the wall is made of clean fabric, the pictures did not interfere with the visual area.


Pic 56 – Some models are waterproof, which means you can paste in damp areas without fear of ruin.


Picture 57 – Fabric wall with wine print.

Attaching the fabric to a single wall is a great option to add the decor without creating the heavy effect of combining with other furniture.

Picture 58 – Fabric wall with beige print.


Image 59 – Abuse of colors with a vivid print on the bedroom wall!

The panel celebrates the tropical climate in a playful and colorful way in this space for a young couple. The pillows and red niches give the room a cozy touch.

Picture 60 – Black fabric wall.

Choose to apply the fabric in an unexpected location. This way, you will appreciate the surroundings by drawing attention to corners that go unnoticed.

Where can I buy wallpaper?

Separate a couple of stores you can buy the fabric on the wall on the internet without leaving your home. Check the links below:



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