“Happy Ever After” begins on the day of the wedding. A very important date that marks the beginning of life together. For this reason, dreaming, thinking and planning the ceremony, the wedding reception and the 2020 wedding decoration are essential to get everything out of the way that the couple wants. There are many important details that need to be defined, and none of them can be left out.

Wedding decoration 2020: look at trends and photos for inspiration

In this post we will only deal with the 2020 wedding party decoration and give you tips and suggestions to be inspired. Consequences:

Set the style of your wedding 2020

Wedding style

First of all, you need to define the look of your marriage. All decorations will be based on this style. And remember, it must follow the taste of the couple, not just the bride. The style of the party also depends on the time of the celebration and the place where everything will happen. Enclosed spaces combine more with classic and sophisticated decorations. Already outdoors weddings, on farms or even on the beach, look more beautiful with a rustic it’s natural.

Classic marriages are always on the rise and are the ones we see. Usually the decoration follows a palette of neutral and soft colors, mostly white. More daring and striking elements are out of the question.

Rustic and natural weddings are a trend and are in high demand. You can still opt for a romantic, modern, bold and, why not, extravagant decor. The most important thing is to set this before proceeding to the next step. If it is difficult to make this decision yourself, seek the help of a professional.

Color palette for wedding 2020

Wedding color palette

After defining the style, it is easier to choose the color palette that will be part of the decoration of the party. It is very important to define the colors so that marriage has a unity and harmony in the composition of the elements.

More classic weddings generally use colors from white to beige, to gray, brown, and some stronger colors like moss green or navy blue.

Modern marriages often use many white, black and metallic tones like gold, silver and copper. While the rustic parties have a wider range of colors ranging from earth tones to more vivid and vivid tones.

Well, if the idea is to impress a romantic and delicate air, the party opts for pastels.

Wedding cake table 2020

Wedding cake 2018

The cake table is what all guests want to see at the party. So, Capriche it. You can use a traditional cake with lots of bases, American paste and white flowers, or try a more modern model with different shapes and colors.

Naked cakes, these unfinished cakes, in which the filling is visible, are high on wedding receptions and go well with more rustic decor.

Don’t forget that the cake table must be accompanied by lots of sweets. Choose them according to the visual and of course the taste. After all, they are part of the party decoration. The flowers are also indispensable elements on the cake table, organize them in THE, suspended or in a bouquet on the table.

Then just call the photographer and record the typical photos with the family at the table.

Wedding dance floor 2020

Wedding dance 2018

What would a party be without music and dance? Make sure you reserve a special place for the band or DJ and set up a dance floor for everyone to play. The area of ​​the lane can be marked with stickers on the floor with the names of the bride and groom or other prints.

Use lights, smoke and hand out accessories that guests can enjoy – including glasses, hats, bracelets that glow in the dark. Remember to even give slippers to guests so they can rest their feet.

And, of course, invite everyone to see the traditional dance of the newlyweds.

Bride and groom 2020

Wedding table 2018

The bride and groom’s table must stand out from the dining table. After all, the party owners deserve a special place to enjoy their wedding. Most of the time, the bride and groom’s table is in a prominent place and is marked with “Reserved to Bride and Groom” signs or something similar.
The chairs are also specially decorated and identify the place of the groom and the bride, either by the name of each, photos or floral arrangements. It is important to ensure the comfort of the bride and groom and above all that they enjoy the party themselves.

The guest table should be decorated according to the color palette defined for the party. Dishes, cups and cutlery should be arranged on the table if there is a possibility for a French dinner. If it is an American buffet, these dishes are not on the table.
The flower arrangements should be of a suitable height so as not to disturb the conversation between the guests. In this case, it is either low or very large. Medium, not even thinking.

Flowers and other elements that should not be missing

Be a rustic wedding, modern or sophisticated, flowers cannot be missed. Depending on the decor, you can follow the color palette or even escape. But book a (good) part of the budget for them.

Invest in lighting too. The effect of the lights makes the photos even more beautiful. For example, LED signs and lamp posts can be used.

