Wooden lamp: 60 amazing models and how to proceed step by step

Think of the combination of diffuse light and wood. Pure coziness, right? And you know the result? A perfect lamp for those who want to add a touch of welcome to the environment. The lights play an important role in the home, both functionally and aesthetically. They carry direct light and also contribute to the decoration of the surroundings. Today’s post will deal specifically with this type of wooden lamp. Stay on top of things to see amazing models, how to use decorating tips, and complete step-by-step instructions.

Wood has been used for many different purposes for thousands of years. As a luminaire, it is a good option to renovate the facade of a room and create more comfort. At the moment there are many models in different materials. A quick search on the internet and you can see that the prices are also very different.

The simplest wooden lights can be purchased from $ 50, now if you want a wood floor lamp with a daring design, get ready to shell out a lot more, so models can cost something around $ 2500. If you’ve found the previous price a little salty, imagine paying the trifle of $ 10,500.00 (great!) For a ceiling model. Surreal for you?

Fortunately, the craft exists and you can create an incredible lamp yourself that spends very little and still has the privilege of bragging about the work itself. A craft piece also has the advantage of being exactly what you want it to be by following the colors, dimensions and formats that you want and need. Well, then check out the simplified step-by-step guide for a wooden lamp. Write down the necessary materials, roll up your sleeves and hands to work:

How to make wooden lamp: necessary materials

  • 5 pieces of pinus measuring 20 × 20
  • Threaded rod 1m ¼
  • Base G9
  • lamp
  • drilling machine
  • sandpaper

Take three pieces of pine and make a square in the middle of each 10×10. Using an optical saw, cut these squares with the middle licking. Sand the whole piece thoroughly.

Use a drill to drill holes in the four corners of all five hollow pieces of wood 1.5 cm from the edge. Make sure that the hole does not get to the other side, it must be at most one centimeter deep.

Take one of the remaining pieces of pine and drill a hole in the middle to guide the wire out of the socket. To give your lamp a more beautiful look, drill a hole in the side so that it moves the wood in a diagonal direction. Then make a path between the middle hole and this through hole to adjust the wire. Establish the connection between the cables.

To begin assembly, cut the threaded rod into four pieces of 25 centimeters each and fit it into the holes in the side of the base of the lamp. Lower the nuts up to four centimeters from the base and attack the first cast. Repeat this process, respecting the distance of four centimeters between each part. Before you close the lamp, install the lamp. Place all of the pine wood as a base with only the side holes that fit into the pole. Ready! Now just enjoy your table lamp.

Step by step to make a wooden lamp on video

Watch the step-by-step video on making wooden lights and don’t doubt it:

Just make a wooden lamp, right? Now look at beautiful pictures of how to use it in decoration and make some models very easy so that you get inspired:

Image 1 – An idea – simple and original – wooden wall lamp for you to try to make at home.

Simple and original wooden lamp

Image 2 – Reaproveite the cans that go in the garbage and build luminarias out of wood with them.

Latinhas in the wooden lamp

Figure 3 – A tree trunk can turn a beautiful rustic wooden lamp to decorate the desk or bedroom.

Tree trunk to make a wooden lamp

Figure 4 – Tripod-sized wooden lamps are one of the most traditional in decorating rooms.

Wooden luminaire in tripod format

Image 5 – And how about one of them? You can also try it at home; The differential of this model is the carbon filament lamp.

Wooden luminaire with carbon filament lamp

Image 6 – All the twist of the wood to compose a table lamp.

Wooden table lamp

Image 7 – Pendant lamp made of wood: simple model, but make a difference in the environment.

Wooden pendant lamp

Image 8 – Modern and carved wooden lamp.

Contemporary wood carved luminaire

Image 9 – Set of wooden pendant lights for every environment.

Set of pendant luminaires made of wood

Image 10 – The way this lamp was assembled reminds you of pearls when they are customized to make jewelry.

Lamp that beads to beads

Image 11 – A cinematographic lighting.

Lighting with film lighting

Image 12 – Double-functional wooden lamp: lights up and serves as a support for the plants.

Double functional wood luminaire

Image 13 – Wooden light box: A modern way to decorate every corner of the house from wall to floor.

Wooden lightbox: a modern way to decorate any corner of the house

Figure 14 – Handmade wooden lamp and easy to make.

Simple and handmade wooden luminaire

Image 15 – A very interesting straightening device for the table.

A very interesting directional contraption to be used on the table

Image 16 – A lamp with a special effect: the shape of the slats gives the piece movement and lightness.

Lampshade with special effect

Image 17 – Great: The small plane has turned a lamp; The pilot is the lamp.

Great: the little airplane turned a luminaire

Picture 18 – What if you connect circular pieces of wood with a cord? The result is like the one in the picture.

Lampshade with string

Picture 19 – hide the wire? No way! Here it is part of the decoration.

