The yellow tones have the power to animate and bring a little sunlight into any setting, although many people are afraid to use them. The reason for this is that since yellow is an extremely vibrant and energetic tone, people are afraid that these more vivid tones will appear and make wrong choices in the objects and complementary colors of the surroundings.

But this is a super important color, one of the basic colors of our color disc and, as it seems impossible, you can make a combination with yellow in its various tones entertaining different styles including yours!

Today we’re going to talk a little about this color, what it means in color psychology, and give a few tips on how to use it in your environment.

Sun color: meaning of the yellow color

As we said before, yellow is the color of the sun and when we see it in an object or environment, our brain emits stimuli that use this color as a great source of energy, vitality, happiness and optimism, like the sun perceive. individual meaning, yellow can represent power and self-esteem.

In addition, gold, the color of gold, is also a color derived from yellow that always reminds us of wealth, so people often use yellow to attract riches for the celebration of the New Year.

Through these meanings, this is considered to be one of the happiest colors and is often used in decorating the environment.

The most popular yellow tones of interior decoration

Yellow wall

The yellow is slowly reappearing in interior design, especially for people who want to venture into a more cheerful and relaxed decoration. The yellow canary and the more lemon tones are favorites when it comes to elevating the mood of an environment.

But the variations of yellow are many and the darker or lighter tones can be used for different effects in the perception of the room.

Light yellow tones, such as Cream-colored sweets, for example, are ideal for balancing the environment. Perfect for both adults and children. Its energy is softer and allows the environment to feel relaxed.

55 projects images with highlighted yellows

Now, for those who want to get out of the simple yellow, it is worth using the shades of mustard, amber and turmeric, a little darker and more intense yellows that are super popular among the most modern environments.

For more tips, take a look at our picture gallery with different projects and ideas to get inspired.

Figure 1 – Yellow on wall and sofa with contrast on green in living room decor.

Room with wall and sofa in yellow color

Photo 2 – Bright yellow in the kitchen cupboard and white on the countertop and wall to brighten up the room.

Vibrant yellow in the kitchen cabinets

Image 3 – Wallpaper in yellow and white: The contrast with the light color helps to dilute the vivid tone of the yellow.

Wallpaper in yellow and white

Image 4 – Shades of yellow dominate the room in a cleaner style: from the light yellow curtain to the brownish in the pillows.

Double room decorated with shades of yellow

Image 5 – In addition to the colors white and black, the shades of yellow combine very well with blue and result in a lively composition.

Shades of yellow, white and black in the decoration

Image 6 – A mixture of yellow and green in a cheerful tone and that goes very well with the neon lamp!

Mix of green and yellow in the corner with neon lamp

Photo 7 – Yellow throughout the bathroom: as for the coatings, today we can find ones that can be placed on the floor as well as on the wall creating a unique covering.

Yellow all over the bathroom

Image 8 – Reduce the vibrations a little with lighter shades, perfect for a calm environment for the baby room.

Baby room with lighter shade of yellow

Image 9 – Completely yellow kitchen: Enjoy special lighting in this color, which is the sun itself.

Tones of yellow: learn how to insert the color in the decoration of environments

Image 10 – To maintain neutrality or the cleanest style around, think of pastel colors and off-white.

Room decor with pastel shades

Image 11 – These shades can be used as the main color in different environments and with a wide variety of materials and finishes.

Soft shades of yellow in kitchen decor

Figure 12 – Colorful furniture, the new favorites of the youngest and coolest environments: yellow saffron as a color quite sought after for this type of environment

Room with yellow saffron decoration

Figure 13 – To play a little with colors and not turn the environment into yellow, try to create a composition together with white.

Composition of yellow and white subway tiles

Image 14 – The yellow walls: an idea to paint “unfinished” as an additional style for your room.

Half wall painting in yellow color

Photo 15 – Service area with yellow coating to bring more light into the closed environment

Service area with yellow coating

Image 16 – Yellow scrapbook: A lively alternative for those who want a scrapbook without darkening the wall with black paint.

Scrapbook in yellow color

Image 17 – A clear tone that inspires freshness and an enlightened morning: surroundings with a light yellow wall, matching lime green.

Light yellow and lime green

Image 18 – Yellow for gold too: if you are looking for a more sophisticated and luxurious environment, amber or golden yellow can help.

Golden yellow for a luxurious ambience

Picture 19 – Canary yellow bathroom from the end to the cabinets with mirrors to give a sense of openness and amplitude in the room.

Bathroom decorated with yellow Canary

Image 20 – Another idea for a baby room: yellow decoration like sunlight for a neutral room.

