Water level in architecture & decoration: 65+ photos!

The water level is one way to bring something of nature into the residence. Known as a shallow pool, it offers a unique beauty with the presence of water and its reflection of the surroundings. Moreover, it is synonymous with sophistication and elegance in any room or facade, highlighting even more the constructive elements.

In the field of landscaping, the water level can enter gardens, balconies or entrances to buildings. In these cases, it has the function of delimiting the circulation, blocking the access and compensating the sober materials such as concrete and wood. For a more modern touch, use concrete slabs to connect the interior and exterior areas.

Even indoors, the water level provides a feeling of freshness, calms the heat and dry weather, and creates a pleasant and comfortable environment. In large residences, the water level appears as an object that connects and connects spaces.

Check out our special gallery below for more than 60 incredible and creative water level suggestions and bring more harmony and lightness into your home:

Figure 1 – The mirror of water collaborates in delimiting the route from each room

Image 1

Picture 2 – Surround the building with a light and refreshing landscape!

Image 2

Picture 3 – The meeting of transparent plans

Picture 3

Picture 4 – In landscape design, the mirror of the water, it tries to reconcile the green of the plants with the blue of the water

Image 4

Picture 5 – Create a natural climate in your garden with materials such as water, stone and wood!

Image 5

Picture 6 – Concrete steps seem to float on the water level

Picture 6

Picture 7 – The inner garden asks for elements that lead to a climate associated with nature, but also that it has the necessary warmth

Picture 7

Picture 8 – During the night, the lighting provides the water level with new colors and different aspects

Figure 8

Picture 9 – The mirror on the ceiling provided a more open view of the conservatory

Picture 9

Picture 10 – Decorate the water level with pebbles

Picture 10

Picture 11 – The residence was connected by a concrete bridge and a water level in the area

Image 11

Image 12 – Decorate your garden in a simple and creative way!

Picture 12

Picture 13 – Water level with infinite edge

Picture 13

Picture 14 – Highlighting the architecture with a mirrored water cover.

Picture 14

Figure 15 – Covering the pergola with a concrete path highlights the ratio of green to water

Picture 15

Picture 16 – Long and orthogonal tracks create an architecture with lines and lines

Picture 16

Picture 17 – Interior with water level

Picture 17

Picture 18 – Water level covered with stone under the stairs

Picture 18

Picture 19 – Take a breath between the architecture of the house and the entrance area

Picture 19

Picture 20 – The water level can penetrate into the landscape, the architecture and the decoration of the house

Image 20

Picture 21 – The water level has the ability to reflect what is in its environment, this may include the architecture that it orbits

Picture 21

Figure 22 – Glass windows create a pleasant look for a large external water level

Picture 22

Picture 23 – The sobriety of the decorative elements makes the modernity of the mirror of the water visible

Picture 23

Picture 24 – A mixture of city and nature through constructive elements

Picture 24

Picture 25 – The composition of the materials harmoniously delimits the rooms and their use

Image 25

Picture 26 – A contemporary roof garden!

Image 26

Picture 27 – Fountains create a pleasant and modern indoor climate

Image 27

Image 28 – Bring sophistication into your facade.

Image 28

Picture 29 – The water fountain marked the entrance hall of this house

Picture 29

Figure 30 – The outline of the building is one way to highlight the architecture

Picture 30

Picture 31 – A relax corner deserves light elements!

Picture 31

Picture 32 – Integrate the elements of landscaping in a harmonious way so that they talk to each other

Picture 32

Figure 33 – Built of masonry and vegetation in the area.

Picture 33

Picture 34 – A chapel on the water!

Image 34

Picture 35 – Beautiful, light and loose ladder on the water level!

Picture 35

Picture 36 – The meeting of inside and outside!

Image 36

Picture 37 – Rendering of the mood of nature with the plants and the water level

Picture 37

Picture 38 – The water level brings softness into the landscape with the wooden deck and the afforestation of the environment

Picture 38

Image 39 – Refinement of landscape design

Image 39

Picture 40 – To give your ladder more charm, how about a floor over the water?

Picture 40

Picture 41 – Bring some nature into your garden!

Picture 41

Picture 42 – Water plants add value to the water level

Picture 42

Figure 43 – Mirror of water in architecture

Picture 43

Picture 44 – Connecting rooms!

Picture 44

Picture 45 – Mirror of the water in the window

Image 45

Picture 46 – The long water level forms a large promenade in this courtyard

Image 46

Figure 47 – The lamps in the water give the water level more presence.

Picture 47

Figure 48 – Create a point in landscaping

Image 48

Picture 49 – Details in the construction that influence the final result!

Picture 49

Figure 50 – Installation of the water level on a concrete ladder

Picture 50

Picture 51 – To give lightness to your fa├žade, it is ideal to use translucent elements

Picture 51

Figure 52 – For large living spaces, the water level can be the key element in the decoration

Picture 52

Picture 53 – Zen garden with mirror of water and stones

Picture 53

Picture 54 – Composition of water level and concrete

Picture 54

Picture 55 – Landscaping with water level

Picture 55

Figure 56 – Backyard with water level

Picture 56

Picture 57 – The floating effect of the residence is given by the mirror of the water that bypasses the sides

Image 57

Image 58 – It unobtrusively controls the circulation without giving up the beauty.

Image 58

Picture 59 – conservatory with water level

Image 59

Picture 60 – The wooden wall resulted in an incredible set with the water level.

Image 60

Picture 61 – Improve the view of interiors with the water level

Picture 61

Picture 62 – The mirror of the water makes the contemporary climate for the residence

Picture 62

Picture 63 – Zen walkway with water level, stones and green

Image 63

Picture 64 – access and traffic in an inviting way!

Picture 64

Figure 65 – In an internal environment, sophistication and elegance are needed

Picture 65




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