Wooden lampshade with display

Picture 20 – A company for all moments: isn’t it nice this robot lamp?

Robozinho wood luminaire

Figure 21 – Playing with the possibilities, you can even create a wooden lamp in the shape of a puppy.

Wooden lamp in dog shape

Figure 22 – Cast wood lights were further appreciated using modern carbon filament lamps.

Wooden cast luminaire

Image 23 – A sculpture in the form of a wooden lamp.

Sculpture in the form of a wooden lamp

Picture 24 – Just like that: A circle, a lamp and the lamp is finished.

Simple and circular wood luminaire

Picture 25 – A huge matchstick or a wooden lamp? Whatever the most important thing is that you can take it wherever you want.

Wooden luminaire that refers to a match stick

Image 26 – Instead of one, several lights hang on wood

Several pendant luminaires in the living room

Image 27 – Originality is everything: slats made of wood like lamps float in the wind.

Wooden slats as lamps

Picture 28 – Anyone who loves football will love this idea.

Wooden luminaire for lovers of football

Figure 29 – Wooden house with lamp; a sweet and creative idea for the nursery.

Wooden house with lamp

Image 30 – A wooden triangle on the wall, a wire penetrates it and … voilà! The lamp is ready.

Wooden triangle on the wall

Picture 31 – If what should be a simple lamp becomes a work of art, the result is like that of the picture.

Wooden luminaire: a work of art

Image 32 – Low pendant lights contrast with the rustic style of the white brick wall.

Low hanging wooden luminaire

Figure 33 – Game of the rods: It seems that someone has not dismantled the game.

Fixture in the game style of the rods

Image 34 – String of lights: The base is of course made of wood.

Cascade of lights with wood base

Figure 35 – In a differentiated form, this wooden lamp directs the light onto the table and thus encourages reading and manual work.

Wooden luminaire directs light to the table

Figure 36 – Colored wires enter the decoration of this double wall lamp; enjoy and try to make this model at home too.

Colorful yarns in wooden lamp

Image 37 – Wooden houses illuminate and decorate with a lot of grace and charm.

Wooden cottages illuminate and decorate with much grace and charm

Figure 38 – A pendulum made of destroyed wood with irregular slats and different types.

Deforested wood pendant

Image 39 – Minimalist concept for the wooden floor lamp.

Minimalist concept for wooden floor lamp

Image 40 – Some wooden cutouts are enough to create an original and modern lamp.

Original and modern luminaire with wood cutouts

Figure 41 – You can also sew the lamp on the wall; In this model, the impression that happens is the same.

Fixed wooden luminaire on the wall of the double bedroom

Image 42 – Shelf and lamp together, a multifunctional version for both objects.

Shelf and lamp together

Picture 43 – Take and take anywhere.

Wooden luminaire to carry anywhere

Image 44 – A more rustic and reduced lighting option.

Rustic and uncluttered wooden luminaire

Figure 45 – If you are betting on a number of lamps, use different sizes to achieve an asymmetrical effect.

Assorted sizes of wooden lamp

Image 46 – Turn the cutout of the lamp into the stand yourself, see how you can always be innovative?!

Cutout of luminaire transformed into the stand itself

Figure 47 – Wooden floor lamp can be used as a side table next to the sofa.

Wooden floor lamp used as a support table

Picture 48 – What if the chair stretches a little and becomes a lamp at the top? They did that in this project, a perfect idea for the reading moments; Mark the color blue as luminaires in raw wood are preferred.

Wooden luminaire on the chair

Image 49 – Elegant and soft: This table lamp makes a slight movement to leave the light diffuse.

Elegant and soft wood luminaire

Picture 50 – Light stick for the table.

Table light stick

Picture 51 – In doubt between the white light and the yellow light? If you want warmth and intimate air, choose yellow.

Yellow light on wooden lamp

Picture 52 – wooden ball hung with light; a lamp for all styles.

Wooden ball suspended with light

Image 53 – How can simple pieces become unique and bold design objects? Use creativity.

Simple piece with a design touch

Picture 54 – For her and for her.

Wooden luminaire for them and for them

Figure 55 – The wood color of the lights is the same as that of the chairs, a combination to create harmony between the sets.

Luminaire in combination with other elements of the environment

Image 56 – Turn brooms into lights. How? Check out this model.

Broomsticks transformed into luminaire

Image 57 – Table lamp: The wood remains in the base, while the fabric in the dome was used.

Wooden table lamp

Image 58 – Suggestion how to insert a modern wooden lamp in the room decoration.

Wooden luminaire in modern room decoration

Figure 59 – Ceiling lamp made of wood with tubular lamp; another simple and easy to use model.

Ceiling lamp in wood made with tubular lamp

Picture 60 – Originality for floor lamps: colored wooden boxes with lamps inside.

colorful wooden crates with lamps inside



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