Frames are decorative elements full of versatility and bring decorative elements that can give your environment a new look with many patterns and possibilities. Learn more about mural painting:

Play with frames, sizes, styles and compositions. The wall of the paintings makes any atmosphere more comfortable and a good opportunity for you to highlight the space that has been half wiped out in your decoration, or even the time to give this repaginada without altering the painting or the wall.

The wall of the frame will match any type of decor you have in your room. That’s because you can apply the concepts of these styles in your frames and pictures. Scandinavian, industrial, modern, cheesy or pop culture references, styles can be used in conjunction with background colors or wallpapers to bring more harmony to the environment.

One of the first tips before you start your frame wall is to remember what the purpose of the frame on this wall is. To appreciate aspects of the decoration? Defects in the wall? Are you breaking the monotony of a room? From the desired purpose, the choice of decoration becomes much easier.

Now that you know what the purpose of your wall is, it’s time to think about the style, colors and layout that best suits your environment. Here are some tips to help you think about your best wall decoration:

  • Color palette : off-white, b & w, primary colors, complementary and so on. You can bet from more colorful styles to the more classic styles.
  • Arrangement of tables : Another recommendation before inserting the frames is to test the size and layout of the frames by inserting paper in the desired sizes on the wall. This makes it easier to get an idea of ​​the expected effect on your points and avoid unnecessary purchases.
  • Rectangle or square format: You can use different techniques to create this type of composition, a larger frame in the middle and smaller ones with the format on the wall, or two or more large frames to form multiple axes.
  • Lighter Composition : Mix sizes and styles, insert posters, mirrors, empty frames, small plates and other details that you feel are more printed with the personality on your decor.
  • Side by Side : How about hanging several small pictures of the same size next to each other? In this way, you have a super symmetrical end result that forms a firmer unit.

Wall of the frame: 60 ideas to assemble yours

Now that you already know the basics of wallboard composition, take a look at our selection of images with creative and inspirational designs!

Picture 1 – Picture wall in the dining room: triptych with monochrome abstract pictures.

Wall of pictures in the dining room

Picture 2 – wall pictures for living room in cold tones: double frame in the same abstract theme.

Wall of tables in cold tones

Picture 3 – Rate your corridors with big pictures: another trio of abstract pictures, this time arranged vertically.

Trio of abstract pictures

Picture 4 – What about an arrangement of simple pictures that come from the basic symmetry?

Wall with simple frames

Picture 5 – A new trend of decoration is to support your pictures on tables, shelves and shelves without sticking the wall.

Frames supported on racks

Picture 6 – For a young, urban and laid-back atmosphere, put on a wall of big and eye-catching pictures, neon and even skates!

Wall of big and flashy frames

Picture 7 – Another triptych: In the blue theme in the living room, bet on a composition of the sea with all the tones of this color calm and deep.

Trio of paintings on the wall of the room

Picture 8 – Wall of black and white frames: in this young and contemporary environment, bet on different designs and themes, maintaining the color pattern.

Black and white frame wall

Picture 9 – The walls with metropolitan maps are also the biggest success in contemporary decoration.

Wall of frames with metropolitan map

Picture 10 – Frame with the geometric theme: uniform arrangement and appreciation of the lines of the frames and the pictures.

Wall of frames with geometric theme

Picture 11 – Picture wall with pictures: another idea that combines with the eclectic and urban style.

Wall of frames with photos

Picture 12 – Picture wall for game room: Scale pictures of your favorite sports or mark them in different frames.

Wall of frames for games room

Picture 13 – Standardize your frame to vary the size, color and content of your picture wall.

Contemporary wall art

Picture 14 – Enjoy the walls, which are usually empty to make your composition with pictures: the hallways and stairs are always a good choice!

Wall of frames on the staircase and corridor

Picture 15 – Create your own poster, movie cover, book or comic book display on a wall of bedroom or living room pictures.

Picture frame for bedroom or living room

Picture 16 – Would you like to mark your wall? Big frames can be even more expensive, but they are worth the decoration.

Wall with large pictures

Picture 17 – A super simple abstract idea that is much appreciated with a good selection of pictures on the wall.

Wall of pictures in the abstract room

Figure 18 – Headboards can also be used to support your frames, keep them closer and do not have to stay against the wall!

Headboard as support for the frames

Picture 19 – For colder and empty environments the frames limit the space and give a stylish and personal touch

Frames that delimit the room

Picture 20 – Can pictures in the bathroom? Yes you can! Choose a simple set that fits your home decor.

Wall of frames in bathroom

Picture 21 – Black and white landscapes to beautify this black bedroom wall.

Black wall in bedroom

Image 22 – There are narrower shelves on the market that support pictures, photos and frames on your wall.

