White granite has increasingly been chosen to be applied to countertops, stairs, walls and floors. Its composition is based on the white color is beautiful, can make the environment even brighter and still guarantees high strength and durability.

There are different types of granite with different colors on the market. Among the group of granites of white color and a significant number of models, their nomenclature may vary depending on the manufacturer and the region in which the stone is mined. All of this can lead to a number of doubts for those who want more information on the subject.

Types of white granite to use at home

White granite is increasingly being used to coat walls, apply to floors and countertops in apartments. Ideal for those who like clean and clear environments, the white granite will expand the environment in which it is applied. Since it is obtained from natural deposits, each batch of stone-making can have a unique pigmentation and hues.

Now you know the main options and types of white granite to be found in marble factories, as well as the main aesthetic properties:

White granite Siena


Siena granite can be used in countertops in bathrooms, kitchens, service areas and floors. It’s one of the most popular types of white granite that professionals choose. Its structure contains uniform grains on a white base and its most striking feature is the presence of pink spots. Low absorption and aesthetics make Siena granite the right choice for many projects.

Ivory white granite


An igneous rock containing mica, feldspar and quartz. The ivory-white granite is colored in light beige or green tones. Can be used as flooring in corporate offices and apartments. Like granite Siena, this type also has enough demand.

Weißer Granite Itaúnas


Itaúnas granite is a popular choice because it is the option that most closely resembles marble. This is a stylish option with an affordable cost cheaper than other stones. Even so, it is one of the most colored when compared to other white granites due to its higher absorption. The good news is that you can apply for a waterproofing with a specific product, it will keep the famous dark spots from appearing with ease. If the effectiveness of the product diminishes over time, reapply the waterproofing.

Weißer Granit Ceará


Ceará Granite is a model with style and class that is used in luxurious settings to coat stairs, walls and floors or countertops. Even spots and coarse pigmentation in shades of gray and black are the most noticeable features of this granite. The tightest extraction makes your cost per square foot a bit higher.

White white granite

Referring to Fig.

The polar model, considered one of the lightest among the white granite stones, contains small black spots that are distributed throughout its composition. Can be used to coat walls and apply to various floors and benches.

Weißer Granite Dallas


Aqualux white granite

This model is characterized by the fact that there are stains of the same background shade. So they create the effect of a uniform look. In addition, it manages to collect a low price and beauty in one material.

Weißer Granite Fortaleza

This model is characterized by the black and gray dots that surround most of the stone. It is ideal for anyone looking for anything from classic design to modern style.

Average price of white granite per square meter

The price of each model of granite can vary from each marble mill as well as the region. Granite is certainly much cheaper compared to Silestone. In general, all the models we deal with have a value of R00 and R00 per m². Silestone can cost more than Rs per m² depending on the type.

Maintenance Needed – Is White Granite Stain?

Unfortunately, granite can stain. However, you can prevent this from happening by taking appropriate precautions against the material. Like other stones that have a certain porosity, granite can absorb certain substances according to its properties, among the most harmful ones include coffee, soft drinks, juices, vinegar, wine and fats of various types. It is advisable to clean it immediately after contact with these substances.

The best way to make the stone last much longer is to use a special waterproofing agent. Even if it doesn’t last forever and has to be reapplied to stay effective, it will protect the stone from any fluid absorption by avoiding the stains on the stone.

To keep the granite always clean, it is best to clean it daily with water and mild soap (possibly cleaning agent) on a clean cloth. Then simply apply a damp cloth with water to remove the soap. Another important tip to avoid damaging the stone is to leave the chemicals aside when cleaning.

Images of environments that use white granite

Now that you have reviewed the main types of white granite, you can move on to finding environments decorated with the stone in various uses:

Picture 1 – Kitchen with white granite siena.


The stone with this color still leaves the environment clear and so it is ideal for writing clean projects.

Picture 2 – Central worktop with white granite.

Referring to Fig.
The white granite contrasted with the dark wood dining table.

Image 3 – In the service area, the white granite has an excellent price-performance ratio.

Referring to Fig.

In addition to a defined dimension, it neutralizes the surroundings with the white joinery and does not weigh in with the wooden floor.

Photo 4 – The workbench can compose with the coating of stone tones on the wall.

The idea is to offer the environment colors similar to granite, white, beige and gray.

Picture 5 – Kitchen with white granite ivory.


This granite model has a slightly yellow or beige background, but creates the clear effect that is used to illuminate the surroundings.

Photo 6 – To add more grace to your kitchen, also invest in hydraulic tiles.

To take some of the seriousness of the environment away from it, use printed coatings. Although this glue is only in neutral colors, its designs leave the kitchen with a different look.

Photo 7 – Kitchen with Itaúnas white granite.

Itaúnas white granite has a great cost-benefit effect, it resembles the finish of the marble and the value of the m² is the most accessible of the other models.

Picture 8 – Modern kitchen with granite countertops.

Since the surroundings already stand out with wooden cabinets and an industrial decor, the stone managed to balance the look without making the kitchen look heavy.

Image 9 – The note of the decor is due to the colored tiles.


Give the environment a little personality with a coating, paint, or even a font on the wall.

Photo 10 – Bathroom with Fortaleza white granite.


Image 11 – The floor should match the bench stone, that doesn’t mean they have to be the same.

The intent is to make the environment as clean as possible. So the choice was to choose different materials but have the same shade. The Porcelanato is a classic option for the floor, as is the granite for the bench. The two together can put together harmoniously in your proposal.

Image 12 – Combine granite stone with a current coating of your design.

The subway tile is a trend in decoration and because it is an eye-catching coating, let it shine in your design.

Photo 13 – Gourmet balcony with white granite.