Mirrors and carpets can be added to the decor to add a touch of glamor and elegance.

Customize the environment

The wedding decor should literally have the face of the bride and groom. How to bet on personal items and lots of photos to decorate the party. Nowadays it is very common to use retrospective videos of the bride and groom, but you can also opt for a clothesline or a photo painter.

Another tip is to use testimony of love, life for two, friendship and loyalty in objects and small plaques that are scattered throughout the marriage. They fill the environment with positivity.

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60 incredible wedding decor ideas for 2020

Themed wedding parties are also on the rise. If the bride and groom have a hobby or a common taste for something special, they can do the thematic decoration. The guests will surely be impressed.
Did you like the tips? So before you run to plan your party, check out a selection of beautiful wedding decor photos below.

Image 1 – Wedding decoration 2020: Light fabric forms a tent over the party area; Great idea for outdoor weddings.

2018 Wedding Decoration with Lightweight Fabric

Image 2 – Wedding decoration 2020: dance floor with names of the bride and groom.

Wedding decoration 2018 with dance floor

Figure 3 – Wedding Decoration 2020: Ceremony at a different location of the party enables a different decoration; Option for those who want more than one style.

Wedding decoration 2018 with ceremony in different place

Image 4 – Wedding decoration 2020: menu is accompanied by a biscuit full of love.

Wedding decoration 2018 with menu

Figure 5 – Wedding decoration 2020: errands tower.

Tower scrapbook in wedding decoration 2018

Figure 6 – Wedding decoration 2020: stunning chandeliers surrounded by an arch of flowers.

Wedding Chandeliers for Decoration 2018

Figure 7 – Wedding decoration 2020: Heart-shaped garlands make the party even more romantic.

Wreath for wedding decoration 2018

Image 8 – Wedding decoration 2020 with leaves.

Wedding Decoration 2018 with foliage

Image 9 – Name of the bride and groom who are engraved all over the 2020 wedding decoration.

Name of bride and groom embossed everywhere in wedding decoration 2018

Image 10 – An incredible sign of the best day ever.

Marquee for wedding decoration 2018

Picture 11 – Car decorated with flowers in the wedding decoration 2020.

Car decorated with flowers in wedding decoration 2018

Figure 12 – Wedding decoration 2020: the floral arch is rich in decorations and gives the wedding a rustic, simple and very natural climate.

Bow of flowers at the wedding 2018

Image 13 – White, black and gold are the colors of this wedding party 2020.

Wedding decoration 2018 with black and gold white

Image 14 – Wedding decoration 2020: golden fruit cake for the loosest decoration.

Golden fruit cake for wedding 2018

Image 15 – Wedding decoration 2020: A ribbon of flowers adorns the entrance to the church.

Bow of flowers at the entrance of the church

Image 16 – With a more rustic wedding decoration, the use of whole towels can be dispensed with.

Rustic Wedding Decoration for 2018

Image 17 – Wedding decoration 2020: hanging lamps make every party more cozy.

Pendant lamps for wedding 2018

Image 18 – Wedding decoration 2020: flower straws as a souvenir for the guests.

Flower Straws at the Wedding 2018

Picture 19 – flowers? That is nothing! In this party, the green leaves dominate the decoration.

Flowers? That nothing! At this party the green leaves dominate the decoration

Picture 20 – Wedding decoration 2020: Low arrangements for the guest table.

Low fits for wedding decoration 2018

Image 21 – Wedding decoration 2020: Flowery lamps decorate the hallway in which the ceremony will take place.

Flowery lamp for wedding 2018

Image 22 – White, black and a hint of rosé made this party very modern and very beautiful.

White and Black on Wedding Decor 2018

Image 23 – Classic wedding decoration with colorful flowers to come to the tables.

Classic Wedding Decoration 2018

Image 24 – Wedding decoration 2020: The path that led the bride and groom to the altar was built on the lake.

Wedding Decoration 2018

Image 25 – Wedding decoration 2020: white dominates the decoration from floor to ceiling.

White on wedding decoration 2018

Image 26 – Wedding decoration 2020: The path of the altar is reminiscent of the verses from the old book of psalms.

