Zinc Tile: What it is, features and benefits

In residential buildings, zinc flakes are becoming increasingly important and are no longer just an option to cover sheds and industries. If you are thinking of using this type of tile in your work, follow this post to clear all your doubts about the material.

What is a zinc tile?

The zinc shingles are actually made of sheet steel. At the end of the process, the tile is given a zinc coating to prevent the steel from deteriorating due to corrosion. This process also makes it known as a galvanized tile.

Already some tiles receive on the surface of the steel sheet a mixture of zinc, aluminum and silicon. In this case they are called Galvalume tiles.

In general, the zinc tiles are extremely strong and durable regardless of the final finish.

Properties and price of zinc tiles

Zinc tiles are sold in large lengths, usually over three feet. For this reason, the price of the tile may scare you first, as it costs each piece $ 120. But just think a little bit about how, at the end of the work, this type of tile is a cost-effective one because a single tile covers a much larger area than a conventional fiber cement tile.

The cost of the roof construction is also reduced because the zinc tile is lighter. However, the workforce must be specialized in ensuring the correct placement of tiles and avoiding problems in the future.

Types of zinc tiles

The zinc tiles are not all the same, there are different models and each of them is suitable for certain types of constructions. See below the best-selling zinc tiles and their key features and applications:

Zinc tile with Styrofoam

Zinc tile with Styrofoam is also known as sandwich tile. The term corresponds to the model, since this type of tile has two layers of steel sheets which are “stuffed” with a layer of Styrofoam. The great advantage of this type of tile is the thermal and acoustic insulation, which thanks to polystyrene isolates the heat and noise and prevents them from entering the environment.

Well zinc tile

For those who choose zinc tiles without sacrificing the classic form of Brasilit tiles, the corrugated zinc tiles are the ideal ones. They are similar to asbestos cement sheets and have the main advantage and the characteristic of good drainage and easy installation.

Trapezoidal zinc tile

Trapezoidal zinc tiles are most commonly used in scales and large flat constructions. This is because the flat bottom of the tile is just right for large roofs.

Advantages and disadvantages of zinc tiles

In the past, zinc tiles were known only for the glory of super warm environments. But times have changed and today these types of tiles have more advantages than disadvantages. Check the pros and cons of zinc tiles:

Advantages of zinc tiles

  • Durability and strength are one of the main advantages of this type of tile. The combination of steel with zinc makes the tile highly resistant to all types of climatic weather conditions, wind, heavy rain and high temperatures;
  • The zinc tile does not spread fire;
  • The zinc tile does not require constant maintenance and because it is a durable and durable material, you will hardly have any problems with it;
  • The low cost of this tile type is also included in the list of benefits, not to mention that the ease of installation and the simple roof structure also help reduce the final cost of the roof;
  • Zinc tiles are also environmentally friendly. Most of them use between 25% and 95% recyclable material in the composition and can be fully recycled at the end of their useful life;
  • Zinc shingles are lightweight and easy to handle;
  • The zinc tiles can be painted and get the desired color;

Disadvantages of zinc tiles

  • The zinc plate heats up. This is already a known fact. The material does not have good thermal insulation and the absorbed heat gets into the environment. However, this problem can be solved by using a thermal blanket. A concrete slab also helps reduce the problem.
  • The zinc tiles are loud. This is another problem with the material. The tile has poor soundproofing and any noise in contact with the tile will be much larger than it actually is, such as rain. The use of the ceiling or the construction of a panel already contributes to the significant improvement of the sound insulation;
  • Temperature variations can cause the zinc plate to contract and expand, and this can be a problem if the roof is not well made. For this reason, it is necessary to have a skilled worker who respects this property of the material;
  • Another disadvantage of zinc tiles is that if they need to be changed in the future, you may not find panels of the same color and the roof will have other color stains;

To help you define once and for all whether zinc tiles are ideal for your building, we have selected a series of pictures of zinc tile houses. check-out:

1 – The zinc tile combined with the color of the exterior walls of this house.