Assemble a modern gourmet balcony with high quality materials. The combination of white granite and colorful tiles add beauty to the surroundings.

Picture 14 – Kitchen B&B with black carpentry and white granite countertops.

Those looking to build a black kitchen can balance the look with a clear bench and a mirrored background. This composition does not weigh the visual and leaves behind the elegant air that the black decoration offers.

Photo 15 – Service area with white granite.


White granite offers endless combinations in decoration. To get into the service area, bet on a beige carpentry shop and follow the same suggestion for the walls.

Picture 16 – Extend all the granite to the countertop wall.

This is a great way to highlight the material in your kitchen.

Figure 17 – A nice and cozy balcony with simple materials.

The combination of the shade of the wood with the gray-white granite is modern and should not be ignored in the design. Sometimes it is necessary to go for different combinations to get out of the classic white and beige, while keeping the same effect clean in the environment.

Photo 18 – To make the kitchen look cleaner, also rely on white cabinets and appliances.


Picture 19 – You can use the same stone to customize some decoration details.

The bathroom with white granite worktop gives you the freedom to use other colors and materials in other locations.

Photo 20 – Floor and bench with white granite Aqualux.


Photo 21 – Kitchen with white granite Dallas.

Dallas is characterized by darker, more spaced apart spots that make the piece stand out more in the area.

Image 22 – A harmonious kitchen design with granite.


Picture 23 – Mix hot shades with the help of other materials.


Photo 24 – Brown kitchen with white granite.


Photo 25 – A classic kitchen with modern air.


Image 26 – In this project, the granite seems to cover the countertop, floor and grinding table.

White granite can perform various functions in decoration, from the floor, the countertop and even in a piece of furniture like a dining table. After all, it gives the environment the refined and refined air.

Picture 27 – Get ready to toilet in the bathroom.


Picture 28 – Try to mix the clay of the stone with other objects of decoration.


Image 29 – Nice combination of a white cabinet and a split in one project.


Rely on a modern kitchen with granite countertops! The material covers the entire wall of the countertop and extends all the way to the hood to create an elegant and eye-catching air in the area. The project also has cabinets without handles, adding sophistication and lightness in the visual field.

Photo 30 – For light coatings in the environment, you can also rely on a white worktop in the kitchen.


Image 31 – Service area with white granite.


Picture 32 – Small kitchen with white granite.

Its color also gives the environment a sense of light and amplitude and is perfect for smaller settings.

Image 33 – Another option is to use niches on the stone bench.


Picture 34 – In this project both benches are made of the same material.


Figure 35 – Countertop for gourmet balcony in white granite.

The white granite countertop forms the rest of the decor, as the ambience is filled with light and neutral colors.

Image 36 – Modern staircase made of white granite.


Picture 37 – Barbecue covered with white granite.

One of the materials that can be used to coat the grilles is granite. It has reasonable advantages for this type of usage and offers beauty in the environment.

Picture 38 – Gourmet balcony with white granite.


Picture 39 – Countertop and wall made of white granite.


Image 40 – Mix colors in your design while keeping the visual harmony.


Picture 41 – Bet on granite in other kitchen designs.

Choose to make the finishes between the floor and the cabinet in white granite, guaranteed durability and aesthetics.

Photo 42 – Classic kitchen made of white granite.


Figure 43 – White granite toilet.

Even in the toilet, it is possible to combine a white granite worktop with a white ceramic sink and a chrome-plated faucet.

Image 44 – Don’t forget the ends of the pediment and skirt.

These two finishes are very important on the bench because they make it eye-catching and beautiful. The longer they are, the stronger they will be in the environment. Invest in these long dimensions in toilets and toilets.

Photo 45 – Let in clean kitchen air with glass doors in cupboards, clear inserts and clear granite tops.


Picture 46 – Ladder with white granite.


Figure 47 – White granite sink.


Photo 48 – Pink kitchen with white granite worktops.


Image 49 – Take advantage of the material and place a long shelf over the countertop.

A cool idea for those who want to optimize the space. The shelves help organize and decorate the environment too! In the kitchen it would be no different, as it is possible to show the spices and some dishes. Another suggestion is to compose wooden shelves on the wall, as the design shows, so that it doesn’t spoil the look and blend in with the tone of the wall.

Image 50 – The Granite Fortress finish attracts more gray than white, but nothing more than investing in other light colors in the area to achieve the clean effect.

This model is characterized by the black and gray dots that surround most of the stone. It is ideal for anyone looking from classic design to modern style.

Picture 51 – Kitchen in L with white granite.


Fig. 52 – Surfaces make the difference.

In this project, the white granite surrounds the entire worktop and gives the kitchen a modern and elegant look.

Image 53 – Nice combination of stainless steel sink with white granite worktop.


Picture 54 – In some housing projects, it is possible to have your own granite supplied by the designer.

Many have doubts about leaving or removing the stone from the workbench that comes with the apartment. It is possible to have a beautiful design with the colored granites, a good carpentry composition can solve the problem. Just like the accessories and ornaments that surround the environment add beauty without neglecting the gist of the proposition.

Photo 55 – Simple bathroom made of white granite.


Figure 56 – Bet on the same combination for the bottom and the bank.

This is a rare option in interior design. For those who want to dare, you can bet on this composition that will make the atmosphere stand out.

Image 57 – Compared to other stones, granite has a very striking property.


Photo 58 – American kitchen with white granite worktops.


Picture 59 – A colorful kitchen asks for a clean bench.

Since the project has a remarkable woodworking, it is ideal to harmonize the combination with neutral materials – whether on the floor, on the walls or on the bench. Too much information overloads the environment so that nothing shines in the room. Go for a notable detail and leave the rest of the decor more neutral.

Photo 60 – Bathroom with white granite bathtub.




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