More than a functional element, the wooden headboard is an indispensable item in the decoration of any room. With the function of protecting the bed, bringing personality into the bedroom is a top priority. The first thing you notice when you step into these surroundings is the wall where the bed is!

The variety of models is extensive, but the wooden headboards like many architects and connoisseurs of versatile decoration. For this task, decorative details and possibilities are important before deciding on the right model.

Advantages of wooden headboard

1. Fits all styles

It is possible to draw a headboard according to the room owner’s suggestion and style. There are ready-made models in decor department stores, as well as can be done with a cabinet maker of your choice.

2. Durable and durable material

If you are looking for a room that will last for years and not perish easily, add the wooden headboard as it is a classy and high quality material under construction.

3. Easy maintenance

Wood is a practical material for daily cleaning: it does not smell, does not stain easily and does not absorb dirt. So a dust wiper and a damp cloth are enough to keep it clean!

4. Hides discrete wires and sockets

The wooden headboard is useful for hiding wires and plugs

Just as the living room panel hides the TV and telephone cables, the wooden headboard is no different! In general, the sockets and switches are all integrated into the headboard itself and can also receive modern materials for a special composition.

Tailor-made and with additions

Tailored wooden headboard

Space optimization is essential in decoration! You can choose a custom headboard that suits the dimensions of the bedroom and your needs. Among the options for decorating: the use of hinged discs, with bedside tables, shelves, niches and others. In this case, these additions are fixed in the headboard itself, which is an integral part of it.

Wooden bed models

All over the wall

Wooden headboard on the entire wall


Wooden headboard


Horizontal wooden headboard

Built in bed

Headboard built into the bed

Dare to be extravagant or leave the bedroom discreetly and neutrally with the wooden headboard. This versatility lies in the variety of patterns in the decoration! That is why we have prepared a gallery for all types of wooden headboards, look around and be inspired by them:

Image 1 – Edit the geometry differently.

Work the geometry in a differentiated way

To get a sophisticated and well-made result, you need to invest a little more. In the above design, the custom-made headboard is made up of panels that form this geometric and original puzzle. It is necessary to have a good carpenter for the execution to be successful!

Image 2 – The playful air must be available for a children’s room.

Playful air in the wooden headboard
When planning the children’s room, try to combine functionality and decor in the environment. In this room, the individual design has created a playful and fun scenario for children. The headboard is part of this playground without weighing too much in appearance because of the more neutral wood in the light shade.

Image 3 – Details are welcome in the wooden bed.

Wooden headboard with details

To get away from the traditional headboard, try adding nuanced details such as the use of different materials, creative pagination with the wooden rulers, washers, carpentry cutouts and so on. This leaves a different look and even modernizes the space!

Image 4 – Add a piece of art next to the headboard.

Artwork by the bedside
Bring personality to the environment with the decorative frames. Hang on the headboard and make the look a lot more eye-catching!

Picture 5 – Hang accessories on wooden board.

Hang accessories at bedside

Frame, sticker, flashing light and clothesline with embellishments can be used to decorate the wooden headboard while still adding charm and personality to the room. Be creative and abuse these decorative elements!

Picture 6 – Covering the whole wall.

Wood coating the entire wall

Photo 7 – Mix metal details for industrial air.

Wooden headboard with metal details

Image 8 – Mescle wood tones to break the visual monotony.

Shades of wood mixed

Picture 9 – The thicker headboard allows you to hang frames and other decorative elements.

Headboard as support for decorative objects

Figure 10 – You can only equip the bed area with another surface.

Bed area with differentiated finish
This model combines wood with other materials such as steel, upholstery, mirror or metal and is part of so-called creative headboards, which are decorated in an original way.

Image 11 – Pinus wood is one of the most economical and guarantees the best results.

With Pinus wood
If you want a good, beautiful and cheap material, invest in pine wood. Its dots and veins connect with the style that is currently high, Scandinavian. It is possible to operate furniture and even panels with this type of wood. And if you want to give it more personality, invest in the touch of art on the panel.

Image 12 – The horizontal bed will enable a larger bed in the future.

Horizontal wooden headboard

Image 13 – Make a color contrast!

Contrast colors in composition with wooden headboard

Image 14 – Remember that the headboard should come from the floor.

Wooden headboard leaving the floor
The details make the difference in the furnishings. Many are in the habit of installing the headboard from the end of the bed, but the recommended one is to start from the floor. This effect is remarkable and does not let the element play in the environment!

Image 15 – Trend 2018: slats in gray color.

Gray shingles

Image 16 – Optimize the space and add a niche to store your belongings in.

Wooden headboard with niche

Picture 17 – She can take care of others beyond the bed wall.

Skirting the side wall

Picture 18 – Work with niches and drawers on your wooden headboard.

Niches and drawers on the wooden headboard

Picture 19 – Highlight the wooden headboard by the composition of the colors.

Featured Headboard

Picture 20 – Let the wall be the center of attention of the environment!

Let the wall be the center of attention

Figure 21 – Wooden headboard with attached desk.

