Christmas is coming already and with all the air of charm and magic that comes with the decorations. The holiday season is full of meaning and the decor helps us prepare for the energies and joy we wish for next year. Today we will talk about decorating with white Christmas tree talk

The tree is the main piece of Christmas decorations and deserves special attention. The synthetic models (like the white tree we show here) are practical, sustainable and offer great versatility in terms of size, textures and materials. The color of this tree relates to the snow and combined with anything you can imagine, from more fun items, full of glamor or minimalist.

Before buying your white tree, there are a few details that you should think about in order to get a harmonious decoration. So before you buy an ornament, check out our general tips on how to decorate your white Christmas tree

  • Size : The first question to ask yourself is “Where will I put my white Christmas tree?” If it’s in a limited space or on a piece of furniture, consider smaller models. However, if you have a lot of space and you still want the tree to stand out in the area, it is worth putting on top of the traditional large Christmas tree.
  • The choice of ornaments : The decorations on your white Christmas tree can come in many different colors and shapes. In addition to the traditional balls, you can use star shapes, candy, musical instruments, and anything your creativity calls for.
  • Colours: If you think about the effects by color, we can say that the white, black, gold or silver decorations give your white Christmas tree an elegant look related to the minimalist style. The shades of blue like turquoise and electric blue are a trend and will help you give a cooler touch or refer to the sea. With red, you can refer to the traditional colors of Christmas, especially when you combine it with the green. Even more fun colors like lavender, lavender and pink can go into your decoration, which ranges from the boldest to the lightest colors, making your decoration something very contemporary and glamorous. Other possibilities are colorful ornaments, color gradients and harmonization with the decoration of the environment.
  • Materials and Textures : If you want to get away from the more traditional materials for the white tree, there are some trends that can make a difference in your Christmas, be it tree or ornament. This is a great opportunity if you want to use crafting elements in your interior. Techniques like crochet, macrame, knitting, embroidery, and other work with the line are super high and can be both a minimalist decor and more fun. Other materials such as plaster of paris, biscuit or ceramic, balloons, wood, paper, and cardboard (which allow a variety of techniques from origami to stacked) can all help personalize your corner for your Christmas decorations.
  • Lighting : You can use the lights both as protagonists of the decoration of your white tree and in connection with the colorful ornaments. Pay attention to the colors of the lights, ideally you should use colors that don’t contrast much with the white of the tree, such as yellow and white. An important tip when setting up the flasher is to start at the top of the tree and leave it in place for easy viewing.

65 white Christmas tree templates to inspire you

Now take a look at our tips for decorating your white Christmas tree:

Image 01 – White snow-covered Christmas tree.

Snowy tree
White can be on the tree as a snow effect over the traditional green pine.

Image 02 – A little Christmas sweetness.

A little sweet Christmas
For more fun decorating, find alternative ornaments to decorate your tree and do a favor.

Picture 03 – Christmas colorful and funny.

White Christmas tree with colorful and fun details

Or, if you’re looking for something more traditional, invest in lots of color. With a white tree there is no mistake and the tones end in perfect harmony!

Image 04 – Christmas to the small details.

Christmas with little details
Making a souvenir or a treat for your guests can have a very elegant and special result.

Image 05 – White and gold Christmas tree with a touch of blue to glorify.

White, gold and blue

Consistency in the decoration is essential, especially with white trees! And a way to make sure there is a color palette for all elements.

Image 06 – Lights and Diversity.

Lights and variety
The flashing lights are also fundamental to Christmas decorations. And in the white tree it gives a special glow to the environment where it is.

Image 07 – White and natural lighting.

White and natural lighting

In environments with more neutral colors, natural light creates an extremely interesting effect that brings the decorations into focus and lets the tree “fade” a little.

Image 08 – Elegant snow.

Stylish Snow
It’s a shame that it doesn’t snow in Brazil! But if you want to create your own snow to decorate your tree in this tropical climate, go for cotton!

Image 09 – White tree and a colorful Christmas.

White tree and a colorful Christmas.

A white tree doesn’t mean your Christmas decorations will be neutral and devoid of personality! Invest in the color card of the ornaments that make up the scenery.

Image 10 – Gold and black in a glam decor.

Gold and black glam decoration

White Christmas tree: 65 amazing and original ideas to decorate

Image 11 – Minimalist tree.

Glam decoration with gold and black

Image 12 – The predominance of white with highlights for the decorations in the colors of Christmas: green and red.

White base with colorful details in the colors of Christmas

Picture 13 – Christmas tree in a beach climate.

Christmas tree for a beach climate
Another great kind of ambience is to combine the decoration with another theme that you like, like this tree, all thought in a beach climate, with seashells and stars of the sea as decoration.

Pic 14 – The strength of the paper in the table settings.

The power of paper in table settings

Image 15 – With TAGs as tree decorations.

Tagged with tree decorations
How about TAGs and writing inquiries or thank you during Christmas dinner?

Picture 16 – Decoration in B & W.

Black and white decoration
Even if it’s not in the usual Christmas colors, black and white can go very well together in your souvenir decorations.

Image 17 – White and rustic Christmas tree with dry branches.

White Christmas tree with rustic twigs
To make your own Christmas tree, there are several ideas you can go about, such as collecting a branch in a park or square and decorating it.

Image 18 – Truffles rolled in powdered sugar into a super cute tree.

Truffles rolled in confectioner's sugar

Another way to create the cone shape of the Christmas tree. We doubt it’ll be until dinner ends!

Image 19 – Average tree that can be placed on the side tables.