Narrow frame support shelf

Picture 23 – Play with the colors of the pictures and the colors of the frames too!

Wall of frames with colored frame

Picture 24 – High ceiling environments call for great pictures to complete the decoration and fill the space.

Wall of paintings in environment with high ceilings

Picture 25 – There are other objects that can be hung on the wall in addition to pictures like murals and warnings, calendars and even streamers or banners.

In addition to pictures, you can use murals and warnings, calendars and even streamers or banners

Picture 26 – Think about the composition that is possible between your pictures and your wall!

Wall of brick wall pictures

Picture 27 – Big pictures can be on the floor!

Large pictures on the floor

Picture 28 – Wall construction of small frames on a blue background.

Wall composition of small frames on blue background

Picture 29 – Promotional items of your favorite brands and stylized photographs are also a good decoration for your painting wall.

Advertising wall paneling pieces

Picture 30 – A series of six parts that form a huge wheel picture: another interesting idea that you can attach to your wall.

6 pieces of pictures with photo of giant wheel

Picture 31 – Or a continuous abstract artwork divided into three parts!

Separate artwork in 3 pieces of pictures on the wall

Figure 32 – Evaluate the corner walls in your frame composition.

Corner wall in frame composition

Picture 33 – Put on another lighting to give your picture wall even more meaning.

Different lighting to highlight the frame wall

Picture 34 – Four frames form a classic mural of frames.

Four frames in the wall

Picture 35 – Wall with colorful paintings: Put on different frames with different sizes, colors and shapes for a diverse and affective composition.

Wall of colorful frames

Figure 36 – For lovers of pets: a special frame wall composition for this super-friendly dog.

Wall of pictures for the lovers of the pets

Picture 37 – Perfect for young and creative environments: Put on a colorful, colorful wall full of references to inspire you!

Various frame wall

Picture 38 – But if you want a cleaner style: Put on the composition with black and white in the frame and the pictures.

Black and white on the wall of pictures

Picture 39 – Nature theme in this wall from pictures to room.

Wall of frames for bedroom

Picture 40 – Picture wall also for the nursery: Invest in cute animal pictures and colorful signs.

Wall of Frames: Learn Creative Ideas to Make Yourself

Picture 41 – No problem if you want to approach completely different pictures: But remember to create a unit, for example in the frame!

Frame wall unit

Figure 42 – Wall of kitchen pictures to give cuteness to this environment!

Wall of Frames: Learn Creative Ideas to Make Yourself

Picture 43 – Bet on pictures of natural ingredients and even on a super mural of recipes for your kitchen!

Picture Wall: Knowing Creative Ideas to Make Yourself 1

Picture 44 – Another wall with plant pictures.

Picture frame with foliage

Picture 45 – Hang the artworks you have! These include pictures, sketches and sketches, which can be created by you depending on the layout!

Pictures, drawings and sketches

Picture 46 – Tumblr Wall of Paintings: Be inspired by the style of this social network for a modern, stylish and super simple environment.

Wall of tumblr pictures

Picture 47 – In industrial style also metal plates, neon and pictures with lettering are welcome!

Wall of frames in the industrial style

Figure 48 – Rate composition lines: Although some images seem to have nothing to do with each other, you can create associations for details that contain them.

Different pieces in wall composition of frames

Picture 49 – Two large pictures on a smooth white wall to highlight and fill the void.

Two large frames on the wall of pictures

Picture 50 – Composition with pictures on walls of different environments.

Composition of painting on the wall of the room

Picture 51 – Natural plants in the environment and photographed in the pictures of the wall!

Natural plants on the wall of painting

Figure 52 – Wall of the dining room frame: highlighted with direct lighting.

Wall of frames for dining room

Figure 53 – Baby Room Comics: Bet on pictures that tell stories and cute characters.

Wall of frames for baby room

Picture 54 – Wall design of frames with rectangular and square frames.

Wall composition of frames with rectangular and square frames

Figure 55 – For a children’s playroom or TV room, bet on posters and films of all your favorite designs: the one here, stylized in the same pattern.

Wall of frames for toy room

Picture 56 – Architectural sketches on a gigantic scale to decorate this large living room and dining room.

Gigantic frame wall scale

Picture 57 – Another idea of ​​double frames with a single picture for your living room.

Double one-frame frames

Picture 58 – Picture wall arranged in perfect symmetrical harmony.

Wall of pictures arranged in a perfect symmetrical harmony

Picture 59 – The brick walls seem to attract more attention with a series of pictures.

Brick wall with pictures

Picture 60 – Double framed pictures on the same theme and with opposite colors: perfect balance!

Double Framed Frames



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