Zinc tile matches the walls of the house

2 – House Sobrado opted for a roof two water and zinc roof tiles.

House with two-story roof and zinc tile

3 – Even in this house, the zinc tiles form a harmonious contrast to the woody walls.

Zinc tile with harmonious contrast

4 – This house in the middle of nature bet on a zinc tile with solar panel.

Zinc tile with solar panel

5 – Zinc tile with skylight provides more illumination in the residence.

Zinc tile with skylight

6 – The zinc tile gives the house a more industrial look; In this picture, the woody tone of the façade makes a counterpoint in the visual.

Zinc tile for home with industrial look

7 – Simple house with zinc tiles; Remember to maintain the correct slope of the roof.

Simple house with zinc tile

8 – The elongated house opted for a zinc tile that brings good economy.

Elongated house with zinc tile

9 – Zinc shingles cover this small piece in the middle of the forest.

Zest with zinc tile

10 – This house in the lake with zinc cover takes all preconceptions that the material is not aesthetically enough to be used in apartments.

Lake House with Zinc Tile

11 – The little house has zinc tiles and metal walls.

Small house with zinc tile

12 – Zinc tile was the bet of this modern construction in the middle of nature.

Modern construction with zinc tile

13 – Zinc tile is not the only one that counts on the final appearance of the roof, the format is also fundamental.

House with zinc tile

14 – Several materials form the facade of this house.

Various materials on the facade of this house

15 – Metal rails are not a problem for this type of roof because they fit very well with the zinc plates.

Metal troughs with zinc tile

16 – In the zinc tile a trap door.

Hatch in zinc tile

17 – Solar module is an investment that compensates a lot in the long term and is very important in addition to the aspect of sustainability.

Solar panel with zinc tile

18 – brick house with zinc tiles: an unusual and very nice combination.

House made of brick with zinc tile

19 – Doors and windows in line with the zinc tile.

Doors and windows in harmony with the zinc tile

20 – Houses built with zinc bricks.

House built with zinc tile

21 – Zinc roof has perfectly integrated the architecture of this house with swimming pool.

House with pool and zinc tile

22 – In this house the zinc roof ends in a pergola.

Zinc roof with pergola

23 – Zinc tiles can be painted in your preferred color. In this house was the choice for white.

Zinc tile can be painted the color you prefer

24 – The larger the pitch angle of the roof, the more it appears in the facade of the house.

Zinc roof in the house

25 – The modern architecture of this house knew how to make best use of the style and appearance of zinc tiles.

Modern architecture with zinc tile

26 – Zinc tile: Dark color of the outer wall seems to be integrated into the roof.

Dark color in zinc tile

27 – Small house, small and covered with white zinc tiles.

Simple house with white zinc tile

28 – The house overlooking the sea relies on the strength and durability of zinc tiles.

House facing the sea with zinc tile

29 – Big house with zinc tiles.

Large house with zinc tile

30 – Wood and zinc: Contrast of the materials favors the facade of this house.

Wood and zinc on the front of the house

31 – In the stone house, the zinc tile has also proved itself very well.

Zinc tile in stone house

32 – Such a courageous and original construction needed a differentiated roof.

Construction with differentiated roof

33 – White house with zinc tiles.

House with zinc tile

34 – In this house, the zinc tiles line up with the outer wall.

Zinc tiles on the outer wall

 35 – Even in this other house, the zinc tiles cover all the walls.

Zinc tile on all walls

36 – Zinc tiles prove their versatility in various architectural projects.

Zinc tile in architectural design

37 – Zinc tile leaves the house in the style of a container.

Zinc tile in the house with container style

38 – A whole zinc construction.

A whole zinc construction

39 – zinc tile in black and white.

Zinc Tile in Black and White

40 – Zinc shingles are ideal for flat roofs.

Zinc shingles are ideal for flat roofs



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