Yellow decoration for baby room

Image 21 – A strong yellow tint for the kitchen: cupboards with a matt surface that do not reflect light.

Kitchen with strong yellow tone

Image 22 – Yellow on a textured wallpaper, so don’t pay so much attention to this tone in the room with a more relaxed style.

Wallpaper textured with yellow

Image 23 – Neon from post it on office furniture: Composition for creative offices or home offices in yellow, orange and pink.

Yellow for creative offices

Picture 24 – The gray as a color that goes very well with the yellow and breaks its oscillation.

Yellow and gray bathroom

Image 25 – Light yellow for a more colorful and pleasant children’s room.

Light yellow for children's room

Image 26 – Yellow calls nature to your home: cabinets in all tropical style.

Calling nature indoors

Image 27 – Light yellow also to create a calm and relaxing environment for the room.

Relaxing environment with light yellow

Image 28 – A very lively and sun-inspired atmosphere from ceiling to floor.

Vibrant yellow decoration

Image 29 – A new way of decorating with yellow: plastering and tap in yellow tones as a super modern alternative to your bathroom.

Yellow grout on tiles subway tiles style

Image 30 – Yellow cast on the wall: Wall paintings that use adhesive tape to create geometric color cores are becoming increasingly popular and give the environment a relaxed atmosphere.

Geometric painting with yellow on the wall

Image 31 – Citrus yellow on the floor and wall: try to offset with a more neutral color, like the gray of the middle sofa.

Tones of citrus yellow in decoration

Picture 32 – Amber in the wall of the kitchen free wall: an unobstructed wall to create the feeling of a higher right foot.

Amber in coat of free kitchen wall

Image 33 – Combine yellow with warm colors: bright orange and red in contrast to the light yellow tone.

Yellow with warm colors in decoration

Image 34 – Very strong yellow with special lighting with LED strips to better accentuate the bathroom.

Yellow with LED Ribbon Lighting

Picture 35 – White wallpaper with very yellow Sicilian lemons in the kitchen.

White wallpaper with Sicilian lemons

Figure 36 – In a predominantly white environment, add the yellow in various details of the environment, both in furniture and in decorative objects.

Children's room with predominance of yellow and white

Image 37 – In the off-white palette: yellow, green, blue and pink for a trendy environment in these trendy colors.

Modern setting with yellow on the wall

Image 38 – Yellow and wood: In a 70s style, this cabinet for the kitchen brings more life into the environment.

70's style yellow kitchen decoration

Image 39 – Yellow on yellow: yellow floor and details in a happier bathroom.

Yellow on the floor pads and bathroom wall

Image 40 – Another citrus yellow tone on the wall combined with other bright colors in the room.

Yellow facing the citrus tonality on the wall of the room

Image 41 – Light yellow and gold: another tone on tone that works very well for a luxurious setting.

Light yellow and golden decoration on the double room

Figure 42 – Perfect for offices and rooms: totally yellow totally vibrating cabinet.

Totally vibrant yellow cabinet

Picture 43 – Two shades of light yellow on the bathroom floor.

Light yellow shades on bathroom flooring

Picture 44 – Flower wallpaper with yellow background: brings a happier and more romantic environment into the house.

Decoration with floral wallpaper based on yellow color

Image 45 – Ambience with yellow and pink tones: Inspiration on Pinterest for a relaxed room.

Pinterest room with yellow color

Picture 46 – Half yellow wall in the course: insert color in a neutral environment.

Half wall in yellow with gradient in the room

Picture 47 – Study the lighting of your bathroom before painting: to evaluate the yellow, put that paint on the walls receiving light.

Yellow on wall receiving direct lighting

Image 48 – Another artificial lighting that evaluates the predominant yellow in the environment.

Predominant yellow in the environment

Image 49 – For the service area: Wall paint striped in two shades of yellow.

Striped wall painting in two shades of yellow

Picture 50 – Yellow for the dining room: meals in a lively and modern atmosphere.

Yellow color for the dining room

Picture 51 – Details in yellow in the white bathroom.

White bathroom with yellow details

Picture 52 – To match the vivid yellow, gray can also be used in different shades.

Gray and yellow: a perfect match

Picture 53 – To give more life to the B&B: yellow as a color that contrasts well with the two colors.

Yellow as contrast

Picture 54 – For those who want something a little more neutral, try a lighter yellow on the coating.

Neutral environment with softer yellow in the decoration

Picture 55 – For those who want a more cheerful and modern environment: wall in a shade of yellow saffron.

Yellow for a more cheerful environment



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