What an architect does: the most important qualities of this profession

The time to decide on a career can be quite difficult if you have no idea which career to pursue. In this article, we separate some important information for you to understand what an architect is doing and think about the possibility of choosing that profession.

Although the profession is confused with the work of engineers and interior designers, the architect differs in some tasks. However, the skilled person works closely with many of these professionals.

The architecture course is very much in demand in the most important educational institutions in the country. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for market competition. But if the professional is dedicated, he has room for everyone.

Find out what an architect does, what his tasks and skills are, what the job market is, what areas architects can work on, and what steps need to be taken in this area.

What does an architect do?

The architect is responsible for creating projects for buildings, houses, commercial facilities, among others. The purpose of your work is to plan and organize internal and external areas of different environments.

The design developed by the architect must follow a functional architecture that offers comfort, aesthetics, but without attacking the environment. The greatest asset of an architect is the harmony between lighting, furniture and ventilation.

In a design, the architect must communicate with the responsible parties to define a project that meets the needs of the customer. In this way, the skilled person can select and specify the best materials used in the construction.

What are the tasks of an architect?

Assignments of an architect

According to the Architecture and Urban Development Council of Brazil – CAU, the architect has a general profile, but some attributions determine the function. Look at her.

  • The architect should supervise, coordinate, manage and provide technical guidance of a work;
  • Must collect, study, plan, design and specify data;
  • The technical and ecological feasibility study must also be carried out by the architect;
  • The architect should provide technical support, advice and advice;
  • Must be responsible for the management of the work and technical service;
  • Must conduct survey, expertise, evaluation, monitoring, awarding, technical opinion, audit and arbitration;
  • The architect can carry out the position and the technical function;
  • Must do training, teaching, research and university extension;
  • The specialist is responsible for the development, analysis, testing, testing, standardization, measurement and quality control;
  • Must create a budget;
  • Need to make specialized technical production and dissemination;
  • The architect should be responsible for the execution, supervision and execution of work, installation and technical service.

What skills should the architect have?

Skills of an Architect

Before you think about choosing an architect’s career, it’s good to understand some essential skills for this professional. These skills are important to building a good career in this area.

To know how to draw

The professional does not need to be an expert illustrator, but he has to understand some techniques in this area. In order to put your ideas, plans and proposals on paper, you need expertise so that the client understands your offer.

Have ease with math

In order to develop projects, the architect must know equations, formulas and calculations. It is therefore important to be familiar with mathematics. But if you do not master, rest assured that you will have no trouble with practice.

Must be creative

Creativity is a must for those who want to build a career in architecture. Projects must be innovative, surprise customers and meet their needs and desires.

Know the trends

The architect needs to know the market trends in order to design sophisticated, modern and current projects. For this, the professional must have a cultural baggage and be interested in different styles and concepts of the art.

When you update

When it comes to building a successful career as an architect, the professional needs to stay current in the marketplace. Therefore, it is important to invest in your participation in lectures and workshops and build excellent networking.

What is the job market for the architect?

Architecture job market

Most architecture professionals work independently in their offices. Many have chosen to work with the architectural school to reach the largest number of clients.

In this way, the architect can provide service development projects for companies and individuals. Therefore, the market is wide because the skilled person can be hired to perform a complete project or only a part thereof.

However, competition is great because in some regions the market is saturated, especially in large urban centers. Since most of them are self-employed, they can not rely on a fixed monthly salary.

The current situation of economy of the country cooperated for reduction of civil buildings which many architects have contracted. So if you want to act as an architect, you need to broaden your horizons to other areas.

Interior Design is the most heated area on the market, as many companies are keen to provide their employees with a good working environment. In addition, people want to harmonize their home environment through the combination of lighting, ventilation, ergonomics and color.

In which areas can the architect be active?

The architect has the opportunity to work in several areas of the profession because he is a professional generalist. We have selected several areas for you to understand how the career of an architect is very far.


The architect involved in urban planning should design regions, neighborhoods, cities, open spaces and the design of various housing estates. It is their responsibility to organize these places spatially. In general, the person skilled in the art is hired by public authorities.

Landscaping and environments

In the field of landscape design and environmental planning, the architect plans and realizes open spaces such as gardens and squares. The expert can also be set for the design of facades and residential gardens.

building renovation

If the intention is to reclaim or deteriorate old buildings, the architect must work on the restoration of buildings. But in order to work with it, it is necessary to understand some techniques and have restoration knowledge to preserve the integrity and original features of the monuments.

visual communication

In visual communication, the architect can create the identity of a business through cinema, stage design, and industrial design. However, the most contracted industry is the creation of communication projects for urban areas such as signage, alarms and identification signs.

Monitoring and managing plants

The architect is one of the great people responsible for making a project happen when he accompanies and leads a work. This is because the skilled person must maintain safety and quality throughout the process and execution of the work.

furniture design

Not every architect likes to work with design, but the market for furniture design is well heated. The skilled person is responsible for the creation of furniture and objects that form an environment.

Architectural 3D visualization

To work in the field of 3D architectural visualization, you need extensive knowledge of specific software to develop techniques in 3D modeling, post-production, lighting, or rendering.


The architect can work on the development of research to find new tools to improve the work of all. These improvements are important because everything is constantly changing.


Some architects only want to specialize in lighting projects. This is because technology helps improve the quality of the environment and contributes to the well-being of people.

Specialist for BIM

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) area is very broad, as the professional can work in conjunction with modeling, consulting, software development, management and research positions.

How do you build a career in architecture?

Architecture career

To build a successful career in architecture, you need to follow a few steps. Check-Out!

Listen to experienced professionals

Leave the shame aside and look for experienced professionals in the area to learn more about the profession. They are usually people who are willing to share information and teach others.

Stay tuned in the world of sustainability

The architect, who does not take good care of the environment, will have great difficulty developing their projects. So try to study a lot and understand how to create sustainable projects.


As in any area, networking the architect is the key to building a good career. So keep a good relationship with companies and professionals you admire and keep your college friends in big partnerships.

Be committed

The architect has to learn hard and devote himself to his projects. If you realize that something is wrong, you have to repeat and be ruthless. You can be sure that your customer will be aware of the project result.

Have a good CV and a portfolio

The portfolio is the personal marketing of the architect. As a result, you are preparing something unique that represents your personality very well and showcase your best projects. Do not forget to create a CV with your professional experience.

Understanding what an architect does is the key to deciding whether the profession is really what you want for your professional life. Now it’s time to analyze the pros and cons to hit the hammer.




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