Wooden headboard with writing desk

Photo 22 – Work with different surfaces to bring style to the room.

Different finishes to bring style to the room
In this project, mixing the wood with upholstery worked! However, it is necessary to check the desired style and also whether the combination is harmonious with the rest of the room such as the bed, curtain, accessories, lamps and bedside table.

Image 23 – You can line the wall up to the ceiling.

Line the wall to the ceiling

Image 24 – Black wood headboard.

Black wood headboard

Picture 25 – How about working with wooden rulers on the headboard?

Wooden rulers on the headboard

Picture 26 – Headboard made of wood in niche style.

Wooden niche style headboard built-in

Photo 27 – The wood brings warmth into the environment.

Wood brings warmth to the environment

Image 28 – Just make the outline and add some inner art.

Outline and wood and inner art in the headboard

Image 29 – Invest in colors in the children’s room!

Invest in color in the children's room

Image 30 – The slats are the latest trend in decoration.

Shingles as the latest trend in decoration

Image 31 – You can still carry the shelves flexibly.

Flexibly support shelves

Picture 32 – Create a unique set!

Single set with headboard

Photo 33 – Insert an LED strip behind the headboard to make more stand out.

LED strip to highlight the wooden headboard

Image 34 – Work for the contemporary with straight lines and minimalist.

Straight and minimalist lines for a contemporary bedroom

Illus. 35 – If you don’t want to be wrong, opt for a simple and neutral model.

Simple and neutral wooden bedside model

Picture 36 – Put color in the choice of wood.

Choose a color for the wooden headboard
One way to bring color to the room is to bring it into a detail of the joinery. The headboard with colorful formica make the room more lively and modern!

Picture 37 – Wooden headboard with pagination chevron.

Wooden headboard with paging Chevron

Picture 38 – Make a horizontal strip of wood for the common room.

Horizontal bands with wood on the headboard

Figure 39 – When there is to be rusticity, abuse of dark tones and elements similar to the style.

Dark shades in the decor for a more rustic style

Photo 40 – Single headboard made of wood.

Wooden headboard for single room

Picture 41 – Follow the pattern of the rest of the surroundings.

Headboard following the standard of the environment

Picture 42 – Leave the men’s room and work with dark colors!

Work dark colors in the men's room

Figure 43 – In the horizontal proposal it is possible to finish the wall with a different material.

Horizontal proposal for working the wall with other material
This mix of materials is the key to more space. Bricks, mirrors and wallpaper are the options that will never go out of style!

Picture 44 – Four-poster bed with wooden headboard.

Canopy model with wooden headboard

Figure 45 – The headboard connected to the bed can also be made to measure.

Wooden headboard attached to the bed

Picture 46 – Washers for more charm in the wooden headboard.

Washers to give more charm to the wooden headboard

Figure 47 – A bespoke project is fundamental for those who want to prioritize their personal needs and preferences.

Tailor made bedroom design

Image 48 – A modern way to enjoy the airspace with cupboards.

A modern way to work airspaces
In this proposal the ideal is to work the duo of colors or finishes. Choose the white at the top and on the headboard you can use your choice of colors and finishes.

Image 49 – To decorate the wall, choose a simple headboard.

Simple wooden headboard
If the wall is loaded with stamped wallpaper, then hanging objects, paint and frames choose a simple headboard and not contradicting many details in the composition.

Picture 50 – Complete with modern accessories and a personal ambience!

Modern accessories in bedroom decor with wooden headboard

Figure 51 – Depending on the size of the room, the headboard becomes a key element in the project!

Headboard as key point of the project

Picture 52 – White wooden head.

White wooden headboard
This is a typical example of a wooden headboard that goes well with any interior style. Clean and with an orthogonal track, it is perfect when contrasted with dark or colored elements.

Figure 53 – The style must accompany in the choice of all elements of the room.

Style accompanying all elements of the bedroom with wooden headboard

Picture 54 – Each element deserves its prominence in the composition.

Highlight of each element in the composition

Picture 55 – Rustic headboard made of wood.

Wooden headboard in rustic style
The rustic version can be made with the use of demolition boards in their natural color. If you want to reinforce the style, a patina surface can be given on the wood.

Picture 56 – Wooden bedside table with bedside table.

Wooden bedside table with bedside table

Image 57 – It is possible to achieve the effect of wood with the vinyl floor.

Wooden headboard in bedroom
For those who want to save money without taking away the desired effect of the wood, you can opt for a headboard with a vinyl floor. It’s a creative idea that needs to be done well in order for the result to resemble wood.

Picture 58 – The panel itself becomes a partition and a headboard.

Panel becomes partition and headboard

Picture 59 – Head of the wooden pallet.

Pallet headboard
Made in an artisanal way, its style is that worn look that varies between the rustic and the Provencal. The interesting thing is that you can even create the headboard through the pieces of the sanded and painted pallets and install it as you prefer.

Photo 60 – Edit the side outline of the wood in the design of the wooden bed.

Work the pagination of the wood on the bed headboard



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