Hello everybody, your home have a traditional smooth colours on the walls? And you didn’t like this, you can change it, a good way to give a break in the atmosphere of your home is to work with wall texture. You can innovate with modern techniques and coating with your creativity.

Walls with textures

You are love the modernity, but may you trying to save money by doing drywall taping in your remodeled room by yourself or you simply want to get crafty, you might find yourself in the midst of a disaster. But if you like modernity, the coating is an indispensable object on your wall. But  to avoid of the disaster stay on the right track by following tried-and-true instructions for wall texture.

This design can come in boards that can be inserted normally such as in docking system or in rectangular format. For more variations you only use of your imagination and good taste. The tiles with different shapes and colors that are not unforgettable, you can utilize of them to transform your average surface into an art in any residential projects with a different design.

Are you excited to find the perfect texture for your living room walls? Other ways to express texture are more surprising, ranging from contemporary 3D wall cladding to full-scale art installations. Then, there is the budget-friendly option of implied textures created by repeating patterns or subtle color variations.

Picture 1 – Texture for 3D-Wall


Picture 2 – Texture for square wall

Image (2)

Picture 3 – Texture for wall with relief wallpaper

Image (3)

Picture 4 – Texture with concrete slabs

Image (4)

Picture 5 – Texture in wood

Image (5)

Picture 6 – Wall texture with coating

Image (6)

Picture 7 – Texture with hexagonal tiles

Image (7)

Picture 8 – Texture for the wall in wood with finished licked

figure 8)

Picture 9 – Texture with checkered effect

Picture 10 – Wall texture in the bathroom

Image (10)

Picture 11 – Wall texture with flower pattern

Image (11)

Picture 12 – Texture for corrugated wall

Image (12)


Picture 13 – Texture with slabs in stone

Image (13)

Picture 14 – Wall texture with mosaic finish in concrete

Image (14)

Picture 15 – Texture for the wall in hydraulic tiles

Image (15)

You revive walls that are virtually blank canvasses waiting your creativity. The days of having grey and drab walls are long gone. Walls have a way of breathing life into spaces and can contribute greatly to home decor exactly when they designed with colourfully hydraulic tiles.

Picture 16 – Texture in MDF boards

Image (16)

Picture 17 – Texture with leather effect wallpaper

Image (17)

Picture 18 – Wall texture with embossed wallpaper

Image (18)

Picture 19 – Wall texture in the pavement with curved designs

Image (19)

Picture 20 – Grey gypsum wall texture

Image (20)

Picture 21 – Texture with tablet

Image (21)

Picture 22 – Texture for the wall with porous stone

Image (22)

Picture 23 – Texture with pebbles

Image (23)

Picture 24 – Wall texture with black stone

Image (24)

Picture. 25 – Wall texture with embossed polystyrene plate

Image (25)

Picture. 26 – Texture with embossed plastic plate

Image (26)

Picture. 27 – Wall texture with embossed coating

Image (27)

Picture. 28 – Wall texture with cement coating

Image (28)

Picture 29 – Texture with rounded drawings

Image (29)

Picture 30 – Grey wall texture

Image (30)

Picture 31 – Wall texture with linen effect lacquer

Image (31)

Picture 32 – Texture with color in effect of wood

Image (32)

Picture 33 – Texture for the Wall with Color in Jeans Effect

Image (33)

Picture 34 – Silicone wall texture with suede effect

Image (34)

Picture. 35 – Light wood structure

Image (35)

Picture 36 – Graffiti wall texture

Image (36)

Picture 37 – Texture in stone imitating wood

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In continue you will see more about this good combination. The colourful tiles that attach with fired cement with mirror will be so wonderful.

Picture 38 – Texture for the wall in watercolor

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Picture 39 – Texture for rustic wall

Image (39)

Picture 40 – Brick composition

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A brick wall always was fantastic idea for design house. With this design idea we’ll experience rustic feel but nowadays we have a lot of ways to make modernize for brick composition.

Picture 41 – Wall texture with brick and marble

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Picture 42 – Texture for the Wall in Stone Strips

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Picture 43 – Texture with colored tiles and mirrors

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Picture 44 – Texture for the wall in tile

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Picture 45 – Wall condition in Canjiquinha

Image (45)

Picture 46 – Texture with charcoal clay wallpaper

Image (46)

Picture. 47 – Concrete wall texture with soft stripes

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Picture 48 – Wall texture with grey paint in brushed steel effect

Image Image Image Image

Picture 49 – Texture with color in Chamois effect

Picture (49

Picture 50 – Wall texture with patina effect colour

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Picture. 51 – Wall condition in concrete

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Picture 52 – Texture with color in fact burnt cement

Image- (52)

Picture 53 – Wall texture with purple paint and linen finish

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Picture 54 – Texture for the wall with paint in the effect of marble

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Picture 55 – Texture with clad surface, fired cement and mirror


Image (55)

Cement it functional material that help us by different ways, it come again to us. A unique texture with fired cement and mirror for your wall, mirror used to make low of  cement harsh feel.


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