Way of the Altar 2018

Image 27 – Wedding decoration 2020: Metallic prisms gracefully house the delicate flowers.

Metallic prisms in wedding decoration 2018

Picture 28 – Wedding decoration 2020: Luxurious chandelier complements the classic and sophisticated proposal of this wedding.

Luxurious chandelier for wedding decoration 2018

Picture 29 – The modern decoration counted on chairs and panels Aramados in the colors black and white.

Modern wedding decor

Figure 30 – Do not neglect the decoration of the bar, it is an important part of the party.

Wedding bar decorations

Image 31 – Wedding decoration 2020 between classic and modern.

Wedding Decoration 2018 between the classic and the modern

Image 32 – Wedding decoration 2020: camera that prints them per hour makes the guests’ fun.

Wedding decoration 2018: photo machine that prints them on the hour makes the guests fun

Picture 33 – Size is not a document.

Size is not document

Image 34 – Wedding decoration 2020: satin ribbons adorn the path of the altar.

Satin ribbons in wedding decoration 2018

Picture 35 – Wedding decoration 2020: invest in a special corner for the photos.

Special corner for wedding decoration 2018

Figure 36 – Wedding decoration 2020: pastel colors make the wedding celebration cheerful and delicate.

Crayons in wedding decoration 2018

Picture 37 – Rustic wedding allows an uncomplicated decoration.

Rustic Wedding 2018

Picture 38 – A wedding consists of details, one of which is the napkin.

A wedding is made of details, one of them is the napkin

Image 39 – Drinks ready, just pick up and leave the party.

Drinks ready, just pick up and leave the party.

Image 40 – Guest table decorated with balloons.

Guest table decorated with balloons

Picture 41 – The simple white branch adorns the dishes.

The simple white twig decorates the dish

Picture 42 – Many colors and flowers in this wedding decoration.

Many colors and flowers in this wedding decoration

Picture 43 – Tom Rosé for a wedding decoration on the beach.

Tom rosé for a wedding decoration on the beach

Image 44 – Drinks decorated with hearts.

Drinks decorated with hearts

Image 45 – Orange and yellow flowers look great in rustic decorations and outdoors.

Flowers oranges in wedding decoration 2018

Figure 46 – For those who like the style, this decoration is a real source of inspiration.

Rustic wedding decoration

Picture 47 – White in this decoration.

Wedding Decoration White 2018

Image 48 – The candy colors fell into the decor of this wedding.

Candy colors wedding 2018

49 – Do you know your uncle’s old SUV? Call her to prepare the wedding.

Trailer Kombi 2018 for marriage

Picture 50 – A wedding decoration for people with a lot of personality.

A wedding decoration for those who have a lot of personality

Picture 51 – Disconcerted balloons greet the guests at the entrance of the party.

Disconcerted bow of balloons welcomes the guests at the party entrance

Picture 52 – Fold naked cake, wall and paper; a simple marriage but thought with much affection.

Naked cake for wedding decoration 2018

Figure 53 – Make sure that the size of the arrangements does not penetrate the guests’ room and disturb the dinner.

Be careful that the size of the arrangements does not invade the guest space

Figure 54 – Dourado brings sophistication and elegance to party decorations.

Golden brings sophistication and elegance to the party decoration

Figure 55 – Acrylic chairs reveal the modern style of this party; The clean side is on the white side in the decoration.

Acrylic chairs reveal the modern style of this wedding party

Image 56 – Try to combine the colors and elements of the invitation with the party decoration.

Try matching the colors and elements of the invitation with the wedding party decor 2018

Picture 57 – If the wedding is during the day, abuse the yellow flowers.

Wedding decoration 2018 during the day

Figure 58 – Metal wire cake table; The environment in what appears to be concrete shows that the style of the party is very modern.

Wedding cake table during the day

Picture 59 – Garden in marriage; to make every guest sigh.

Garden inside the wedding

Image 60 – Wedding decoration 2020: wreath of leaves surrounds the dishes.

Wedding Decoration 2018



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