Medium tree for side tables

Image 20 – With a touch of blue! Enjoy the neutrality of white to choose a secondary color in the decorations.

Choose a minor color to blend with white

Image 21 – Innovative! Tissue paper beehive stacked in tree shape.

A different and small format
Every year Christmas comes more we always want a new decoration. So try to use different materials and don’t save the rest of the year for the next party!

Image 22 – Tree with tulle!

Tree with tulle
Tulle, voile and satin ribbons are ideal for decorating a romantic ambience.

Image 23 – Monochrome gradient.

Monochrome gradient

Picture 24 – Decoration with chains.

Decoration with chains

Picture 25 – Christmas tree lamp in plaster.

Small white tree in the shape of a plaster lamp.
For the craftsmen: How can you not be enchanted by those Christmas trees that radiate candlelight?

Picture 26 – Use creativity when decorating.

Use creativity to decorate the tree
We’re here to prove that Christmas decorations can also be very good when you leave the traditional and try to give some personal and fun touches.

Picture 27 – Floating tree: Christmas balloons.

Christmas floating tree
A completely unusual type of tree!

Picture 28 – White as snow.

White Christmas tree as snow.

Image 29 – Sweets, ornaments and sweet colors for a cute decoration.

Sweet decoration with candy
Nowadays we can find decorations of all types and colors to prepare our homes for Christmas.

Picture 30 – Tree for the whole family to collect and exchange gifts.

Tree for the family to gather and exchange gifts
If your family and local area grows, invest in a special tree to make gifts of all!

Picture 31 – Christmas decoration on the wall.

Christmas tree wall
But if the space is small, another tree on the wall will help save space!

Picture 32 – Light Christmas trees made of feathers.

Feathered Light Trees!

Picture 33 – Mostly white decoration in a traditional tree.

Use a traditional tree to add white.
Despite all the innovations, the Christmas customs are still enchanting!

Picture 34 – After a warm color palette to contrast with white.

Hot color palette for a white tree

Image 35 – Golden compliments the tree’s glam style.

Glam style with golden color

Picture 36 – A smaller tree to decorate other rooms.

A small tree to decorate other rooms
In addition to the trees on the wall, small trees can be good substitutes for smaller environments.

Picture 37 – Thin branches.

Thin branches

Picture 38 – Decorate your tree with folded colored papers.

Folding colored papers to decorate the tree
Join the family to make another decoration and practice origami skills.

Picture 39 – Pinnacles or squares made of stacked felt?

Felt squares to make white pine cone
Another idea to make at home.

Picture 40 – Triangular trees in the table arrangement.

Add the tree to the table

Image 41 – White, red and green.

Red and Green White

Picture 42 – Twist your wine corks.

Wine corks serve as a base
Use small pieces of wood or wine corks as the basis for a tree as different as this one with a plaster triangle.

Picture 43 – Browse the party stores and find the right tree for you.

Do not have time? choose ready-made options at decorative items stores
It can put a large, average, or even a small one on the table for dinner.

Picture 44 – Use different elements as decoration!

Tree with different elements
When thinking of trees in commercial settings, are you thinking of using environmentally friendly elements?

Image 45 – Choose your color card for decoration.

Set a color chart

Picture 46 – Traditional colors and lots of light.

Traditional colors and lots of light!

Picture 47 – Christmas tree of food: decorated Christmas cookies.

How about a cookie?
Another type of special keepsake that can be offered to guests during or after the party.

Image 48 – Golden decoration on a white Christmas tree.

Christmas tree golden and white

Image 49 – Beautify your tree with lots of noble dads.

Decorate your tree with many Noble Papas
There is no shortage of Santa’s Inspired Tree Ornaments at Party Supply Stores!

Image 50 – The colors of Christmas in alternative shades and pastel colors.

Christmas colors in alternating shades and pastels

Picture 51 – Riding tree on MDF.

Riding tree on MDF
To save space when stowing Christmas decorations, these MDF-mountable trees are very versatile.

Picture 52 – Another example of monochromatic and cohesive decoration.

Monochromatic and coherent decoration

Image 53 – White macramé tree to hang up.

White macrame tree to hang
If you do some manual labor, use that trump card in your favor and create something completely different!

Image 54 – Sustainable tire base.

Sustainable tire base

Picture 55 – Christmas tree decorated with small trees.

Christmas tree decorated
Christmas trees are never enough for a decoration! How about decorating them with their thumbnails and creating a fun environment?

Picture 56 – Evaluate your hand skills and build your own tree.

Build your own tree
Another example to use your manual skills with line to create a different and unique decoration.

Picture 57 – Red decoration with viscose.

Red decoration with viscose

Picture 58 – A few larger branches and ornaments.

Few larger branches and ornaments.
For trees with fewer branches or more spaced branches, use larger ornaments to fill in the gap.

Image 59 – White tree in white surroundings.

White tree in white environment

Image 60 – Pink, Orange and Gold.

Pink, orange and gold

Picture 61 – The white tree can only be an ornament.

The white tree can be just a garnish

Picture 62 – Light comes from within.

Light coming from within

Picture 63 – Tree in the beehive.

Tree in hive
In the same kind of balls for decoration, these trees attract attention and are super delicate.

Picture 64 – Decorations in pink and gold tones.

Pink and gold decorations

Picture 65 – Flasher and don’t let the fashion of pompoms pass.

Flasher with pompons
The wool pompoms are very easy to make, they go well in different colors and create a different decoration for your tree. For those who dare, here is a tutorial with several options to do:



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